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Sunday, April 19, 2015

A New Oath Keepers Standoff with the BLM? Not quite…

Liberty Brothers Radio at Sugar Pine Mine in Oregon: Oath Keepers Welcome



Some un-American Americans just don’t get it.
OMG! they shriek — these miners would dare oppose federal authority– OMG!
Contrary to the intent of this nation’s founders, some people advocate blindly following whatever statute the force of government declares to be “the law”. Some people do not see any value in questioning authority.  Right here in America, to this day, exist some people who think the government did nothing wrong when it burned to death over eighty men, women, and children at Waco, Texas over an illegal “law” regarding guns. The idiotic zealots of the ATF and FBI and elements of the U.S. military totally failed to read the Second Amendment of the highest law of the land, which clearly notes that any law about guns proffered since the Second Amendment was ratified is an “infringement” of the very law they swore an Oath to protect and defend.  Did I make myself clear? Let me repeat — the Constitution forbids any restrictions about any arms We The People can bear. It does not make exceptions regarding how many bullets-per-minute a gun can fire, or how long or short a gun barrel must or must not be. It simply says, “…shall not be infringed.” Yet the ATF had a problem with the Constitution and murdered more than eighty church members in a fiery death with rampant gruesome cruelty. They even shot those who tried to run out of the burning church to escape the fire.
So the ATF and FBI revealed why unchecked government “authority” was prohibited by our Constitution’s authors and the several States which ratified it. And yet some Americans to this day insist that We The People are not to question authority.
Even now there is an Internet chorus of lame-brained quasi-Americans who are spreading lies about the Oath Keepers who are standing to protect  property rights for some miners in Oregon. I will not link those here because they don’t deserve the clicks, but I can tell you that some of the rumors are very nasty, and some even wish death upon the Oath Keepers who are helping protect lawful property rights from an insane government mechanism called the “BLM”. They are pumping outright lies and vicious rumors onto the Internet, and have the gall to accuse Oath Keepers of violating “the law” by standing up for the miners’ property rights and for the right to due process.
Authority-worshiping statists are falsely declaring that the Oath Keepers are not welcome there at the mines, and that the Oath Keepers are a private militia of sorts who operate outside the “law”, and that the Oath Keepers are “anti-government” — and worse. These cretins maintain that Americans must blindly follow every statute put on the books, whether a statute is pursuant to the Constitution or not, and never question “authority”. If the God-Almighty Government (GAG) says something, then it’s the By-God truth and anyone who questions it is “anti-government”. That is the progressive statist mindset. And that particular mindset is now making up lies about Oath Keepers.
Lies about Oath Keepers have been with us since April 19, 2009, when Oath Keepers held its first muster at Lexington Green, Massachusetts. Yet Oath Keepers continues to serve the Liberty movement in America to this day, on our sixth anniversary as an organization. So let’s celebrate the dawn of year seven by enjoying a timely dose of truth. Let’s hear the truth from the mine owner who invited Oath Keepers to come help him save his mine from BLM encroachment.
Oath Keepers would like to thank The LIberty Brothers Radio staff for bringing the truth about Oath Keepers at Oregon’s Sugar Pine Mine to America. From their website I have lifted their interview with Rick Barclay, owner of the Sugar Pine Mine. You can read the article by Jason Van Tatenhove of The Liberty Brothers Radio staff, who went there “boots on the ground” to film this interview. Link for Jason’s article:
Give ‘em some clicks, eh? Thank you.
Elias Alias

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