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Monday, December 3, 2012

Montana Courtroom Incident Proves Wild Fire Can Burn Twice

This story should make national headlines since Joel Boniek was the legislator that sponsored the Montana Firearms Freedom Act that has gone viral around many states.  Pour on the truth Joel, and let us know how to help spread this story.
This remarkable story begins with a wild fire in Paradise Valley, Montana, south of the small City of Livingston. The valley is aptly named, as it runs from Yellowstone National Park northward all the way to Livingston, Montana. The valley uses steep mountains to showcase the Yellowstone River in scenic beauty renewed and refreshed with every bend as the river winds its way through the silent majesty of Rocky Mountain ranges between Gardiner and Livingston.
Months after a wild fire was quenched, its flames have resurrected to envelop a courtroom in Livingston, Montana with a fiery exchange which has sparked fear and defensive psycho-babble in the hearts of a vociferous huddle of collectivists who are trying to forge a new culture in Montana. At their service is a newspaper cadre which serves up the Progressive perception for readers far and wide.
The culture clash between recently arrived statists and old-fashioned Montanans ignited in a spontaneous combustion in a small courtroom in mid-November, 2012, when a man wearing a three-cornered hat, like that of our forefathers of the American Revolution, stood up and bellowed to the judge in a loud, rich, baritone voice, “Bull Sh*t!”.
What happened next has been wildly misinterpreted in headlines around Montana as the state-worshipping collectivists and socialists of the press were quick in their attempt to douse such a flame, the flame of freedom, the fiery individualist rejection which dared challenge governmental authority. In their misrepresentation and mockery, the press has maligned a former State Representative’s character.
To help readers understand, here are a few of the headlines going about the Internet and some Montana newspapers. We will rebut these headlines and expose the shameful intent of the press further down in this article.
See the whole story and the evidence here:


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