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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was born on a South Dakota ranch in 1928, just in time for the crash of 1929. My parents left the dust storms of South Dakota when I was five years old and moved to a very green valley in the State of Montana. I spent twelve years having my brain programed in public schools. My teachers were teaching what they were taught in public schools. At least four generations of Americans are victims of government controlled schools. If you are reading this little essay you are probably one of the victims of a propaganda machine. Government schools do not educate students. If you are concerned about what is happening to this once most powerful and rich nation in history you are not alone. At eighty four years of age Red Beckman has seen and experienced the failures of my fellow Americans to diagnosed and remedy the economic and moral deterioration that is now so visible.

Great nations are never conquered or destroyed by foreign enemies. Great nations self destruct. Most of my countrymen know there are major problems such as multi-trillion dollar debts, no win wars, a do nothing Congress, corrupt judiciary and an unidentified President. I was very fortunate after high school to not have enough money for college. The Korean no win war disrupted my life and the love of my life (a North Dakota school teacher) did not become Mrs. Beckman until 1952. Back in Montana I became a contract logger and was successful enough to attract the attention of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). That was 1957 when my true education began.

As an inductee becoming an army private, I had taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution for the united States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. No one taught us anything about domestic enemies but we were taught how to shoot and kill foreign enemies. Anyone who has been harassed and terrorized by the IRS learns how to identify a domestic enemy. When the IRS put me in their sights, it became very obvious that our Federal government is the most dangerous enemy of our Constitution. The North Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis or the Afghans are no threat to the Constitution for the united States of America.

We should now be able to understand why politicians who become government employees want to control our education system. Now we know what domestic enemies do if they can keep the people mentally disabled. They can live off the productivity of hard working patriotic people. Political outlaws buy the votes of people who have been mentally crippled by propaganda, false religions and media owned by domestic enemies. I know what happened to me when I was mentally adjusted by lies and propaganda and they called it education. I am not blaming my teachers because they had spent twelve years of their lives going through the same process I experienced and then four or more years of college to qualify for a teaching job.

When we get to the bottom line we need to identify who to blame for our present national distress. If we are honest it is 'We the People' who have failed to maintain a political system that puts a high value on honesty and integrity. Those who gave us our Declaration of Independence won the war that terminated our connection to the tyranny of King George III. The Statesmen who gave us our Constitution and Bill of Rights told us ETERNAL VIGILANCE was the price we must pay if we wish to secure our liberties. We did not pay the price and now our votes are for sale to the politicians who promise the most goodies from the public treasury. We trusted politicians with our votes and now our trust is being violated.
Become informed and read—M.J. ‘Red’

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