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Friday, March 31, 2017

Bruce Doucette --- Outted

By Anna Von Reitz

Almost a year ago, I asked Bruce Doucette to do something vitally important.  It was simple enough: contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and work with them to develop a template program that all the other counties in America can follow to set up their local county assemblies.  

This organizational phase naturally includes the paperwork to correct everyone's political status, welcome them as members of the county jural assembly, and get them signed up as militia men or supporting militia members.  If you want to reclaim your birthright political status and restore the lawful government you are owed, this is what it takes.  

Although I have been busy frying other fish, I checked back regularly with Doucette and asked how it was going---- oh, fine, fine.....

Imagine my consternation tonight to learn that Bruce never contacted the Michigan General Jural Assembly? 

Let's see.....

1. He didn't follow my instructions regarding filling the vacated public offices and taking the correct oaths, and as a result a lot of people are ramming around claiming to be State Justices without having done any of the work required.  They are exposing themselves to arrest and making a mockery of our lawful action. 

2. He didn't contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and coordinate the effort to organize lawful county jural assemblies throughout the land. 

3. The one thing that he did get started that was working properly -- the Continental Marshals Service -- he has bent over backward trying to destroy. 

What other conclusion is there?  Bruce Doucette has intentionally and with malice aforethought sought to co-opt and undermine our efforts from Day One.  Three times and out.  Or should I say, "outted"? 

It doesn't matter who he is working for.  He isn't working for us, the American people who want to restore the lawful government they are owed using peaceful and constitutionally guaranteed means to do it. 

I cannot stress this strongly enough.  You have to do the right things to get the right results.  Any other course lands you in jail or worse--- and though there are parties who would like to spill American blood and who would profit from doing so----we must stay the course, wise as serpents, gentle as doves. 

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  1. I did contact the Michigan Jural Society, and they did not want to work with me and help me with providing their completed and updated handbook in a printable form so that we could share it with our community. They have the handbook on their website, but it was not printable, not downloadable, and they did not sell copies of it. No, they were not interested in helping with the organizing and were actually watching and waiting for communities to do it on their own without any help. Sadly Anna, when I contacted you with this info, you ignored it and continued to trust that Bruce Doucette was a hero like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett. When I followed your direction and contacted Bruce Doucette, he was not working with the Michigan Jural Society, and he ended up blocking me and demonized me for disagreeing with you. Anyone could see that Doucette was not what he claimed to be, a "Judge", what a joke. When I began to see the error in your understanding of the Constitution and your faulty and unconstitutional instructions to expatriate from citizenship, I shared my disagreements with you. You proceeded to demonize me and block me from your FB communications, your chosen way to communicate with the world. If you really want to do any good for our country, you need to take a long look in the mirror and realize you are a part of the problem, and not the solution. The Jural Society is probably the way to go, but the organizations in place are unable and or resistant to expanding the knowledge , skills and abilities so that each community can take back control of their county, city, state and federal governments. Your own arrogance, has not helped. Anyone who disagrees with you is demonized and blocked. So much for your commitment, so much for your leadership. The tree is known by it's fruit. Blessings, peace and love.

    1. Don, I am the board operator for the National assembly Training conference call and a main coordinator at national level. I have never heard your name on the call.

      Anna has included the call info in several of her publications and others have no problem attending the call. I do not know how you tried to contact us, but it was apparently the wrong way. Go to and click on the conference call button for the info.

    2. And Don-
      That handbook is set up that way for a reason. People love to get documents and alter them. That is a no no. That handbook is what worked for Michigan. It is not comparable as is for other states. You need to learn the principles in that handbook and apply them to your state's history as each state was unique in how it became a state. That is why we have the support conference call. To assist you with correctly resettling your counties and states. I hope you can comprehend this.

    3. I spoke with a very helpful person at the Michigan Jural Society who connected me with your number one man whose name I cannot remember right now. Funny that when you find a well that does not produce water, you quickly forget its location. Your top man at the Michigan Jural Society was not interested in providing anything to anybody and did not offer any help. The website was the total of help provided. The fact that your Handbook is not printable and downloadable speaks of paranoia more than safety and leadership. If you really are attempting to restore our republic, the info you own needs to be provided to everyone, and given away to all parties who even think something may be wrong in this country. There should be so many copies of the original handbook that alteration could be easily detected and there are ways to protect documents with publishing and copyright/s.

      You must not have had a conference call going when I made contact with your organization, in April of 2016. Anna blocked me from Facebook, so I have not seen any updates about your organization since then.

      Has the Jural Society rubber stamped Anna von Reitz' instruction/s to expatriate from citizenship?

      I will listen to your conference call and reassess the Michigan Jural Society. I hope the man that was in charge there that I talked to on the phone is no longer heading things up, because he was no help in anyway. Blessings, peace and love.
      PS Please respond about the Jural Society's stand on expatriation from US citizenship.

  2. When one attempts to lead then those who follow must remain vigilant to think for themselves an ad as much value for the objective and not criticize any one leading with the truth in their heart.each will have their own way and be always imperfect.
    Humility is required to overcome being a leader and to be the example to which inspires others to emulate and therefor all become the leader of their own world,faling back on the principles of love and self correcting growth.
    Untill you are replacing it with better then one cannot be a critic of another.
    Encouragement will remain supreme in a just society.
    Lets ask Anna to use her team and recources to provide the people some remedy to stop children from being stolen by cps,or how to stop a foreclosure cold.this would in good faith free up millions of peoples lives,cash flow and creative force that would then be in a position to focus on the new changes of the goverment you propose be delegated and placed to suceed without having this prior experience before you,this will roll across the country providing so much relief and the fact will be is that all Anna's lawful advice and vision for proper change will be cited simutaniously and therefor bringing the word and greater awareness with tangable proof of such leadership is bestowed upon her or for those unseen.
    With Anna and her team plus all the followera could choose any court case and set the finality upon a stage filled with the new people of the new state and let that court know Anna and the people have that correct political status and bond.
    This will give all encompassing creedence to the peoples action to stand by one voice for order.

  3. I have been saying, where is the fruit? Just 1 piece of it, which will provide the seed for repetition in deed. If the Creator works through "man" when a man is a prepared instrument, very few meet that requirement and why the world is upside down. "Man has been weighed, measured, ruled and found wanting"

  4. Seems like learning the information and using it would be better than carrying copies around pulling one out due to not knowing what is in there. If one can read and has a pen, even entire books can be written out by hand, and this practice can clarify and help get the knowledge in ones head. Ever see a professional singer pull out a book to look up the words? Knowing the words and music to a few hundred songs is far more than knowing the simple steps provided. Check out the Postal Offical Advertiser from the 1850s and you will see some public officers removed who apparently it was thought would do their most high and honorable duty. According to 1850 United States Postal Guide Official Advertiser what Anna is saying is right. Land Offices and land matters. I am not sure why com mentor's seek to extinguish, downgrade and shoot down Anna's work then offer nothing close to a viable, correct actions to take. This is serious stuff and if not done proper is a crime and thus must be accomplished in accordance with what is, the facts, what is known not supposed or wished for.

    1. Read the Michigan Jural Society Handbook. It's not a few verses of music. Get real!

    2. From Anna:

      I trust that Don has received Free Will's message explaining that every state in the union is unique and that is why there was no One-Size Fits All answer. Instead, the Michigan Handbook offers a review of their PROCESS in Michigan and their weekly call in show is their willing Help Line to help other counties and states do what each state requires. The "template" isn't some "freedom package" that you can just plug your name into. Every state is different though the overall process of re-venuing and re-settling is what has to be done.

    3. I read Freewill's message here. If you really believe that the Michigan Jural Handbook would be useful, them it needs to be distributed to those who have a clue of an idea of working on their county. Currently, it is not downloadable and is not printable. It is nonsense to think that a handbook needs protection and cannot be copied and printed. So much for your instructions. In order to convince others of the need to organize, you must have substance, not just a bunch of talk and ideas.

    4. There is no limit to the number of people that can go to their website and read the handbook.

      They won't allow any changes or picking it apart. It's too important.

      Just send people the link and let them read it.

  5. Im still confused. If this Bruce guy is really doing things unlawfully, why isnt he being harrassed by the corp. filled positions of the sherriffs office or US Marshals service. All it takes is one phone call and he would be arrested immediatedly, if in fact you were correct about his status. But her we are months later with not one harrassment by any city, state, or federal authority.....Whats up with that.. Someone is lying. Until he is arrested and jailed, he isnt doing anything wrong i can see. And the feds can smell a fraud a miles away. But like everything else in this "fake" world, the people in places of corp. authority arent going to tell us anything if it competes with there system. They have already wiped out all the law librarys text books or writs(like the writ of error) from exsistance. Why is it so hard to understand that we are at war with a cleverly deceitful govt. Is that Bruces fault too. I dont care what he is doing as long as he isnt doing nothing like 99% of US CITIZENS. If all of you consider yourselves patriots then come to his rescue instead of just trying to tell him how to do it. Maybe he just doesnt have the knowledge or skills, but it seems he is trying to at least make the US corp. think a little with almost no info available to him because of the intensional blackout of the "TRUTH' by the very people who claim to be working with lawful authority. Instead of attacking Bruce, go after the reprobates that are trying to keep us from organizing any front against their system. This is what i cant stand about the entire "patriot" community. Get off your high horses and help him do it right, but if you dont than for gods sake, dont let him go to jail just because he hasnt dotted every i, and crossed every t. From my view, it seems like you want him to fail or go to jail, just so you can say....see, i told you so. I hate that coming from every patriot against another patriot. One other thing....I am beyond sick and tired of that outdated and reprehesable fraudulent Contract you keep referring to as "the Constitution of or for the united states of america. Correct me if am wrong but didnt you just write a few articles about all contracts being nothing but illusions and inherently corrupt in nature. I sincerely hope that Trump declares that piece of trash void because of its intentional loopholes that attorneys can easily poke holes through and keep us focused on it rather than God, who gave us the only contract to live by. If ive told you once ive told you 100 times that is and always will be nothing but an instrament of our destruction. If indeed it is a contract, then like all other contracts that attorneys have written up, like mortgage contracts for example, then it has to be updated every single year just like those morgtage contracts in order to be valid. My real estate agent told me that when he started 30 years ago, that contract was 2 pages long. Now it has grown to almost 35 pages of small print with dozens of places to either sign or initial. But you still think something written over 200 years ago is still valid today....GROW UP!!!! Focus at the ball in front of you right now..our fradulently formed and conceived corp. govt employees and the agencies they work for. Hes an idea judge Anna, why dont start a "class action" suit against our govt that we can all sign instead of these history lessons which you never have to stick you neck out or take any liability for challenging the CORP. STATE. That would save Bruce and the rest of us from going to jail by an out of control Corp govt that just will not listen to anyone as long as it threatens there way of life. Whats the problem...according to you , you have already got the "paperwork" in place to do it. Or dont you believe in your own knowledge or proceedures that you can lawfully stand on in a court of law.....??????

    1. Acknowledge gods law yet say ducett should be locked up for violating corperate law , ?

  6. Exactly. It doesnt make sense..!!!!

  7. Incidently, karen hurdes who you were in contact with, was just fired from her position and now wants to spill the beans about her employers. Why not hook up with her. Im sure you two could patch things up and team up for the good of all involved....RIGHT!!!!

  8. Lol.... Seems to me Anna has done the work if Karen Hudes is out of a job and the pope will be soon. Not sure if they will respect a woman as the vicar of Christ. We all can take notes from the Michigan Jural Society's Book and save them to our computer or even print them out. It's not theft, just sharing for educational purposes. Also, Expatriation would cover the U.S. Citizen fraud. The current United States Corporation does not include america. We are all Americans, (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, or Green) skin color never mattered. We are nationals, civil citizens are servants and no better than corporate slaves. If you take away rights of one national, you destroy or lessen yours in the same act. It's a fact the country was built by hypothecating rights of the original brown people and the only one's who ever did really benefit or gain from it was corporations. Sadly, that included the Vatican too

  9. So has doucette and his cronies been stripped of power and title...Being dishonorable only hurts the rest of us

  10. Doucette still claims he is a judge


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