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Friday, April 15, 2016

Retired Oregon Police Officer Comments on LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Dirk Williams, Oregon Police Officer (ret)

There is zero doubt regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum that OSP and FBI HRT, set this up, a kill box. Due diligence, I AM a retired Oregon Police Officer, from two counties away. While from a grand jury standpoint, this murder was never going to see the inside of a court room for criminal charges, that’s just how police shootings work, I DO NOT AGREE with the white washing of Justice.
In reviewing the Deschutes County Reports, I’ve never read such garbage. Specifically, Officer #1 stating all OSP SWAT had been called to HQ in Salem Or, and briefed on the” anti United Nations” position of Grant County and many Malheur County citizens, that there existed an anti-United Nations authority sentiment.
I’m appalled. Shouldn’t EVERY US citizen be anti UN, operating within the
United States of America. This is simply astounding. To think that our State Police were actually called in and briefed on what their political positions should be.
Shot three times in The Back while maybe reaching for a gun.
Listen I’m unaware of ANY situation in which the police can set a road block in a poorly placed location, on a curve and leave I think the report said 360 feet of roadway to stop a vehicle traveling at 70 mph.
And THEN shoot at the vehicle” because you were afraid for your life. Since when can the Police create a set of ” Expedient Circumstances ” and then use that created deadly situation to fire on a moving vehicle. Without consequences.
Had LaVoy been a threat and intended to kill police officers, then ramming the hasty road block would have accomplished that quickly. LaVoy did a fantastic job of missing the road block and getting stopped WITHOUT, causing injury to the police. His actions demonstrated his intent to NOT INJURE others.
HRT policing their brass. Concealing evidence. I’m appalled, and to recently learn that these same FBI HRT. Members are still actively on duty, in Langley, simply adds to the clear intent of this murder.
Sadly I recognize that the FBI’s actions are a “Learned” behavior. We will eventually learn that the FBI have been taught/ instructed to recover their brass, and that this will not have been the first time FBI HRT, has committed this crime of, crime scene tampering.
We will learn that this tactic is an ongoing event, that multiple crime scenes throughout the United States.
I am appalled. I did 24/25 years and have never seen such madness, what has happened, is it recruitment issues, or is it training issues. We live in a small community, and even locally the city police are looking like storm troopers, vest, M4’s on calls.
Many of my past associates privately agree that law enforcement is changing, evolving into something never intended. Sadly their trapped 20 years in and to reach retirement they must do 25 or until their 55. They feel trapped, because they are trapped.
In closing I would share this. I know many men who were sent to Burns Oregon to assist. I know some of the OSP SWAT members, and have argued my view of the Murder of LaVoy Finicum. While we were not in agreement, and. I’m sure I damaged long relationships.
I cannot stand by and NOT call this Murder exactly what it was. I cannot Speak up, in fact I feel I have a duty to step up and call this sad, sad event exactly what it is, a murder of a fellow US Citizen.
I pity my fellow retired officers who clearly recognize what has happened, yet do zero about it. Saying nothing.
Not standing up, Not speaking out especially as a retired, or active police officer, is excepting the breakdown of law enforcement within the US.
Honesty, Integrity , Loyalty to We The People, IS what being a Police Officer is all about.
In closing I would like to share this Pearl. About 14 years ago the SCOTUS, handed down a finding, a definition of how/ what police duties are. It goes something like this.
The duty of the Police is to investigate, and arrest. SCOTUS, states that The Police have zero duty to protect citizens from harm or death.
When I read this SCOTUS definition I was heartbroken, ” no duty to protect” WTF.
In a class I attended the instructor clearly defined that finding to mean this.
It is the duty of the Police to protect the infrastructure, from the people. Not the duty to protect the people from the infrastructure. Folks Please READ this part again, and again until you understand exactly how this game is rigged.
LaVoy Finicum had become the de facto leader of a FREEDOM movement. A natural born leader, no bravado, no threats of violence, however he was a threat to the INFRASTRUCTURE, for that, he was murdered by the Oregon State Police.
Dirk Williams
Retired Police Officer Oregon
Retired Deputy Sheriff California

Here is a comment on this that was received by the blog admin by email but was too long to publish in the comments section below:

There is an important point within the writing.  It tears me up because it seems no one pays attention.  Back when I was writing for several sites, one of my main concerns about law enforcers that are nothing more in fact than the American Gestapo, is the fact that most that speak out are already retired.  They do not speak out, in other words, until they receive their retirement.  The Code of Silence rules them until then, meaning the protection of other officers of other enforcers, along with their pay checks, are more important than the rights of the people and their duty to their fellow Americans.  They are, simply put, no longer the peace officers police were meant to be., but de facto enforcers of de facto governments that took over the de jure government through force and every other means of coercion.  Judges support them, as do attorneys (officers of the courts), federal, state, and local officials, and, sadly, most of our people - - until they experience or someone in their family or circle of friends experiences some totally violent or other uncalled for aggression. 
I wonder now just how many of them actually knows what their Oath of Office means, or even if most are even pledging the duty to America and Americans.  If they are affirming or subscribing to it, they damned sure do not know what it means.  I do, and that is why I wrote this.  I took the Oath 53 years ago, and have always fought for out inherent rights, as did most policeman until perhaps the 1970s.  Now, they along with their bosses in the government that hired them to enforce their rules and regulations unconstitutional to the people, rather than just the corporations, such as the chartered government itself.
I do not expect you to publish this, so I am also sending it the source of the article.  And, I sincerely hope that others know I am glad that a few retirees are speaking out.  So, don't misunderstand.  I simply cannot stomach people that know fellow officers do not obey the Constitution meant to protect our God given inherent rights, and do not arrest the offenders for assault, kidnapping, unlawful arrests (lacking a 5th Amendment indictment), threat with a deadly weapon, attempt to kill or to kill, theft (unlawful seizure of private property), extortion (fines for acts that we have the inherent right to engage in), property damage (knocking down doors, etc), unlawful and absolutely unconstitutional NO KNOCK entries risking not only the lives of those inside but also of other officers when all one has to do is stake out the domicile and wait. unlawful searches, and the list goes on on the many crimes against God's laws this land of ours was founded on, and the inherent inalienable cannot be regulated rights of the people, which means so long as a man., woman, or child is not interfering with the rights of others, he is good to go.
By the way, for any enforcers that might have the opportunity to read this, murder is murder and no government official or officials can approve it.  I guarantee you that if a group of people got together and agreed to kill an enforcer that violated multiple regulations and interfered with a bunch of people's inherent rights, you would scream like stuck pigs for justice and hunt them down, with them never seeing the inside of a court room. 
Justice means, though, that each receives his due, but for you all, it as if the exact opposite, injustice, is what is served by current enforcers, attorneys, and judges.  Why not go after an enforcer or enforcers that act as judge, jury, and executioner, or should I say "assassin"?  Are most that think that would be righteous, do you not realize the hidden government could not do anything if every official and their hired enforcers obeyed without question and applying those crimes against the person to everyone equally, including other enforcers, that the problems faced today between enforcers and the people would disappear.  Corrupt cops, including sheriffs, chiefs of police, and down through the ranks, and including the military, would do as many of us try to do - defend America instead of attacking its very foundation.  They work work as hard to return us to the real America rather than this God-forsaking foreign banker controlled, lawless acting government that we might call Gestapo Ameri-Ka.
ed lewis
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"  - Voltaire
"There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed."  Matthew 10:26

There ain't no ticks like poly-ticks. Bloodsuckers all." -- Davy Crockett(1786-1836) American hunter, frontiersman, soldier and politician


  1. I want to thank you for posting this article. My appreciation also goes to Mr Dirk Williams for speaking up and helping educate from an officer's point of view. Another problem in the investigation regarding the 2 shots fire by FBI HRT, one hit the broke the window glass as Mr Finicum left the truck. His hands above his shoulders. The other shot was not accounted for. Why were those two shots fired by FBI HRT? Were those 2 shots fired to create chaos inciting OSP to shoot at Mr Finicum? FBI HRT don't miss with high powered rifles with laser scopes. They are snipers! Shooting to kill is their specialty! I pray daily for Mr Finicum, his family, and for the officers involved who have been used and manipulated by our government. May God work in their hearts and minds to have them come forward as they discover what they have done is wrong. It was murder!!

  2. Thank you Dirk,

    Yes I agree with you regarding what has been happening to our police departments under the New AshkeNAZI Zionist World Order.

    Yes police should not stand by and refuse to expose these evil killings and not report these illegal acts and cover-ups.

    These police do not work for the people they work for The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., aka the District of Columbia which is really under Maritime Law. All of this needs to be exposed today. Wake up Sleeping Sheeple we need you to join us in the fight to bring back the Republic that is still there.

  3. Thank you Dirk,

    Yes I agree with you regarding what has been happening to our police departments under the New AshkeNAZI Zionist World Order.

    Yes police should not stand by and refuse to expose these evil killings and not report these illegal acts and cover-ups.

    These police do not work for the people they work for The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., aka the District of Columbia which is really under Maritime Law. All of this needs to be exposed today. Wake up Sleeping Sheeple we need you to join us in the fight to bring back the Republic that is still there.

  4. Berlin 1933! And there is only one way to stop the Hitler'
    s of the world, no matter what uniform they are wearing!

    1. LaVoy Finicum, in response to your comment, stated,"By Blood and Suffering...".

  5. Thank you very much, Mr. Williams for sharing this information. Your insight is invaluable. Everyday I try to wake up people to what is really going on, but I am mostly met with ridicule. Ignorance is not bliss.

  6. Another retired officer-detective. Me. I wholy agree. they are a bunch of hero wantabe pussys.

  7. This is what a crooked county can get away with under the color of law.

  8. Thank you for sharing this, it adds validation to what really happen. Also it is good to know what the uniforms are actually protecting.I think until one of their loved ones gets harmed or killed by these uniforms they will just keep on doing their illegal duties, very sad

  9. I had absolutely no knowledge that SCOTUS had made that declaration. I have been aware, however,since childhood 60+ years..., that the UN is a bucket of "Black Suit Wearing Shit". They RAPE, they MURDER, where ever they are.

  10. PART1 of 2
    Well...I’ve certainly known that at least since the age 14 in 1966, when as a 7th grade student in junior high school in taking a course in US Government, where its hammered into our heads the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, was only meant to falsely put into our heads what seems to natural a state of being to operate and interact with each other, was only meant for us to believe this is the kind of government we have to maintain an illusory sense of complicity we give to what we believe falsely is true, when the reality of the real world hit the pavement for me, when because I chose to freely grow my hair out, was beaten 1/2 to death and called a commie pinko by the local Orange County Sheriff's department, and thought after reading Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich.
    What these Free Mason Satanic Illuminati Banker types can't bribe, extort or threaten with murder and kidnapping to exercise complete socio-economic and political control over, they will simply outright murder you.
    We have on its prima Facie self-evident case, a unlawful fascist totalitarian corporate state Satanic group of insane and lunatic bunch of genocidal and ecocidal maniacs, who are running this western hemisphere and have for at least 400 years by my count.
    When I saw this morning on a NASA clip a former US Navy Seal pose himself as an astronaut who was masquerading as one aboard the ISS space station, when he was speaking with the host of the NASA TV program on describing where he grew up and went to school, made a major blunder by telling the host that where he grew up, was not far from the same facility, from where he was speaking from at that moment.
    You could see how angry he was at himself, when the entire demeanor of this bottom feeder low life, who is not an American in my book, would have the audacity to accept as his wages being given money for not only lying and giving material criminal support to what is clearly a capital crime, and think this was a former Navy seal is worse than disgusting.
    This man should have his entire record expunged from ever being recognized for ever having served on behalf of the same people he is knowingly lying to and yetis accepting as pay money from them, I don't know of a lower form of so called intelligent life there is on the planet.
    I am not as apologetic as Judge Anna is about where we are today.
    I’ll just say it flat out what the truth is.

  11. PART 2
    The people who inhabit America, gotta be the most stupid and ignorant people on this planet, because everyone I grew up with knew what the scam was and why I refused to ever serve in uniform for any Satanic driven organization and as long as the American people accept this as status quo, then they deserve as a lesson what they reaped.
    I have no sympathy for that kind of wilful ignorance, for that is what it is.
    A wilful choice to live your life in a lie, as long as it suits a sociopathic self-serving model of using artificial projection to convince others of your net worth in life, that has zero to do with what gives meaning and character to our lives with honor, virtue and integrity to our lives, where we can leave this place with something we can know our lives stood for something we can pass on to our children, that represents we know hot o live in honor and love for the passion for life we have, to leave it in a better state than we found it, by the skills and the love we are capable of giving to it, instead of spending all of your energy trying to scam your way through life doing nothing but taking.
    It’s not like they weren't given a choice in how they wish to live their lives, for they could have chosen to live their life with their heart and soul with love and service to their community, instead of what is an artificially crated form of *ul*hit, that serves "Self".
    The entire social, moral and ethical fabric of what this nation's peoples once stood for, and lost by choice to become nothing more than what we called them in 196, which was "plastic" for they lived by the propaganda and the lies they were fed as an illusion, because they had better things to do with their time than read their own US Constitution, to read what the contract was and act in due diligence to hold their feet to the fire.
    The silver lining if there is one, is China being the means to clean this place up from the corruption that reeks to high heaven.
    For when you have an entire class of people now feeling this place, and or locking themselves behind gates and security guards, that should have been your first clue like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, it was already over then.
    The entire infrastructure in which all of the people who live in America, is so rotten with corruption, there is no longer any rule of law that exists.
    You have the most savage and barbaric bottom feeders now running this asylum, for there is no ethical, moral and spiritual fabric in which this nation at least could claim some fame to having, went south after they allowed for JFK, MLK, RFK and then John Lennon to be murdered in front of you and nothing was done.
    These people don't have a stomach for a fight, for even if they did, they wouldn't know what to fight for anyway, unless it was to steal from someone what they might need that they didn't work for, because having any sense of right and wrong, does not hold the social landscape of America any longer.

  12. PART 3
    Name me one President in 100 years who wasn't a war criminal, a genocidal maniac, pathological-liar, a sociopath, a murderer and man with zero integrity who truly represented what truth looks like.
    The place has turned into a social sewer of bottom feeder plain and simple and to what percent of people there is left that do maybe that will be enough to pick this place up after the ash heap of every other empire was built on the sand of immoral and spiritual bankruptcy with no integrity.
    One thing I know though, this was all by design.
    The Satanic church of the Free Mason pedophiles knew exactly how to do this.
    Convert a nation of so called God fearing people, put them in front of a TV set and overnight I will turn them into self-serving sociopaths who seek to serve self and the artificial world of an illusion by believing, that happiness and meaning in life come through the kind of house you live in, what kind of job and how much money you make that is fiat to begin with, and then have them so far in debt that is being backed up by another fraud to begin with means their entire life was predicated on a fraud to begin with and this is what you sow when you leave your heart and soul at the door and choose instead to serve the Father of all Lies.
    Then they will lash out at those as the scape goat for their anger, instead of inside their heart and soul where they lost it anyway and the winner in this is the Satanic church to begin with, while they laugh at them all the way back to the bank they were using all the time, as your illusion of an arterial world people kept chasing the devil, when love and happiness that give real meaning in life was within them all the time.
    This was their choice, so like all alcoholics who have to accept the truth for the choices they make in life, maybe the flat earth model when it finally reaches the square root of 1 for everyone on this planet to realize, that the UN and Vatican and the Free Mason global trust that operates it, will crumble under the weight of their own massive crimes against us, when every global governing infrastructure is realized as the true enemy of the humanity to realize, that this place really was built for us to live in harmony and balance by a loving Creator who gave us life.

  13. God bless the good guys in law enforcement. This is an encouragement to all patriots in that all cops are not brain washed....We need to pass this letter on to all out friends, and non-liberal relatives........Thank you Deputy Williams



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