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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Definitions You Need to Know

by Anna Von Reitz

The "IMF" is the "U.S. Treasury". The "Secretary of the Treasury" is the head of the IMF Board of Governors. Like the "FBI" and "BLM", the "U.S. Treasury" is just a familiar brand name and trademark that was acquired by the IMF, and because nobody bothered to tell us, we assumed that the brand was still under the management of "our" government.
The IMF functions as an agency of the United Nations, chartered in France at the end of World War II. It's a bank syndicate run for the benefit of the UN Corporation which was also formed in France years before the United Nations Charter was ever approved. Go figure.
"Controlled Opposition" is a term popularized by William Cooper on one side and Saul Alinsky on the other, and which my British Grandmother roughly translated as "stirring the pot" for someone.
One starts an organization supposedly dedicated to a cause near and dear to one's opponents, hangs out a shingle, and draws people who hold those sympathies into the net. Then, one simply controls the organization, takes names, spies on the participants, makes sure that they don't actually accomplish anything, and in the extreme, sets them up for criminal charges.
Please note that in order to run a controlled opposition scam it is necessary to do two things: (1) set up an organization that espouses some aspect of your opponent's cause, and (2) make sure it doesn't progress or actually do anything effective or meaningful.

For example, the British government setting up a controlled opposition group catering to Irish Patriots-- trying to snag Irish Republican Army supporters.
Or, for another slight variation, the Democratic Party sending operatives to join the Republican Party so that we get Republicans in Name Only (RINOS) and then the Republicans do the same so that we get Democrats in Name Only (DINOS), and at the end of the day there is only one end product with two names that smells like the same dog dung.
Now note that although there are plenty of good people in NLA and also plenty of good people in Oath Keepers, the above description of a controlled opposition operation suits both organizations to a "t". They've been around for years blowing steam with neither one making any actual, meaningful headway.
Also note that "out of the blue" a known fraudster, Karen Hudes, an attorney working for one of the banks that benefited from the Great Fraud of 1933, turns up and starts telling NLA and Oath Keepers and CSPOA members a line of hokum and they all meekly submit to her leadership.
Time to ask which came first--- the chicken or the egg? Did the World Bank pay to create these organizations in the first place, and now their Doxy is getting around to showing who is really boss? Or is Karen Hudes a Handler operating under the guise of being a real Whistleblower while somehow keeping both her own paycheck and her husband's paycheck coming in from the same organization she blew the whistle on?
[Ahhhh...... Karen Hudes, the "Whistleblower" is still working for the World Bank after blowing the whistle on them? Yes. And her husband is still working for the World Bank, too? Yes.]
"Handler" -- a professional organizer and propagandist, skilled in argument and in influencing people, paid for by Third Parties often secretly, but sometimes openly as a supposed Ally of the Cause, to come in from the outside and join an existing group and commandeer it.
You've all seen this in action whether you know it or not. An "expert from Dover" shows up, and because they are supposedly an "expert" and because they are from somewhere else, "Dover", everyone gives greater respect to them than to their own native leaders because, well, they are experts and they are from Dover. Hudes a lawyer and she's from Europe--- an Expert from Dover..
Whatever is going on with NLA and with Oath Keepers and now with CSPOA doesn't smell right and it is certainly not resulting in unifying meaningful action to resuscitate our lawful government.
So far all it's doing is adding more intrigue and lies.
"Pot calling the kettle black" --- I was rather alarmed a couple days ago when I was accused of being part of a "controlled opposition" effort. I had to stop and pick my chin up off the floor. Where's MY big organization with its badges and membership cards and hoo-doo vibes and theme songs?
Don't have one. I don't have any kind of organization at all, which is, after all, one of the two requirements (see above) for running a controlled opposition scam.
But as obvious as that is to someone who actually knows what "controlled opposition" is, it nonetheless lends itself to another technique of these Beasts --- which is always to accuse other people of what they are guilty of themselves.
This is what "pot calling the kettle black" implies, and in somewhat more vulgar terms, what is meant by "the fox always smells his own hole first".

And every single one of these charming practices was pioneered and honed to a fine art---- not in Russia ---- but in England.

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  1. No offense meant, but for all the bantering between Judge Anna and Hudes, I hear Judge Anna say she has done thus or that, but I have yet to see one document proving her claims? Hudes, there are some, and I have seen them.

    The thing is, the lovely agencies that "supposedly" work for us, have created such a climate of distrust, that nobody knows who is who.

    I am frankly quite sick of all of it.

    1. Talk about a lovely critter ;o)
      All the "banter" may be sickening but, it's not as complicated as it seems. You can know them by their actions. Anna mentioned something similar in an earlier article.
      For John D. to "respond" at the urging of the membership and NLA board was silly, childish, and relatively useless. If he was going to respond at all, he could have just as well done so by his actions.
      John D. was asked a very simple question a while back and he still hasn't responded or taken action that I am aware of. Why isn't the "Grand Jury" investigating, with indictments flowing, the Affidavit of Probable Cause? And not just misdirecting folks attention or using a "sitting duck" "Grand Jury"?
      Are there any errors or omissions or falsehoods that you can see in the Affidavit? Even if there were some, Why not fix them and proceed?
      It may be a daunting task but, keep your eyes on the prize. It is all our responsibility to make this scene go right. Government by the People, right? That's us! (no pun intended)
      Apparently, NLA & CSPOA have a few shills to root out. Not such a big deal compared to the task at hand! They are basically good people and good organizations with a little security clean up to do. That's our job too.
      Hang in there, baby!

  2. The name of their game is divide and conquer and sitting back, I'm seeing them nibble away! Sadly, anyone with any sense wants the same thing, a free, unencumbered America.

    1. its called hegalian dialectic, thesis, antithesis then synthesis

  3. I do not trust Karen Hudes. I was aghast when people thought she was a bearer of good news. She worked for the cabal for a long time and she still does. Cabal trolls are everywhere creating dissensions in any forum, etc. They have this down to a science.

  4. Hudes has put up a few exibits.but nothing really tangible . A lot of formal letters anna puts I think
    You need to look in its entirety .

  5. I can say this the NLA is full of hot air. I am not saying the people that belong to NLA, I am saying the NLA is misinforming the people of the bottom line the debt note. If anything has the BAR Association attached to it then its fact its not of anything lawful including Karen Hudes.

  6. I can say this the NLA is full of hot air. I am not saying the people that belong to NLA, I am saying the NLA is misinforming the people of the bottom line the debt note. If anything has the BAR Association attached to it then its fact its not of anything lawful including Karen Hudes.

  7. hudes as always been a troll i smelled her a million miles away

  8. hudes as always been a troll i smelled her a million miles away

  9. Good video Anna. Keep up the good work.


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