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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Modus Operandi of Satanists - Recognizing the Hidden Hand

Modus Operandi means literally the "Mode of Operation" --- how do Satanists operate?

by Anna Von Reitz

First, we have to accept the fact that they exist and that they are here among us and that they have infiltrated every major religion, so that it is impossible to trust anyone based on what religion they profess. 

Instead, as Jesus, a Nazorean as well as a Nazarere, told us, we must look at their works and judge their fruits.

Pay no attention to what people say or how they dress.  Give no credence to how many times a day they pray nor how many fiery speeches they make or how pious they appear in observation of every tiny bit of dogma.  None of that matters.

Keep your eyes on what they do and the results of what they do.

What does the Bible and other ancient world scripture tell us about the situation we are in?

There is the Earth and its Lord, the Creator, Our Father, the Ancient of Days.  And there is the World, and its Lord, Satan, Lucifer, the Father of All Lies, the Great Serpent.

The Creator is a spirit, invisible to us, but always present, organizing and sustaining the whole Earth. 

Satan is an angelic being-- an alien--- who set himself up in his own business--- the World of Fictions-- kings, dynasties, governments, institutions, offices and corporations.

Thus, there is a difference between what is actual and what is imaginary, between what is, and what appears to be, and we, stuck in the middle, get confused and deluded by this.

There's the Lord, our Creator, and the "Lord", Satan. 

Look up the story of the Temptation of Jesus.  He readily admits that Satan is the Ruler of the World.  Not the Earth.  The World.  And later on, he speaks of the "Synagogue of Satan"---- an organized religion of Satan. In Chapter 2 and 3 of Revelation you hear it again--- warnings against those who appear to be Jews or Christians, but who are not.

The problem as also succinctly stated by Jesus is that "no man can serve two Masters".  Although we try to straddle the fence, it's not possible in the end. Either you serve Our Father and the Cause of Life, or you serve Satan and the Cause of Death. 

You exist either as a Man and choose to honor your Creator, or you exist as a Corporation-- a dead, imaginary Thing -- and honor Satan, instead. 

Accordingly, your name is written in the Book of Life, or it is written in the Book of the Dead.

I must be "ana", meaning "grace" and "Mother", or I must be ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, a corporate franchise benefiting the UN Corporation.  

It's up to me to discern this and make a conscious choice.

You, too.

Now that you have the background firmly in mind you are prepared to look at how Satanists operate and perhaps more importantly, how they are enabled to operate, because they cannot function without your help and participation.

They are like your shadows or your own image in a mirror.  They can't move unless you do.

And now I am going to speak frankly about something very personal and ugly--- and I would not speak of it or make such a public confession if not to save all of you who are reading this and to explain fully how I came by my hard-won knowledge.

When I was young I had a love affair with a High Mason.  It was the most passionate, torrid, crazy love affair anyone could ever imagine and the sex was unspeakably good--- but I began to notice something. 

He was plugging into me like an electric outlet and my energy was being transferred through him to another destination.  There was a Third Party in our bed and he was merely acting as a siphon--- an empty straw, or conduit, for this Thing, which was feeding on my energy and giving him a little cut of it in the process.

Of course, I was alarmed.  And despite being aware of the nature of the relationship, I was already addicted.  Just like the old vampire stories.  I struggled to save both of us, but the harder I pulled away, the tighter the knot became.

Of course, too, I prayed about this night and day---asking for answers and help.  Finally, I realized that I had to let go of him even though I, for my part, truly loved him. I had to count him among the "dead", because in fact, he was dead long before I knew him and it was beyond my ability to save him.  

So I turned my face away and let go of the living corpse. And the moment I did, so did the Thing that was actually profiting from the relationship.  The "straw" was left empty and had no choice but to go on seeking another victim, because he had been hollowed out and the only taste of life he could get was through his secret sharing in the energy of his sex partners.

Was I harmed by this?  It took seven years of my life. My Third Chakra, which he used as a point of attachment, was nearly destroyed and repairing it required another journey of the spirit I was poorly prepared to make.  Only miracles made my recovery possible, and a certain stubbornness set in the bedrock of my Nature, which was strong enough to survive and brave enough to overcome.

Did this man ever knowingly teach me anything or break his Masonic vows?  Never.  I learned everything by observation and experiment, as a scientist does.  It was a terrible and terrifying process.  I did this and he did that and the parasitic demon did something else and around and around we went, but in the end, I learned Very Important Lessons.

One of those lessons is that Satanists operate as siphons and via the use of siphons.  Literally and figuratively. 

Your given name, which is supposed to be a description and a blessing and gift to you from your parents, is seized upon by these "people"--- and I use the word advisedly--- and used it as a siphon to extract the value of your labor and the material assets of your estate. Even though you are the first and only Holder in Due Course of your name, the British Crown has copyrighted and claimed to own it. 

You say I am mad?  But there are plenty of British Government documents that confirm it, and if you don't believe that Satanists rule Great Britain, I advise you to flip on YouTube and review the "Dead Baby Effigy" and the eerie torch-light parade of hooded figures around it---all of which was on public display at the London Winter Olympics.

Who is the "dead baby"----?  You are.  Look at what you think of as your "Birth Certificate" and you will see that instead what you are being offered is a "Death Certificate" signed by the Registrar, an Officer of the Probate Court, who seized your estate and declared you civilly dead a long time ago.  Always remember that a name in all capital letters can only be one of two things--- (1) a corporation or (2) a dead man's estate.

Similar to my dilemma with my long-ago lover, you either have to reclaim your name or let it go, neither of which seems possible.  How do you reclaim something when you don't know that you've lost it?---which is the dilemma most people are in.  And once you grasp the situation, how do you let go of your name--an identity which has been stolen by thieves---and still function in this world?   Come to it, why should you give up your name, when it is your private property, a description and a blessing given to you by your parents?

The British Crown government is manifestly guilty of a tortuous fraud scheme against you and against your lawful government. On a very broad scale, we all need to bring the world's largest Class Action against them for their crimes, which include genocide, press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, conspiracy against the lawful government of the United States, mischaracterization of non-combatants, racketeering, armed theft, constructive fraud, fraud by semantic deceit, human trafficking, kidnapping, constructive fraud, and other crimes too numerous to count and all the damage they've caused. 

This is just one urgent and clear example of how Satanists operate by forming siphons--- human or otherwise--- all designed to feed upon you, and also a good clear example of how other people--- lawyers, for example--- get seduced by the bribe, the "cut" of the profits that the Satanists give them, and eventually become nothing but empty straws, slavering after the next drop of life.

Satanists also use "mirroring" to accomplish their ends. Quite simply, they pretend to be their enemies.  Are the Muslims hunting them down?  They will pretend to be Muslims. Are the Catholics on their trail?  They will pretend to be Catholics. Like any successful parasite they camouflage themselves and have to do so in order to avoid detection.

This is where the problem of the "tares" and the "wheat" comes in--- you can't tell them apart from the rest of us, except by their actions and their fruits. 

They will also pretend to be you, too, which is part of the whole name fraud debacle. Of course, they will also conversely claim that I am one of them.  They not only pretend to BE their enemies themselves, they pretend that their enemies are them.

Since they claim to own your NAME, they just arbitrarily decided that HE is a criminal and a slave, guilty by definition of whatever crimes they wish to claim against HIM.

The issues to be contested are---who owns your given name?  What is your correct political status?  Where is their proof of any jurisdiction related to you?  How was that contract obtained? 

Otherwise, JOHN MARK DOE is guilty the moment he enters their courtroom, and all they have to decide is how much they are going to charge him and how long he is going to stay in jail and how much they are going to charge him and everyone else for this "service".

Major league housecleaning and butt-kicking is in order on the temporal plane, but never forget that the real battle is a spiritual and energetic one-- and cherish the lesson taught to us all at such expense by Jesus---- you cannot overcome these evils by creating more evil.  A negative plus a negative ALWAYS results in a bigger negative. 

The only way you can overcome these enemies and truly overcome them--- not merely suppress them and force them back into hiding as has been done repeatedly throughout our history--- is by the willful exercise of compassion and love, by choosing Life over Death, Justice over Injustice, Truth over Lies, Forgiveness over Vengeance.

If we truly understand the dialectic of energy and the mathematical truth, then once we expose these people for who they are and what they are doing, we have to help them reclaim their lives and their souls. Killing their bodies does nothing to diminish the evil parasites that feed upon us all. They just go jaunting off to find more victims, pool up in another barroom (court or otherwise), give themselves a makeover, and start again. Putting the victims together in a jail only allows the attached spiritual parasites to interbreed.

Many years have come and gone since I left my lover and his demon behind. I still hold the experience up to Our Father as a small child holds up any broken thing, trusting that Dad can fix it, as by His Grace, He fixed my shattered energy centers and has blessed me in the years afterward.  It is not beyond the Creator's ability to give life back to the dead, even if it is too deep a mystery for his children to solve on their own.

Always remember that none of us are condemned whatever our sins have been, so long as we let go of the chains that are bearing us down to destruction and start again with love and faith and charity toward others.
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  1. Wow Anna, that is very difficult to share and I am glad you did, thanks for sharing parts of your personal experiences, like your reference as to what the Strawman is and what all he takes from us, This country will eventually get back on track and the sooner the better . Just people like yourself and many other patriots that are spreading the light is making a big difference, I see it on facebook and in plain conversation with people, It is time to rise and clear our eyes. Thank you and your team for all you do, you are making a difference

    1. ^^ What Mrs. Schroeder said. Ty for your words, Anna.
      HOOYAH & God Bless you and those who fight the Good fight.

  2. Thank you Ana,
    Sometimes the relationships that are the worst for us are the most passionate. I have been trying to figure out why that is. Something about that demonic reptilian energy that makes the sex so much more fantastic. I have had those long term relationships and they knock you off your socks and then leave you drained and broken hearted. It's a great spiritual lesson when we learn from it.
    You are totally right, i see people in the awakening movement thinking they are awake, but then spreading more hatred. If we are to truly awaken we have to see that the past has not evolved our world. Going to war, murdering and killing others, just puts us in an everlasting repeat session. Our world has been like those everlasting Gobsuckers, it just repeats and repeats over and over and you never get to the end of it.

    What we need is a Revolution of the heart. And the way we defeat the satanists is by uniting our human family. THEY, the demons, want us all divided. It's the way they win, and get us to kill one another. We have to UNITE for peace now. We need to flood our world with love. The more we take action to join our humanity together, the more OUR spiritual forces will work to help us.

    1. The truth is "God Helps Those who Help Themselves". We need to all stop blaming the average human non satanic person for what the satanists are doing. We need to now do what we have not done through history. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over.
      This time - WE DO NOT PLAY THEIR GAME! THEIR GAME IS DIVISION!! We need to UNITE . That means we need to organize peace parties, peace prayer and festivals all over the world. We need to not just focus on meeting up with our own race or religion. THIS TIME..we need to do it differently. WE need to have UNITY parties where Christians can meet Muslims and Jews and we can sit down and have a coffee together. What people are going to find is that we are all the same. We want the same things. The cabal can turn a small fraction of the human race into terrorists and extremists but the majority of the human race can not be paid to kill others who are innocent.
      We need to start having coffee clutches where we can start uniting so that way when they try to call a war in Iran. We say no way, i met those Iranian families and they were just like my family and i will not kill them b/c the cabal orchestrated some event.

      We have to realize that the regular Muslims people are not like the extremists and the regular israelis are not like what the illuminati stage with the Israeli govt. And that the real problem are the satanists who control all governments. We cannot blame the people anymore who live in countries where the govts and secret services are all under illuminati control.
      We have to understand what the illuminati end game is. Their end game is to finance Muslim extremists. And remember - the regular Muslims suffer because of them too and we should not judge good kind Muslims because of extremists. But the illuminati has been training and financing extremists all over the world. They make deals with prisoners and let them out and get them to start chaos all over the world. Then they plant the chaos throughout the middle east in areas where the illuminati would like to takeover. The illuminti goal is to get us to hate Muslims or Hate Israelis. It's all a setup. The fighting is being paid for by the illuminati factions which include the Royal families and the more. We have to not fuel the fire of blaming this country or this race. This is what they want and have setup. They want us to fuel the energy of anger and hate. There are scientific studies to show how our thoughts effect our reality. And they know how to use this against us.
      The answer is to use Love and compassion. And we need to take action on this. It's time we unite our human race for peace. We have to stop thinking in terms of religion. So what if someone where's a different head covering then you. It's just fabric. Inside we all want the same thing. The spiritual energy we create by uniting our human race will be the way that higher spiritual forces will guide us out of bondage.

      Thank you Ana for your article. It was your best one yet!

    2. You have it absolutely spot on Anna, and that tells me like myself, where there is eternal unconditional love we share with others, there is the ultimate truth of who we are.
      I have always refused to give them what they feed on, which is what they are as negative polarity.
      The more we give in unconditional love that separates us from them, the higher our energetics and vibration rate, keeps us in peace, love and harmony. I don't belive it will be long, particularly when in ight of all the financial crimes and genocide they live on that feeds their negative energy, and those asleep that finally wake up, when the flat earth community with the firmament dome that is above us just like it says in Genesis, will be their last straw.
      For then it will become obvious to everyone on the planet, who these Satanic Illuminati cults are with their Kazarian Rothchild vermin, will make it no place they can hide from the justice they will receive, when the consciousness of this planet finally seeks to liberate itself from this evil that has been running so much of everyone's lives, through their false paradigm. One that is built on the sand of artificially driven money systems and materiality that will always collapse, for what gives us our greatest meaning, joy and fulfillment in life, does not come through that medium, but one that is like granite and priceless, and free from our heart and soul with love to give everyone as our salvation to live in peace, love, harmony and balance.

      Flat Earth UK 20b LIVE With David Weiss The Truth Is Stranger Than Lies

  3. And I would add my deep gratitude to the last sentence of the above writer, "It was your best one yet"!! And I haven't even read that many! I anticipate reading them all!
    Your dedication and service to humanity is deeply appreciated.

  4. Dear Anna,
    I am just a few days new to your website, and to who you are. I am trying desperately to learn this new paradigm of what we call our corrupt government. I am just one year younger and a fellow Wisconsinite, but you, through your experience, are so much wiser. Knowing that to share this piece of your life must have been extremely difficult, so thank you for sharing for the greater good. I have lived a sheltered life until my marriage and subsequent divorce, and quickly learned to submit my life to the Lord to keep Satan out. God bless you and keep you safe, and may your guardian angel be your constant companion.

  5. I'm not a prude or anything, but this was very unnecessary information that no one needed to hear except maybe this woman's therapist, clergy or a very close friend. This woman is all over the place now. How did we get from the constitution is a fraud, and the public offices are vacant to this woman having sex with "Satanists"? Eww. Okay this is getting weird now.

  6. What Anna has done here is give her public Testimony to her faith in Yeshua and in so doing,what is written HAD to be done. How does one give testimony and leave part of the evidence out? Can't be done. I say praise the good Lord Yeshua the Crist for what happened to Anna because look at how she is being used now!!! We actually had a sermon on the very things Anna discusses here at our church yesterday where the pastor finally introduced the idea that there was corruption in government after I pleaded with him to do so, as what better place to expose it than the pulpit? Keep it up Anna, we need more testimonials like yours, not less.


    1. I completely diagree with you. Especially when there are children around. Some matters are to be left private. It's called being discrete. I woukd expect more tact from a woman who is 65 and claims to be a great grandmother. I thought the whole purpose here was unmasking corruption and deception...not to talk about one's sexcapades and dalliances. I go by my gut what God tells me. And what God tells me is...there ain't something right with this woman. Too much info taken from here and there and then all mish mashrd together. And now this whole story about sexual encounters with Satanists. What is this...Jerry Springer?
      Too much crap...

    2. So you want to be a puritan?? Or do you think your comments are more substantive than Anas' gifts to us?
      Get rid of the hate.

  7. More Onlybegottenism nonsense here. Stick with what you know know dissing Ms. Hude & those type of shills.

  8. I can't believe you people are so gullible as to believe that someone who is a private attorney to the Pope, has titles of nobility (Satanist love their titles) and knows about Satanic rituals just up and left it all behind? If Anna was involved with a High Mason, there is no going back. It stays with you till the day you die. You never really escape Satanist clutches like that.

    Question: How come no-one has ever come after Anna for all the things she's written?
    Answer: Because they wont come after one of their own, that's why.

    Satanist must divulge a certain amount of information to the public so they can try and push back negative energy off them. The fact that Anna speaks of her experiences is a BIG clue as to her connections. Anna can say all that she wants but the fact is, people need to stay away from her and anything she does because of her past.

    Chakra's are also used for centering a person. Buddhists and Hindu's use them all the time for self healing and introspection but Satanist do not. Most Christians don't even know anything about the Chakras as this is not a part of their worship but witches, satanist and others involved in the occult do. Only people with deeper spiritual understanding would use terminology such as this.

    Satanist use Chakra's as control methods to spiritually enslave other people. For Anna to speak of such things, she has now exposed herself for what she really practices. I will never believe she is free of her demonic masters.

    You are all being led down the garden path and my suggestion is to run away from this woman she is capable of just about anything wicked if she puts her mind to it.

    1. We know you by your work. And it's smeared like crapola all over.