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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jade Helm is an open declaration of war against the American people

Lt. Col. Caught In Lies About Jade Helm: Our Worst Fears Confirmed!

There are times in life when we need to know when to step aside and let others do the talking. This is that time. The Common Sense Show, has been deluged with communications which detail abnormally high amounts of troop and equipment movement across the United States in preparation for Jade Helm 15. Along the same lines, we are hearing from people who have relatives in Special Operations that very concerned aboutwhat is coming.


  1. JADE HELM has the potential to bring down MARTIAL LAW across our nation. Once these troops are in place, who says they ever have to leave??? FIVE WALMARTS announced they were CLOSING with only SEVERAL HOURS NOTICE, last Monday night! All in JADE HELM regions. I researched their locations. The one in TULSA, OK, on ADMIRAL AND MEMORIAL, is strategically located by major highways and a major intersection in the heart of Tulsa...perfect to transport prisoners arrested under martial law, or even to house troops. I have researched coming martial law for 20 years now. I long suspected that such huge buildings, built like impregnable fortresses with no display windows, just might be in place for future martial law purposes as well. SO much is happening regarding JADE HELM, with more states being quietly added. It behooves Patriotic Americans in MONTANA and beyond to keep their eyes open, their prayers continuing, and be prepared for anything that might happen this summer.

  2. if they want war they better know about the nom and the v c good lock ass ho--- .


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