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Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Future is at Stake

by Anna Von Reitz

Who is Karen Hudes?  An attorney for the World Bank who left employment with them in 2007 but continued to represent herself as a World Bank employee.  This finally resulted in the World Bank bringing suit against her in their efforts to distance themselves from her and the Global Debt Facility. 
Who does she really work for? The Global Debt Facility, sometimes called the World Bank Global Debt Facility.  So you see, Ms. Hudes does, in a sense, work for the World Bank and any pretension otherwise on either part is just a question of political liability.
Exactly what is a “global debt facility”? 
“A facility that issues debt securities, denominated in both United States dollars and foreign currencies, to investors around the world, using a variety of clearing systems to issue and administrate the securities. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are examples of global debt facilities.”
What does this mean?  It means that all the money and credit that Karen Hudes is handing out to people is financed on bonds (as in “bondage” and “bondservant”) that are based on your labor and your public and private assets.
She is spreading your wealth around to keep you enslaved.   Isn’t that nice of her?
Functionally, the Global Debt Facility is a “Drop Box” where the guilty banks can off-load stolen assets and continue to use them and invest them in behalf of “unknown” owners.
You are the unknown owners.  
You are also the Priority Creditors of the United States of America, Inc., the UNITED STATES, INC., and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.
What is really going on?  Two gigantic international banking cartels are staging a “war” with each other for our benefit. One gang of thugs is appearing to push for the continuance of the fiat money system and the other gang of thugs is pushing for a gold-backed system.  They are accusing each other of all sorts of things, but they are actually on the same team and working in collusion with each other.
Ms. Hudes is converting bonds into gold, because debt --- your debt, supposedly----is what the Global Debt Facility holds as assets.  
This is in line with the original plan the Federal Reserve set up in 1913: consolidate ownership of all gold reserves, devalue the fiat currencies through inflation, and then sell the gold back to the grandchildren of the men you stole it from for 4,000-10,000% profit.  This is why FDR confiscated American gold in the 1930’s.  This is what happened in Germany in the 1920’s. 
This artificially manufactured profit is the prize that the bankers, including Ms. Hudes, are after.  That profit can only be achieved by forcing you to pay for it with your labor and your natural resources and that requires forcing you back onto the gold standard.
To the bankers. it doesn’t really matter if the product they are selling is gold or paper.  Gold has little practical use, and isn’t actually valuable.  They just make it seem valuable by making it scarce and cutting it in rounds and stamping an image on it.  Nor, strictly speaking, is it “constitutional”.  If you read the Constitution you will see that the States are the only ones limited to paying their debts in gold or silver coin.  Back in 1789, the federal (that is, international) bankers were on the gold standard and didn’t want to accept any fiat money from the States.  The same thing is happening now for different reasons.
So the ITC/OITC is playing the Good Guy, and Ms. Hudes and the World Bank and the Global Debt Facility are playing the Good Guys also, and we are left in the middle watching them sling lies at each other and at us---- but it is up to us to discern the Truth.
Neither “side” in this drama is operating out of anything but the most venal kind of self-interest and they are in fact nothing but two sides of the same coin.  They are acting in collusion for mutual profit at the expense of the people they are supposed to serve, just like the Democrats and the Republicans.
Several months ago, the people of Switzerland got fed up with it, just like the people of Iceland.  They told their government to clean up the banks.  And now Ms. Hudes is attacking Switzerland.  Go figure.
Anna von Reitz informed Karen Hudes of the Priority Creditor standing of the American People back in July of 2014 in an epic Facebook battle that Karen Hudes lost.   Anna told Ms. Hudes that the Americans are “coming to breakfast” along with all the other people who are in fact owed trillions and who are in fact NOT responsible for the so-called “National Debt”.
For an understanding for why this is true and why you do NOT owe $18 trillion dollars of trumped up odious debt, get a copy of “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”.
And then tell Ms. Hudes to stop spending your money and stop using it to buy off petty crooks and stop promising immunity to her pals in your names.  You are the victims of this scam and she is an attorney acting in behalf of the rats who have defrauded you.  Of course, she wants to give her bosses immunity and she wants you to assume their debts and she wants you to buy whole-hog into their gold-backed currency system.
Just remember that they are selling a product like everyone else and it truly does not matter to them if it is made out of gold or toilet paper.  Also remember that we are the source of all this wealth and that we are perfectly capable of issuing our own currency ---as we are supposed to do under the Constitution--- all by ourselves.
When you see someone like Karen Hudes suddenly appearing as the leader of NLA and Oathkeepers and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ----- ask yourselves this question: why?  Could it be that these organizations were funded from the start by the same banks Ms. Hudes works for?  Could it be that she bought some people off?
What does Karen Hudes--- an attorney and a foreign bank attorney at that--- have anything to do with our Grand Juries?  Our actual Constitution?   Or our Peacekeeping forces?
Ask yourselves--- do you really want to be kept down on the farm paying off debts you don’t owe for foreign banks, or do you want them to pay off their own debts?
Do you want your country back and operating as it is supposed to, or are you content to be fed a pack of lies and Free Lunch stories and bribes instead?
Over the past five years Karen Hudes has fed the world a lot of bunko and it is thankfully archived all over YouTube and Google.  Our favorite involves a Fairy Godfather named “Wolfgang Struck” who supposedly held a vast amount of gold that had been sitting gathering dust in the basement of the New York Federal Reserve Bank since the 1930’s.  Ms. Hudes travelled the world telling people how Wolfgang, this wonderful philanthropist, was going to give them all $100,000 in gold just for the asking.
There was just a small detail omitted.  In exchange for the $100,000 in gold, you gave up your claim forever to own your own body, your other public and private assets,  and you also gave up any interest in a much larger fortune you are the lawful heir to.  
That’s who and what Karen Hudes is. 
And now you really need to take the time to find out who Anna von Reitz is and who Bruce Doucette is and who Gary Darby is ---and why they are doing what they are doing and under what authority they are acting and most of all--- you need to know that they are not arresting “all the Governors” or any other such nonsense as Ms. Hudes has been promoting.
Start researching and acting and thinking for yourselves and don’t trust anyone else to do it for you. Read the sworn public affidavit detailing the history of the crimes that have been committed against you and against your lawful government by the banks Ms. Hudes works for---- “You Know Something Is Wrong When……An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

And then ask yourself again--- how did Karen Hudes suddenly become Dictator in charge of NLA, Oathkeepers, and CSPOA?  
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  1. check out Joseph P Farrell's 'news and views' at

    There appears to be another entity involved, very possibly the NAZI's, who never surrendered. Recent trips of 'Fearless Leader' to southern Argentina suggest that they are very much involved in world finances.

    1. haha you say that like you are surprised, look up bavarian illuminati. operation paperclip hello? your country is being run by the 4th reich, they never went away nor did the romans they just went underground. queen elizabeth? how you researched their true names? aint house of windsor ;o)

    2. Don't you mean the Third Reich? And Romans? In any event...I want to know more about this. Where should I look?

  2. Realize the fashionable term nazi is in fact zionists helping the socialists Hitler to get muscle joining into nationalist /zionists
    Or NA/ZI.

    1. jesuits, gray nobility (old italian money) even more secret, sabbateans and bavarian illuminati, which the queen/rothschilds/bush is a part of, the vatican, the former black/gray nobility

  3. Well, as I have said for some time now, the wheels of 'FLAT EARTH" are already in motion and when they come off to expose the entire global fraud of not only where we live, but the entire global governing infrastructure that underlies all of it.
    Once 7 billion people learn the entire institutional form in which all knowledge and information that comes through these global governing infrastructures are all fraudulently setup to perpetuate a complete fraud, its game over.
    I can see everyone who owns a boat will be hotfooting it down to the antartic, every soldier and sailor who mans their weapons systems will leave their post and their will be a global boycoot of everything they are attached to that comes from them.
    This won't be national, but global.
    Every ruling class elite will become targets, and there will be no more money or gold that will be enough to keep their pawns in the game going.
    Once a flat earth toy set comes into every Walmart as I already know is in motion, every child on the planet will be screaming for one.

    These monsters are finished. All of them and that means all their war cries and war industries that will go down with them, including every big pharma and Hollywood film set of *ullshit they use to keep their fraudulent round globe in perpetuity will collapse under the entire fraud everyone has been living in and supporting will collapse under the weight of their crimes. Their paper won't be used anymore.
    Here is a link among hundreds of those who have a scientific background and those that don't, who are proving we don't live in a fraudulent NASA program of complete BS. The faster this ball rolls downhill, the faster this system finally collapses on itself.And they of the Illuminati and all self serving pschopaths who seek to use anything to create value as a means to use it as power and control over others will vanish under a planet that finally gravitates to live in peace, love and harmony as it is within our ability to do so.Only the sick and perverted rise to the top of the cesspool who think we have a need for hierarchies, for that is what reptiles do and not mammals who are socially connected with true love that is unconditional as what gives currency to our lives.

    Rocket with 4 GoPro cameras reveals NASA space hoax! Space is water.


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