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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A One Page Reduction of the Situation


I have spent so many days explaining and explaining and trying to drum this into people's conscious awareness so now,  I have reduced it down to simple graphic form and a single page.

by Anna Von Reitz

These private corporate tribunals are only "giving an appearance of justice" ---- which the courts boldly state in their own published rules---- and you can believe them or not, based on your own experience. 

Governmental Services Corporation             Dates of Operation                 Operational Code

United States of America, Inc.                              1868 - 1999                      Federal Code Titles 1-50

(under bankruptcy administration)                       1933 - 1999

UNITED STATES, INC.                                          1944 - 2015                                 Title 50

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                  2009 -                            United Nations Law

USA INC.                                                                1944 -                                Puerto Rican Law

Your political status determines your "law" and your "persona" so long as that corporation exists and you are "enfranchised" by it. . 

United States of America Person ----  "John Mark Doe"  a foreign situs trust----- subject to Federal Code 

UNITED STATES PERSON ------- "JOHN MARK DOE" a Roman Civil trust ------  subject to Title 50

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/USA ------ "JOHN M. DOE" a public transmitting utility-- subject to United Nations Law and/or Puerto Rican law.

Obviously, nobody is enfranchised by the United States of America, Inc. anymore and the old Federal Code is out the window.  Obviously, too, since the UNITED STATES is insolvent and under liquidation since 2015, Title 50 is gone, too, and anyone operating as "JOHN MARK DOE" is fair game for international creditors.  

What remains on the board is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and USA, INC. ---- and people can choose to be "enfranchised" by both of these entities and be subject to both UN law and Puerto Rican law---- or they can wake the hell up and reclaim their birthright status and live as free men under the United States Statutes-at-Large and not be "enfranchised" at all.  

You have a CHOICE.  You can live as a free man or as a corporate franchise operator. 
What's it going to be?  

You can live under the Law of the Land --- the Ten Commandments, the lawful Constitution, the United States Statutes-at-Large or not.  What's it going to be? 

You can live under the Law of the Sea --- either as workers employed by the United Nations Corporation or as chattel collateral standing good for the debts of an already bankrupt Puerto Rican Electric Company. 

Your call.  

What's it going to be?  


  1. Just never imagined we were under the control of the Vatican who ended up making the decision to issue a Do Not Resuscitate Order on my wife which killed her, then these sleaze bags collect a life insurance on her sea name, this will change religion and government forever after we get over the next Nuremburg trial. Need to get my complaint into the federal court by the end of the month, sure could use some advice.

  2. How I wish more people would read and find out the truth. Judge Anna is doing such a good job trying to educate the dumbed-down population.

  3. Thank you for the information.

  4. Ana i want to get my Birth Bond in my hands removing myself from all there games. Any advice? I understand i have to sign 1-301 i think UCC is that correct i would love to find out.I know they dip into our Cest que Ve Trust when ever throw one of us in Prison. I want to be free. With full Constitutional Human
    Rights, i love what your doing thanx from the bottom of my heart. I want to help.God Bless You. Love Tina

  5. #American : No ASN is enfranchised anymore by "the United States of America, Inc."


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