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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letter to the Pope - 14 April 2016 from Anna Maria Riezinger

April 14, 2016
Big Lake, Alaska

His Holiness Pope Francis
Via email

Most Beloved Francis,

The perpetrators have now involved the Chinese in their schemes and are proposing to lend our gold to the Chinese ---who are in turn offering to lend it back to us-- profiting the criminals and the Chinese in the process. This money laundering scheme is so transparent that a small child can see it.  How then, does anyone propose to excuse it now or ever?

We deeply regret the injustices that the Chinese and many other people have suffered, but we do so from the standpoint of those who have been similarly afflicted by the same disease and suffered like injuries.  The American people are not at fault for the evils which have been committed both against us and in our names.

Upon waking, we see that we have foxes in charge of hen houses, rats in charge of grain storage, and proven criminals in charge of banks---and from that perspective, it matters not whether the products these banks are purveying are gold coins or engraved pieces of paper, stamped with the name “China” or the name “United States”. 

The abuses of the corporations have continued and reached legendary proportions and still there is no comprehensive statement from the Holy See revealing the fictitious nature of these entities that have been spawned under its auspices and no public denunciation of their criminality and no visible movement to punish, regulate, or liquidate them.

In America we have just seen a replay--- or attempted replay--- of the Great Frauds of 1860 and 1933 by the UN Corp and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) and USA (INC.) seeking to enfranchise the American People without their knowledge or consent, and to operate by a process of “assumpsit” against the clearly intended victims who are actually the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and the Divine Trust(s).

Again, we ask, what possible excuse for this can there ever be?

The Holy See has been informed for nearly a decade of the illegal and immoral actions against us and against our lawful government which have been ongoing since the mid-1800’s.  As these acts have all been accomplished by fraud and semantic deceit none of them can be credited as any form of action--- whether lawful or legal---“ex dolo malo non oritur action”.

These corporations must be liquidated without harming the millions upon millions of Innocents who have been misrepresented and mischaracterized by them as willing franchisees. Many Americans still don’t have a clue what has been done in their names and have had no opportunity to respond.  No remedy has been provided to them.

Instead,  the response of the United Nations has been silence and the response of Mr. Obama has been to create millions of specious “public transmitting utilities” named after living Americans---- all merely presumed to be operating as franchises of an already-bankrupt Puerto Rican electric company.

Do we look or sound like franchises of a bankrupt Puerto Rican electric company? If we knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily agreed to be enfranchised in this manner, would we be writing to you?

At the present time a sham trial is being prepared against American ranchers who are in fact the Priority Creditors and employers of the corporations prosecuting them.  The charges are being brought against corporate franchises named after these men without their knowledge or consent---a blatant act of deliberate and willful personage and barratry--- and they are being prosecuted in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, also without their knowledge or consent. 

As the land is separated from the sea and as the Living God has mandated the boundaries between, the Law of the Land must be honored and the sea brought back to its boundaries.  This must be honored or any pretense of the Rule of Law stands abandoned, the Holy Law of Free Will stands violated, and the Law of Trusts along with it.

It has been eight long years since we received the promise of Benedict XVI and it still remains a promise as bankrupt as the promises of the Federal Reserve System.  Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  It is at your discretion that these evil men continue their actions unopposed and each day more innocent people are dragged into the web as accomplices-after-the-fact and still others fall victim to this system of lies spawned by the Father of All Lies.

And how, Francis, can you continue to excuse that?

Anna Maria
c/o Post Office Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska
RR 99652


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  1. With the silence of the Holy See for so many years, and Anna having recently written two letters that I know of to the current pontiff, is it time to recognize that the Vatican and the pope is on the side of the criminals?

    1. On its face , that would seem the obvious . Pope Francis has been over the top with his statements about social issues contrary to 2000 years of church doctrine... Could it be we have another " fox in the hen house " ? ... And where do we go from here ?

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  4. This is Not a Drill, a Conspiracy Theory, or Dan Brown Movie

  5. I wonder why she calls him: "His Holiness Pope Francis, and Most Beloved Francis." He is no holier than anybody else and has no authority to canonize (make anyone a Saint) either. What's wrong with just, Dear Sir,? I have no problem with our dear Anna writing to him but I do have a problem with ring kissing and, over the top, respect even though he does seem to be shining a little light on the fraud and shenanigans of the Catholic Church. I guess she is just trying to be politically correct in regard to custom. To me this isn't about any religion; it's about spirituality.

  6. Maybe it's the reason Benedict had to go. Just a thought.

  7. Until humans realize that ALL religions are a fraud and have no spiritual basis, they will continue with this ruse. Recall the recent Cuban visit? Not spiritual at all. In fact the Castros are not Cuban. The pope is a fraud as well. Do your research on his background. He is part and parcel of the Corporation deceit against humanity. He cannot respond to Anna's letter, he owes no allegiance to her or humanity. Only the change of consciousness of each human will bring about the demise of the criminal element upon this planet. Want freedom? Raise your frequency! ✨💞✨

  8. How does one extricate them self from the Vatican, UN or Puerto Rican system of law and reclaim their birthright? How does one educate the public? Protocol in writing someone does show a certain level of civility. After that, it's on!!! Send the summary of Castro and the the pope's fraud. We need to speed this up. Increased energetic frequency along with actionable strategic intentions will assist in dissolving the grand illusion. We need the game plan. It's Game of Thrones. The Score?


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