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Saturday, April 16, 2016

What to Expect on April 19, 2016

by Anna Von Reitz
1. The Rock:  I expect the UN Corp doing business as the IMF (which is merely doing-business-as the “UNITED STATES” and as the “United States Treasury”) to try to stick us with all their debts, because they are crooks and they naturally don’t want to pay their own debts out of their own profits. They are basically trying to stage a repeat of what FDR did back in the 1930’s when he got the clueless Americans to assume and pay the debts of the “United States of America, Inc.” --- a bankrupt privately owned and operated governmental services corporation – under conditions of constructive fraud and semantic deceit.
[ Special Note about the "New Republique": You may be have heard via a Mr. Cottrell that the French Government filed the paperwork to set up a “new Republic” for us in filings with the Hague. 
Now, why would we want or need the French Government to do that, when we have already done that for ourselves? 
The IMF and its parent, the UN Corporation, are chartered in France-- and it is technically the French Government’s fault that these corporations have been allowed to terrorize and bilk the entire rest of the world and to defraud the innocent people of the United States under color of law.
The French supplied the corporations and the British supplied the mechanisms to create this debacle ---and at the end of the day, the rats who masterminded it all, have fled to China.
If the French Government wants to keep a lid on things, they have to keep a French Corporation providing us with governmental services and forcing us to pay its bills.  This is the “New Republic” that the Joint Chiefs have colluded with and which Paul Ryan is proposing to lead.  
The so-called “New Republique” is just as fraudulent as the rest of what has gone before and it still depends on a system of human enslavement and “bonds” and “I.O.U.’s” to pay for debts that we don’t owe. The American People have not been given full disclosure and have not accepted this contract and in fact--- we have told Jacob Rothschild and the French Government, thanks, but no thanks, we have made other arrangements, notice of which is on file with the United Nations Secretary General.   
The “New Republique” is just making us another offer to scapegoat us for the sins of criminals---an offer that would be to our everlasting detriment and to which we solidly object.  We want and need no such masters--neither British Bunko Artists nor French Freemasons need apply.]
2. The Hard Place:  I expect the Federal Reserve banks to try to force us back onto the Gold Standard, because they have stolen and control all the world’s gold, and the only way they can realize truly obscene profits from that investment is if they succeed in making us trade in gold.
3. The Path Between:  I expect Americans to jerk awake and realize that their own national currency, the American Silver Dollar, is alive, well, and ready to trade.  The rats have not been able to corner the silver market, so that provides us with a Third Way—and the only way for us to both repudiate the odious debt and beat the Federal Reserve at its own game.
We are not the same as the “United States” entity that has been ruining the whole Earth.  We have in fact been victims of it ourselves.
On Tuesday, 19 April 2016 (as the world headlines will read it) the gold-backed Chinese Yuan will become available for trading on a new trading platform and all the disgruntled, disgusted, and many fearful investors will rush in to drink Jacob Rothschild’s Kool-Aid. 
Many people will do this in the firm belief that they are getting away from the Rockerfeller/Rothschild/Rubenstein Cabal, but they will in fact be vastly profiting the Cabal which has simply moved the focus of its operations to China with the blessings of the Chinese Government.
The Federal Reserve (which is not and never was the American People or any part of our lawful government) owed the Chinese Government a huge amount of gold and interest ever since 1928; the Federal Reserve never even bothered to pay the interest they owed, and in 2011, when Neil Keenan sued the rats, they pleaded bankruptcy protection. 
For a while, it looked like all the Chinese could do was (1) go to war or (2) take the loss.
But…. back in 2002, in a relatively minor suit brought before the World Court by Dr. Hendo Henderson and the Government of Sudan, the same rats were denied the option of claiming bankruptcy protection. The Chinese found out about that and the Federal Reserve was finally brought to justice.
However, human nature being what it is, the Chinese did not stop with mere justice for themselves, and the Federal Reserve cut them a deal they couldn’t refuse: help us institute a gold-based monetary system and we will generate profits beyond your wildest dreams.
It’s the same old story throughout history.  The Good Guys catch the rats, the rats make them a deal they can’t refuse, the Good Guys become complicit in the crime-after-the-fact and embroiled in the whole web of lies. 
[Oh, one more thing about the Synagogue of Satan--- they use your own virtues against you. They play upon your natural sympathies, your sense of fairness and justice, your desire to do the right thing.]
So the Chinese accepted the proposition with honest enough intentions, agreed to set up the gold-backed monetary system, took the bait, and the Khazarians moved to China.
The "Chinese Elders" (couldn't tell the truth and involve the official Chinese Government in such a shady deal, so the invention of the Chinese Elders became the First Lie)  came forward and promised to release vast amounts of gold, freely, back to the world for the purpose of economic rebirth and humanitarian aid and infrastructure projects.  Just as the Chinese got back what was lawfully theirs, they proposed that everyone else should be repaid, too.
But then, something predictably happened--- or is happening. 
Some Chinese got greedy behind the scenes.  A kind of madness sets in, in the presence of vast amounts of money, no matter who you are or how good your intentions are. They have started claiming (and indeed, other truly nefarious people have started claiming FOR them---sound familiar?) that all this Federal Reserve wealth--- not just the Chinese portion of it---rightfully belonged to the Chinese all along.  The rest of the world had no part of it. 
Let’s just ignore the fact that the American People are now and always were the Priority Creditors of the Federal Reserve, that the Americans were grossly defrauded, and that this fact is recorded in literally millions of records.....
So, now instead of the Khazarian Mafia sitting snug behind the shield of the IMF dba “UNITED STATES” and the Pentagon, they are sitting behind the shield of billions of Chinese---- the point being, oh, Mankind, that the parasites destroying everyone and everything are still high and dry and buying everyone off and spinning lies that would make the Devil blush and preparing to realize 10,000% profits when everyone stupidly rushes to buy gold-backed Yuan next Tuesday.
This will tank the value of the “US Dollar"and cause panic--- but will also make the value of the American Silver Dollar which was, is, and always has been our actual national currency---soar in secondary silver markets.  Indeed, modest old silver stands to make far larger percentage gains than gold.
The Problem for THEM:  neither the IMF nor the Federal Reserve have the rights to our Silver Dollar.  Their incorporated Boards of Directors operating as “Congresses” don’t have the authority to issue actual money in the name of the States of America----but we, the living Beneficiaries of the United States Trust, do.  
The Problem for us: getting the word out to the rest of the world.  The Russian and Chinese Governments have to be prodded to admit the truth ---that the United States of America and the united States of America --- are not the same entities at all and never were.  There are plenty of “US Government” officials who deserve to be sacked or otherwise punished and even more members of the British Government and French Government, too, but the American People are innocent victims of the same dirty schmucks who tried to cheat the Chinese in the first place and we are not responsible for the sins of the Federal Reserve nor the IMF.

Brace yourselves for impact on Tuesday.  Take no wooden nickels.  Accept no debts.  Place the blame where it belongs in all respects.  

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  1. Thank you Ana, i know that you are right, and the info from Ben Fullford is Full of shiite..when he claims this new republic is going to save the world and bring paradise here. Something doesn't sound right when the Chinese elders haven't even been able to save their own people from slave labor.

    i have a question - you said that the sharks haven't been able to corner the silver market. But they seem to have manipulated the price of silver down by over 50% over the past couple of years. It does look like they manipulated it. Can you clarify why you believe that this is different from the manipulated gold markets.

    Thanks for all your wonderful help. IT looks like the news going to the New Age forums or people waiting for the Revaluation of the Dinar, may be getting allot of bogus information telling them that everything is taken care of for them, to just sit back and paradise is coming to earth. And the RV is going to give them money to help the world. It seems to me that this world is still under the dark control and much of this info may be bogus. Do you think the Iraq dinar RV is bogus?

  2. Let us not overlook the inclination of 'those guys' to hide their doings behind dates (or numbers) of significance to US.

    APRIL 19TH, is still celebrated in Massachusetts as PATRIOT DAY, the day when Paul Revere roused the countryside as the stand UP to the Brits. The first Brit to fall was in Concord at the Old North Bridge.

    On the run-up to the Bicentennial of that event I was a member of the Sudbury Minute Company - about 60 of us recreating the 1775 incident at the Old North Bridge in Concord.

    Re-enactment can do a lot to keep the memories and facts dropping from the history books.

    But then, just what 'history' is being regurgitated these days?

    April 19, 2016. Still Patriot's Day. Chinese money deals be damned.

    AZLew ....

  3. Look I love Anna...I love her clarity and her passion...I salute her and am indebted to her for the knowledge and insights I've gained...

    BUT (you knew it was coming right?)

    Would you please take a little extra time to include references and citations? You tell a great story...but surely things of these magnitude, US bankruptcies etc etc leave clues...big honking clues I'm guessing...and I'd love to see cases, court docs, UCC references...whatever...just tell us where to look...Please ;)

    Look, it's not just to verify it for ourselves but when we tell others and they look at us like we have 3 heads it would be nice to be able to point to...or open a browser and search for...some documentation.



    1. Go to the website and ask the woman who runs that. She may be able to point you in the right direction.

    2. Go to the website and ask the woman who runs that. She may be able to point you in the right direction.

  4. we already have a REPUBLIC. Where is it We had vermin in the White House, DC. The Semi-human that once lived there - does no more and is no longer called the President and will be replaced with a HUMAN.The visious "Rats" are being arrested and should be be tried for "TEASON"!

    It is our own responsibility to clearn up this cesspool we now live in - no one else's! THIS IS COMING, FORTUNATELY!


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