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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Update on Living Law Firm Progress

by Anna Von Reitz

We expect that by the end of this week we will have the actual structure and mechanism of the foreclosure fraud detailed out, step by step, in a way that average non-accountants can follow along and grasp. That step by step will give the citations to the patents and trademarks and other public records that are all admissible evidence in any court. We are going to release this to the general public, for free, and let you have at it in your individual cases--- at the same time that we pursue remedy in behalf of all Americans. (Flag donations to this effort as: "End Foreclosure Fraud")

Non-Citizen Status:

We have determined that we, living, breathing Americans are called "United States Nationals" in Federal-eze when it comes to international affairs and are called "American State Nationals" or simply "Nationals" when it comes to business here at home. "National" refers to the land jurisdiction of this country.
So if you are talking to the Passport agencies, tell them you are a "United States National, not a United States Citizen" (unless, of course, you are actually employed by, dependent on, or voluntarily chartered as a corporation by the federal government) and if, for example, you are talking to the Governor of the State of New Mexico, tell him that you are a Texan (not a Resident) who has established residency (which is different) in New Mexico---and you'd like to know what is being done about illegal immigration?
We hope to have routed through the correct process for American State Nationals to obtain correct passports very soon and will publish that info as soon as we are sure we've nailed it down and have resource contacts for you. (Flag donations to this project as: "Correct Passports")

Name Change:
All research and all feedback received to date demonstrates the necessity of claiming back your Trade Name and re-conveying it to the land jurisdiction of the United States--- and recording the deed to your own Name. Otherwise, technically, you are a "disregarded entity" and these foreign corporations claim to own YOU --- and use the ACCOUNT NAME as a convenient handle to lay false claims against your assets. Once you have your own Trade Name back in your control and operating in proper jurisdiction you can use it to reclaim everything else. Several people have written and been distressed over more complex or expensive name-change processes in their states. Though I recommend getting a formal name change decree -- which puts the court on record as agreeing to your action---if at all possible, you can also try a simple Deed of Re-conveyance, laying claim to your Trade Name and removing it to the land jurisdiction of your actual state---- Arkansas State not State of Arkansas--- for example. Record it, and if necessary give a land description-- "land assets and moveable fixtures generally located at:________________________". (435 St. Mary's Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, for example).

Federal Marshals Education:
There are "Federal Marshals" tasked with peacekeeping on the land jurisdiction and there are "United States Marshals" tasked with law enforcement in the foreign, international jurisdiction of the sea. One executes the Public Law and the other executes private international corporate Statutes. Educating these men and women (and also their parallels in state and local government positions) is essential. Even our locally elected Sheriffs are in desperate need of education on these topics. We've launched an effort to write a quick-and-easy handbook for those responsible for protecting our communities. We are looking for people who have experience with e-publishing to help expedite this process and also for donations toward printing hard copies for free distribution of these materials. (Flag donations to this project: Law Education Fund.)

American States and Nations Bank:
We have a core group of banking experts working on three different but related tasks--- (1) creating a safe depository for American assets, especially those being returned from overseas; (2) creating secure international banks competent to work with both IEX and FOREX transactions and currency exchanges; (3) beginning to build actual State National Banks again, which are run by local bank associations. Along with this goes a lot of technical and security work---and we are doing the best we can to move it forward with limited start-up resources. This project also involves negotiations to receive long-stalled treaty funding owed to the actual States and Nations and recoupment of other property interests that have been held in abeyance----in some cases since before the Civil War. There are an estimated 45,000 accounts at the national level that have to be secured and audited---which does not begin to deal with the same job that needs to be done at the county and state levels. (Flag donations to this effort: ASAN)

Jural Assemblies:
Building knowledgeable and effective Jural Assemblies is the key to building competent and honest county governments to operate the land jurisdiction of this country. If you have a Jural Assembly already started in your county, join and support it. If not, contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly, and use their proven methods to start one. Bear in mind that members must make a decision and declare that they are not "United States Citizens" but are instead "American State Nationals" before they can regain their lawful status and act as American Common Law Jurors.
(Donate time and money locally.)
****Please Note**** when you act as a juror you are for the time you serve considered an "American State Citizen" because you are occupying an office of the actual State. The same is true for the judges, clerks, bailiffs, sheriffs, and others you elect to serve in your County. The word "citizen" always implies an obligation to serve the government. In this case, you are offering to serve as a Juror.
So, a member of a County Jural Assembly must be an American State Citizen during the time they serve as Jurors and when the people come together to serve on a "Citizens Common Law Grand Jury" this is the kind of jury referenced as the Fourth Branch of Government in Justice Antonin Scalia's famous ruling. This is American Common Law--- the Law of the Land--- in operation.
This is different from a Jural Society---which is what lawyers and "United States Citizens" belong to and use to operate the incorporated Counties in the international jurisdiction of the sea. When these people come together they also form what can be called a "Citizen's Common Law Jury" --- but they are operating under Martial Common Law, not the Law of the Land, and have no business pretending to be the Fourth Branch which was created to be a safeguard against usurpation and mismanagement by federal officials and employees, not just another fox to guard our hen house.

Jural Assembly = land jurisdiction (national) unincorporated
American State National = a man without obligation to government.
American State Citizen = man serving the government of his actual state on the land, for example Wisconsin State, Pennsylvania Commonwealth, etc., as a Juror, Clerk, Sheriff, etc.
Jural Society = sea jurisdiction (international) incorporated
United States Citizen = federal employee, dependent, or corporation serving that government, includes those operating the federated "State of" and "County of" franchises.

Always pay attention to the exact words being used. There is a world of difference between a "United States National" and a "United States Citizen" and an equally huge difference between a "Jural Assembly" and a "Jural Society".
You must educate yourselves to avoid being misidentified, victimized, or entrapped by all this duplicitous wordplay. You must also do this to be able to properly and lawfully run the powerful people-based government you are owed.

International Outreach:
I call it this, because with the exception of our Native American representatives in the United Nations there are no competent people able and willing to speak for America and the American States at this time who have been lawfully elected or otherwise granted ambassadorial capacities --except that as sovereigns of the land jurisdiction we have and individually retain the ability to speak for our states on the land and for the Union of these States of America formed by The Articles of Confederation--- under Article X.
This is the capacity in which I and my husband have been able to act as Judges and Ambassadors and Fiduciary Deputies for our States of America, and while---in theory at least---any living American can do this, not many of us have the education and capacity to do so at this time.
We find ourselves triple-tasked to: (1) find competent people in each state to enter into this work; (2) bring them up to speed and give them the information and tools they need; (3) get the current work done.
We have published many pieces of correspondence, both official correspondence when acting as Judges or Fiduciary Deputies, and private correspondences written to foreign leaders, so you have cause to know how important and time-consuming this effort to communicate with the rest of the world is.

Before we can solve problems we have to recognize what they are.
We have been able to detail where in history the train went off the track---- in England, during the reign of Queen Victoria, acting under the influence of Benjamin D'Israeli, leading to the subjugation of the English people by deceit and the subjugation of India by force.
This situation would be a Major Faux Pas if it were just the United States involved, but fortunately or unfortunately, most of the known world is involved in this mess.
The American People have to weigh in now to save their own bacon because they are being defrauded and mischaracterized and suffering extortion and racketeering at the hands of international banks and other commercial institutions. In raising our objections we must inform all the other people of the world who are similarly being run-ragged by gangs of officially sanctioned pirates and thieves.
And we must also "fully inform" those responsible. This means Congress. This means the United Nations. This means the IMF. This means the British Parliament. This means Queen Elizabeth. This means the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. And many, many, many, many more officials and corporate officers. This means, most especially, Pope Francis in his role as Roman Pontiff. Why? Because he can pull the charter on any incorporated entity that violates its charter and functions in a criminal manner----and he has the obligation to do so.

This is why members of the Catholic Church and Catholic Clergy have a crucial role to play in correcting this horrific situation, both in terms of manpower and outcry, and in terms of enforcement against the offending corporations. These corporations are only allowed to exist by consent. They have no natural basis for their being. When they get out of control, living men must be responsible for (a) correcting their administrators; (b) imposing fines and penalties for bad behavior; (c) liquidating them.
By very long standing international convention and agreement, the responsibility for that oversight has always been with the Roman Curia and the Pope functioning as the Pontiff of Rome. That's where it remains to this day.
My husband, I, and a dedicated group of others scattered across the United States and around the globe have spent incalculable hours engaged in this kind of forthright communication with "the entire world" for years at a time in order to raise the alarm, report the crime, and shine the light on the subversion of our treaties and agreements.
Now, maybe you feel overawed by the prospect of writing a letter to the President or the Pope or Queen Elizabeth or the Congress or Chief Justice Roberts or the Joint Chiefs of Staff---- but unless you do, who is going to? Just me and the chickens back home?
Everyone----absolutely everyone on this planet needs to know the Truth. Everyone needs to take up their oar and open their mouth and run their printing presses. I don't advise any blanket accusations or blaming. Just stick to the facts, which have been abundantly shared.
Along with all the written and verbal communication there is need for actual meetings with people--- and international travel. We have had to send researchers and for lack of a better word, agents, abroad, both to meet with members of foreign corporations and governments and banks and so on and on.
Not all the non-Bar attorneys are involved in this part of the effort, but the Senior Team Members are and we have funded the whole thing ourselves out of pocket. So--- you can see my private letter to Pope Francis and UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon to get a taste of what is going on with all that and if you want to help fund these efforts, please flag donations as "Foreign Outreach".

Finally, thank you, all of you, who are waking up and waking others. Thank you for your efforts and your researches and your prayers and your donations. Please understand that this is all coming to a boil and I am now over my head in work. For those who are just getting oriented and all those who want citations and references, start with the eleven pages of citations in my book "Disclosure 101" and then all the citations in "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"----both available on Amazon. And if you are still stumped, refer to my "Timeline".

God bless America this Sunday, and all our States of America, and all our dearly beloved People.
See this article and over 300 others on Anna's website

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.


  1. Hi Judge Anna,

    Would this foreclosure help work for me. I am a disabled senior who had her home stolen from her in a foreclosure scam in 2001. I am past the Statute of Limitation. The man who stole my home was an equity stripper who used a different set of techniques on me that were still illega.

    Please Contact me if you can help in my case.

    Angellica Goodson - Lord

    1. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz

      Fraud has no statute of limitations and I have yet to see a foreclosure action that is NOT fraudulent on multiple counts. So the clock is NOT ticking. Keep tuned in and watch as we go forward with our claims in behalf of all Americans. Meantime do all that you can to get your name officially changed back to Upper and Lower Case and the Deed recorded on the land jurisdiction so that you are ready to claim your house back along with all your other property.

  2. It even gets better. I forgot to mention this case on this blog, which totally exposes the "FRAUDULENT CORONATION" of Queen Elisabeth 2, and therefore she is not a soverign and neither her or her court officers have jurisdiction or standing because of that, and making everything ever signed by her "null and void". Not only in England but here in America too, since we are under British rule of the Queen here also. Think BAR. The case is "REGINA v JAH" case #T201007746. Cleverly worded case so no one would find it if they didnt know where to look. The JAH stands for John Anthony Hill or as he calls himself MAUD'DIB(from the hero of the movie DUNE). He produced two documentaries about 911 and the "londen bombings" exposing both incidences as false flag events, with irrefutable evidence. The 2nd one he called 7/7 Ripple Effect produced in 2005. Thats the video that caused the entire law enforcement of two countries to come against him, trying to charge him with "attempting to pervert the course of justice". But instead of defenfing against that charge he went after the jurisdiction of the court because of totally fraudulent "Coronation" of the Queen on two major points 1)A fake stone(stone of destiny) was intentionally used, and 2) Broken coronation contract using the wrong bible and falsely lieing under oath. And who gave the oath...yep, the pope. I can give you the case to read on your own. But the bottom line that inspite of all the corruption and totally illegal actions by court officers to his jailers(he did 157 days in jail), the jury came back with a "NOT GUILTY" verdict on 5/12/2011. The implecations of this case cannot be underestimated. This case can now be used to win just about any case someone in our courts are fighting, because it exposes the fact that no one has lawful authority to do anything since they are working under the false presumption that the QUEEN is a soverign. This case proves it beyond doubt, meaning all court rulings here and in England are "null and void" ab anitio

  3. I have no idea how the courts would handle this case, but if it is allowed into evidence i dont see how they can continue the case....

    1. This case can actually work in Canada, can it?
      The only thing i worry about is the not withstanding clause in our constitution where anything can be denied for no reason given. I beleive that there is something like that in the U.S. Constitution and American Constition that is no longer in use since 1863. I beleive that something took place in 1793 that allows the govening party the Crown, which is not the Queen to goven in the same way as in Canada. If I still have the article I will post it or you can look on the Dave Hodges common sense report for August 2016. I have opportunity to try this case out and see how it goes. I can never find such good information from Canadian sources. If they do come about they are quickly taken off the internet or if you take it to court the rules have been altered to deal with it. The Jesuits have infiltrated the Cdn common law court system just like they have done in America.
      Thank you for posting this information Jim.
      Thank you for this web blog Paul Strammer.

    2. wmral. Are you an ex Jesuit? Just asking, since you mention the word Jesuit in almost every comment.

  4. Please understand I'm not trying to be a troll here and undermine what you're doing, but all of us could help if we just knew who others in our area are. I know there are dedicated people in my area as they have said where they are from in their posts, but I can't contact them so have to wait for you to maybe address my questions. If there are lots of common law juries starting, where are they? If there are 1 million federal marshals already on-board, how can we touch bases and work with them? As it stands now, it sounds like "things are happening", but don't you think more could be done if we all were interacting in our local areas instead of funneling everything through one remore source, that's already bogged down with so much to do?


  5. Paul, if patients is a virtue, your must be job(in the bible).

  6. Part of the failire of our Constitution, and probably others, is if it really represents a valid "contract" between "the people" and "our govt." wheres ALL the penalities for breaching not only their 19 delagated authorities , but any of the other amendments. How about article1, section 8, clause 5...No one but congress shall have the right to coin money , other than gold or silver, and set the rate...but wheres the penalty for breach of that promise....its none exsistant. Since when is a contract as major as "the Constitution for the united States of America" come without penalities for breach of it. Ive never signed one yet that has the penalty written right into the contract...that is if you have time to read 30 pages of legalese on a simple car purchase...damn attorneys..Where were you when the Constitution was written up. Oh i forgot, you werent allowed in back then. No wonder we only had 3 years of Andrew Jackson couldnt stand them. He vowed to route those "vipers" out. When he couldnt do it, he refused to call himself a Virginian state citizen. Instead, he told everyone im a Virginian. Sound familiar...Unfortunately, after the expenses of running the "civil war", there was a number of "legal tender" debates because people realized the inherent limits of metal backing. "NOTES" could be used as legal tender, but not with interest(usury), and certainly not controlled by foreign principals. So here is a notice to our forefathers..." never create a contract, without creating the corresponding penalty to go with it. Otherwise, all you do is leave it up to interpretation by judges who are easily influenced by greed. Enough said.

  7. I have a foreclosure hearing coming up on wed. 9/7. Would the first step be to change my name ? Do i have enough time ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim

  8. There is only one court that is going to hear your case if you expect to get any remedy, if that is even possible anymore...united states Distric Court(not the Distric Court of The United States). Make sure you use the first heading even though all courts are labeled the secound way. They hid all article 3 courts in the disrtict courts. Because the Distric Courts are the courts of "oringinal" jurisdiction. The first thing you have to do is remove your foreclosure case out of superior court to "united states Distric Court" under "Diversity"(meaning diversity of citizenship, because you are Californian and an American State National, a real man on the "LAND", not a United States Citizen, "person"(corp. fiction). Your moving the court under 28 USC 1333..."Saving to Suitors" clause as your only way of getting remedy. And from now on, stop labeling yourself or your oppersors as "Plantiff" or "Defendant". Use only two labels from now on..."Libilant"(you the plantiff and damaged party) and Libilee(them, the ones trying to damage you). And once you get to court, you are not asking, not requesting, but DEMANDING and article 3 court. And dont forget to follow it up by a direct question to the judge...We are in an article 3 court now arent we your honor, like i demanded and recogonized as a "Man" on the "Land".???? Never assume anything in court. The only way to make the judge "liable" for anything is to force him to answer your questions. And like they always tell us, all you want to hear is "yes" or "no". And you want the answer right now, not later by mail. But what is your complaint going to state....this...The fraud by now is a well established known fact now by just about everyone now, especially the courts, because they have been sued by everyone from the comptroller of currency, to the Attoney General, to private parties like me, and they all won against the banks when confronted by the "facts". Basically stated, no one here today in court has "Standing" to even bring a foreclosure because of the fraudulent "securitization" of the "NOTE" using extremely complicated "derivatives," like MBS(Morgtage backed securities) bundled into larger derivitives, called CDO's(Collateralized debt obligatios) and falsely sold as instraments having triple A ratings throughout the world. But if anyone in this court still thinks they have standing , then I am demanding an "AUDIT OF THE EQUITIES" and a "DATA INTEGRITY REPORT" at cost to the moving parties claming to have "Standing". I can send you a copy of my paperwork, but i had no funds at the time and no help at all from any of my roomates so i just filed in superior court, which still caused her problems. She actually sent my entire paperwork back...Refused, and unopened. Thats what you should have been doing the whole time with there paperwork, especially the "Unlawful Detainer". Thats how they think they got jurisdiction in the first place. She taught me that much

  9. And one other thing. In district court, it is mandatory that you make a counterclaim. There is way to much to tell you on a post like this. Right now you have to remove the case from the state to Federal court in Admiralty(thats where they hid our article 3 courts under common law). So you move your case to Federal court as a Federal Question under the constitution, Art 3, sec 2, under title 28 sec 1446 which gives the District Court original jurisdiction of all Admirality Maritime claims. Rule 9 (a) says you can do that. All this info is online from Jean Keating. Go to his site or punch in jean keating/ foreclosure defense. It should come up. In the meantime if you want me to send you this info and my court paperwork on setting it up just email me at with your address and i will happily give it to you. When you go into any court , it has to be a "Special Appearance", not general and the first words out of your mouth in court should be "I am here without prejudice, without waiving any rights, remedies, statatorial or proceedural. Memorize it!!! Say it over and over again so it becomes second nature to you. If you dont say that up front...that you are appearing specially and without....they assume you recogonize the court the plantiff, and the defendant and the court gets "VENUE" not jurisdiction. VENUE is territorial. Your zip code identifies your military venue under the guise of the IRS. Like i said, you have a lot to learn in a short period of time. Send me your address so we can move on this quickly...

  10. Actually, unknown(and anyone else who is going through foreclosure their might be an easier way around this. If you can find out who the "Title Company" is on your property, you can request an " abstract of title" for your property. The abstract of title will tell you that your property(house) was paid for "in full" at closing, because your signiture on the promissary note funded the entire thing. Thats how all money is created by the banks...using your signiture. That should tell you right there we are the TRUE CREDITORS. The need the real man or woman with the ability to actually "sign" a contract in order to monitize the "NOTE". Fictions cant create anything, only real men and women. Once you get the abstract showing the house was paid in full at "closing" then you can make a claim with their "Errors and Omissions" insurer telling them that you had a benificial interest in "the security"(its not a morgtage) and the bank never told us. And we want to make a claim with you, which will lead to an investigation on the funder of the house. If any cload on the title is found, they are liable. And there will be. But i have to study this further and give you more info. But in the meantime see if you can get that "abstract of title" from your title company. That will go a long way for any case or suit. Ill get back on this.

  11. Unknown, have you ever fought a court case before in front of a judge?? You really dont have time to do anything with a court case coming up on the the 7th of this month. If it is in superior court, dont waste your time and money removing it to District Court, especially if you have no experiance in a courtroom environment. Because really under "diversity" even though the District Court has original jurisdiction, i have court cases that say the Superior Courts are allowed to try a "diversity" case if you demand it. Your just going to have to think on your feet this time, because the finanical situation of the Banks have gotten so bad and they have shelled out so much money(in the billions) in law suits, and judge Annas lein preventing them from reorganizing, that they have resorted to tactics that are openly criminal. The FTB of California is actually sending bills to people living in other states , that have never lived or worked here ever. Now this new tactic of sending huge TAX BILLS to 6,000 homeowners worth more than their home is worth. It doesnt stop there. In desperation, the banks have come up with bonds that can only be monitized in "fantasy land". They are called "perpetual bonds". These bonds are not IOU's like all their other instramemts. This one promises to NEVER PAY...EVER. The only people that will buy something guaranteed to never pay anything is the banks themselves. They will just print the money to cover doesnt cost them anything. But it keeps up the illusion of solvancy. And my brother just told me the other day, he read online of a couple that sued for foreclosing on their home unlawfully, paying a good attorney that went to trail. They sued for $5 million and their home back and they won. And as soon as the verdict was anounonced, the attorney for the bank walked up to the judge and asked him if we can just "resind" this judgement and go to arbitration....and the judge did it...its not going to be long before they just ask for a "bail in". A bail in is another word for confiscating depositors personal bank accounts. Dont think it can happen....just look at Greece. No one there can withdraw more than $60/day out of the banks, and only through an ATM. Thats why i dont want you wasting money and time on this. But i can instruct you on how to handle yourself in court if you still insist on going through because if nothing else, you need the experiance which you cant get anywhere it proceedural law 101. Do it just for that reason alone. Everyone in this movement needs to do it once or twice. It is invaluable experiance. And then go get your court case.


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