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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Restoring America, In Response to Bill Goode, Kingman, AZ

by Anna Von Reitz

This is what Bill wrote: 

Dear Friends and Family,
There is a specific movement occurring to restore America to the Constitution, and being the optimist I am, I expect it to occur soon (t his year).  This movement is utilizing the court system.  It is not civil disobedience, as was the case at the Oregon Standoff in January.  It most certainly is not a violent revolution, which is totally unworkable.  This process will make use of Common Law, US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
There are generally two types of courts in the United States - Article 3 courts established under Article 3 of the Constitution, and Article 4 courts established with regard to Article 4 of the Constitution.  All of these courts require the application of due process, as called for by the 5th Amendment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime .... without due process of law ...." (my emphasis added)

​There are a group of individuals (not government officials in any way), who are attempting to subvert this restoration.  Some of them by name are "Judge" Bruce Doucette, "Judge" Gary Darby, "Judge" Anna Von Reitz and Joaquin Mariano.  The first three of these individuals have themselves attached the title of "Judge" to their names, with no election or appointment to such a position by any civil authority, as is commonly and appropriately practiced in government.  These individuals preach the Constitution, but fail to apply due process in their legal activities, presuming themselves to be Common Law Attorneys.  I personally have seen some of the documents they have attempted to apply, and there is no due process in them.
These individuals are seeking the arrest of presumably corrupt government offic ials by well meaning, but gullible and naive Constitutional sheriffs, without legal indictments, which denies due process to those arrested.  Those government officials may well be corrupt, but they should be allowed due process, just as anyone else.  These erroneous arrests would subvert the real legal process underway to restore the Constitution.
I am calling attention to these individuals to make known the falseness behind them and their erroneous intent.  They should be avoided and ignored.

Bill Goode
Kingman, AZ

This is what Judge Anna replied: 

I am willing to guess that Bill Goode of Kingman, Arizona, doesn't even know the difference between "legal" and "lawful" and that he and everyone else listening to him would benefit greatly from simply looking up the definition of these two words in any online Law Dictionary they choose.  

He also obviously doesn't know that we are each able to serve in any vacated public office of our government on the land so long as we abide by the Public Law and take the Oaths and post the bonds.  He is also assuming that we weren't elected by those who are lawful constituents in our home counties and/or states----another big mistake on his part. 

Bill is confused, as most people still are, thinking that the United States Government is our government, when in fact, our government merely contracts for services from the United States Government----- a very different situation. And he also makes the common mistake of thinking that their courts are our courts and that we are "United States Citizens" of "citizens of the United States" when in fact we are Ohioans, or Wisconsinites, or Californians--- what's called a "State National" instead.  

The fact is that while Mr. Goode and others like him argue endlessly about whether they are citizens with a Big "C" or citizens with a Small "C", they were never legitimately United States citizens of any stripe at all at any time in their lives, except for time they spent in the military or worked as federal civilian employees.  

1953 - Kitchens v. Steele, 112 F.Supp 383  "A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government…”

Can't get any plainer than that, can it? 

It wasn't until the early 1900's when the Insular Tariff Cases were decided that the "Federal United States" came into being on the land jurisdiction at all.  At that time, they formed their own "union" of "American states" called the United States of America (Minor) as opposed to The United States of America (Major), or, as people at the time called it, the "Federal United States" and the "Continental United States".  

The Federal United States consist of the Seven Insular States plus fifty "inchoate" Federal States---- that is, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia plus fifty "States" that exist only on paper as incorporated entities.  THAT is what Mr. Obama is talking about when he says the United States has "57 States".   A lot of you like Mr. Goode thought he was ignorant--- didn't even know that we have fifty states! ----but, no, Mr. Obama knows who he is and what he is doing and the fact is that most of you and Mr. Goode don't. 

This then led to the situation of the United States of America (Minor) having its own "citizens" and the District of Columbia having its own Citizens and on top of that, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation having its own franchise CITIZENS----- are you all following along and beginning to get the drift here?   These are all "citizens" of foreign entities---a separate foreign "union" of "American states", a separate foreign municipal corporation, a separate foreign international city-state, none of which has anything to do with your birthright identity or status at all. 

The Constitution for the united States of America establishes a contract in which our organic states of the Union hired these "Federal Citizens"  to do certain "essential governmental services" for us----See Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2. 
As far back as the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, there is a clear distinction made between the "free, sovereign, and independent" people of the United States and the "inhabitants"---- British Subjects living here after the Revolutionary War ended.

Everyone is confused because you were fed pablum and George Washington and the Cherry Tree and never bothered to study any history or learn any facts about your own country.  Those in charge of your schools didn't bother to teach you, either, because it was to their decided advantage for you to be and remain ignorant. Big like ox, dumb like ox, make good workers.....good "subjects", good "objects of Government". That's how they have mischaracterized both who and what you are to the rest of the world and have laid false claims against you and your property.   

Mr. Goode also doesn't seem to be aware that we each have the ability to make Citizen's Arrests and that people serving as peace officers (land jurisdiction) and as law enforcement officers (sea jurisdiction) have no other rights because of their uniforms.  In other words, we all have the same authority to enforce the Public Law and the same obligation to do so.  

That's why when we find Freebooters on our soil acting in violation of the Constitution and the Treaties which allow their presence here, we step to the plate---- another aspect of law and legality that Mr. Goode doesn't appear to understand. It's not a question of any of us taking the law into our own hands.  It's a matter of the law requiring us to do our duty. When you see a crime being committed and those charged with keeping the peace are not present or don't respond, make no mistake--- you ARE responsible and you DO have a duty to act and prevent crime.  

Contrary to what Mr. Goode appears to think, when you see a robbery taking place you aren't ALLOWED to just stand there like dumb drive cattle with both thumbs hooked behind your suspenders.  You are required to act in defense of innocent life and property---unless you are in fear for your own life.  And even then, you are required to come forward as a Witness and inform the police and given testimony in the matter.  

The Federal Courts at both the Federal and the Federal State level are here to serve their citizens who happen to be "residing" here---- all "United States Citizens" are British Subjects who live among us.  They "presume" that we are also choosing to be British Crown Subjects and "citizens" of their little empire until proven otherwise.  And they tax us to death and press-gang us for the "privilege" and this is another matter where Mr. Goode has it all wrong. 

1798 -  THE UNITED STATES v. WORRALL, 2 U.S. 384 (1798)
2 U.S. 384 (F.Cas.) 2 Dall. 384 Circuit Court, Pennsylvania District

“Federal Courts have no common law jurisdiction in criminal cases. The jurisdiction of such Courts is wholly derived from Acts of the Congress. [That is, is statutory.]

The Constitution contains no grant, general or specific, to Congress of power to provide for the punishment of crimes, except (1) piracies and felonies on the high seas,  (2) offenses against the law of nations, (3) treason, and (4) counterfeiting the securities and coin of the United States; no one doubts the power of Congress to "create, define, and punish, crimes and offenses, whenever they shall deem it necessary and proper by law to do so, for effectuating the objects of the Government." United States v. Worrall, supra; Cf. McCulloch v. Maryland, 4 Wheat. 316, 17 U.S. 316, 4 L.Ed. 579; United States v. Hall, 98 U.S. 343, 346, 25 L.Ed. 180.” --  Quoted from Kitchens v. Steele decision.

This confirms that Federal Courts operate exclusively in federal statutory jurisdiction in criminal cases and that the subject matter must be “objects of the Government”. This was established as long ago as 1798 and affirmed again and again, most recently in 1967.  All other "Federal" criminal prosecutions apart from those international complaints--piracy, etc., as listed,  are supposed to be in-house, meant to be applied only to government employees and Federal citizens---- not to us, their employers and benefactors. 

The only "Constitution" that applies to us and our actual property and land is "The Constitution for the united States of America". Notice the word "for" and the small "u" on "united" which is simply used to describe "States of America"---- and even then, the only mention of us is in the Preamble and Bill of Rights, which makes the "Federal Government" responsible for protecting the United States Trust and not infringing upon us, the Beneficiaries thereof. 

All the rest of our Constitution is a tri-lateral international treaty and commercial services agreement between our states and the Federales---- and they are currently in Dishonor and Default. 

Their  "Constitution of the United States of America" is both a different document and a different kind of document.  It's a corporate charter, not an international treaty.  It's "states" are merely franchises of the parent corporation dba United States of America, Incorporated.    It's "Amendments" are "By-Law Amendments".  That's why they don't require ratification by the organic states on the land.  

Please note, Mr. Goode, and everyone else reading this---- that this "Constitution" published in 1868 and which you grew up assuming was "your" Constitution was in fact the Constitution of a bankrupt governmental services corporation which ceased to exist in 1999

Please note, Mr. Goode, and everyone else reading this----that the "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES" we have all been living under since 1944 was never our Constitution, either, and the UNITED STATES, INC., another bankrupt governmental services corporation, has been insolvent since March of 2015 and is currently undergoing liquidation.  The UNITED STATES repealed all the sections of the old Federal Code, that everyone is so fond of quoting, and kept only Title 50.  

Our original states are not dead, not in limbo, not owed any less from the British Monarch, and we are not "United States Citizens"; we are in fact State Nationals and Beneficiaries of the United States Trust.  That is our birthright status and standing and we have every right to stand up and claim it and operate accordingly.  

If you want to be identified as a British Crown Subject merely "residing" here as a Federal United States CITIZEN owing your loyalty and allegiance to ELIZABETH II and are content to be listed as slaves and chattel backing the debts of the British Crown, well, just hop to it until you all get blue noses and learn better.  If you want to be identified as British Subjects owing allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and want to spend your life as Merchant Mariners aboard one of her "Vessels in Commerce", you can hop to that tune, too.  Nobody will stop you. 

But if you want your lives and your property and your freedom back, you had all better jerk awake and join in the effort to put these issues to rest and stop participating in THEIR government and taking part in THEIR elections and assuming that you are a "United States Citizen"-----and start participating in your own government, holding your own elections, and calling yourselves "State Nationals" and "Ohioans" and "Californians" again. 

Finally, Mr. Goode again assumes that we are not giving these entities and people "Due Process" that is owed to them.  Quite the contrary, Mr. Goode.  We gave them entire years of due process actions and notifications---- not weeks, not months, years, all recorded in international jurisdiction, all published, all filed, all properly recorded.  We took this all the way to the Vatican Chancery Court and the Hague and guess what?  We are absolutely right and the Brits and the Federales are absolutely wrong.  

Any wrong-doing here amounting to a national level identity theft and fraud scheme and breach of trust resulting in kidnapping, mischaracterization of innocent non-combatants, unlawful conversion and confiscation of our assets, press-ganging, inland piracy, and conspiracy against the actual Constitution ---- is all theirs. 

The people you name including Bruce Doucette, Gary Darby, Joaquin Mariano and I have all forgotten more about the law and the history of this country than you will ever bother yourself to know and we do not deserve your false claims, insults, criticisms or ignorant back-biting.  It's because of us and people like us that you still have a country to come home to and "equal civil rights" ---- because without us maintaining our Natural Rights as declared in the Declaration of Independence, there is nothing for your "civil rights" to be "equal" to. 

I believe that I have given you all more than enough to research and think about PRIOR to going on any inappropriate face-banging witch hunts against those who are bearing the burdens and risking their lives and peace and acting to HELP you retain your rights and your peace----and if not, I shall be more than happy to provide you with more. 

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
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  1. I have no proof of this yet, i was born in 1961 my father born in 1911, his father 1863 and his father in 1810. Much info is lost with generations. With this late birth in my family many stories of history have conflicting descriptions. My Dad has always said that the flag is only to be flown when at sea. It sort of makes sense. If you are on land with a flag you are their to invade the country. Dad a world war II vet has always said that only visitors or invaders fly a flag in a Country foreign to the one flying the flag. Does the Natives fly a flag? I would like to know more about this subject. Maybe this would identify the true inhabitants.

    1. We have the Civil Peacetime Flag for those "international" issues we retained -- remember that we did not grant all the jurisdiction of the sea to the Feds. We retained all other rights not explicitly granted to the States in Article X--- and for issues on the land we have our state flags which are always very slightly different than their State flags. In Alaska the flag of the land reflects the actual position of the stars in the Big Dipper just as you see them in the sky, while the Federal State flag shows the stars of the Big Dipper in an altered alignment. You have to look hard to note the differences but in every case, there are two state flags and one of them is true to facts in the real world and the other is altered to make it artificial and imaginary in some way. Look sharp and you will be able to identify the one you are owed.

    2. and would that hold true to the great seals and state flags circa 1800's or before or are those changes more recent on the state flags say in the mid to late 1900's?

  2. I have no proof of this yet, i was born in 1961 my father born in 1911, his father 1863 and his father in 1810. Much info is lost with generations. With this late birth in my family many stories of history have conflicting descriptions. My Dad has always said that the flag is only to be flown when at sea. It sort of makes sense. If you are on land with a flag you are their to invade the country. Dad a world war II vet has always said that only visitors or invaders fly a flag in a Country foreign to the one flying the flag. Does the Natives fly a flag? I would like to know more about this subject. Maybe this would identify the true inhabitants.

  3. Thank You Anna for enlightening another PERSON, or at least we hope. I have found such PERSONS resistant to the seemingly bitter " red pill" . I find it alarming , fascinating and a bit perplexing. Alas, I suppose if WE were all " Sheepdogs " there would be no " sheeple" to keep out of trouble.

    1. amazing the strength of MindKontrol and programming. Matrix said it best,

      The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.


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