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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How It All Began - The beginnings of your life long slavery

an excerpt from the book A Writ for Martyrs, by Eustace Mullins:

"The income tax amendment and the Federal Reserve Act were passed in the same year, 1913, because they function as an essential team, and were planned to do so. The Federal Reserve districts and the Internal Revenue Districts are "new states," which have been established within the jurisdictions of legal states of the Union. But why were they so established, and why are they co-functional? The Internal Revenue Service has the duty of collecting large amounts of taxes from employed Americans, solely as an agent of the Federal Reserve System. It was not accidental, nor was it coincidental, that these acts coincided with the preparations of World War I. The necessity for income tax "collections" did not become obvious for some years. The U.S. Congress had awarded the Federal Reserve System the power to issue money, despite the fact that the Federal Reserve bank stock was entirely owned by private stockholders. The Federal Reserve System then began to issue large amounts of profitable interest-bearing "U.S. dollars," without control from any government agency. It became apparent that the Federal Reserve System must set up its own system of controls, which it did through the Internal Revenue Service. Here again, the "Service" was not a service to the U.S. Government, nor a service to the American people. It was a service to the Federal Reserve System. The IRS performed the necessary task of "sopping up" the enormous amounts of money issued by the private stockholders of the Federal Reserve System to finance their systematic acquisition of all the property of the people of the United States.

"If these billions of paper instruments remained in continuous circulation, they would become mere assignats, not worth a Continental. The money is controlled by confiscatory taxation through the agency of the Internal Revenue Service. The system was laid down by David Ricardo, son of Abraham Israel, an Amsterdam stock manipulator who moved to England and made a fortune with the Rothschilds in the Waterloo speculations. Ricardo developed the technique of controlling the people through taxation. His direct descendant, Rita Ricardo Campbell, now advises President Reagan on Social Security.

"As the largely worthless paper assignats are forcibly removed from circulation by the zealous activities of the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve System can then issue more billions of paper currency to the public. The constant flow of "new money" deceives the public into thinking these assignats have real value.

"The IRS also fulfills Ricardo's dictum that the worker must never be allowed to enjoy more than a bare subsistence wage. Income tax, withholding tax, Social Security tax and other taxes fulfill Ricardo's dictum. With no money beyond bare subsistence, the workers are effectively prevented from engaging in political activity. In effect, the IRS functions as the slave overseer of the great American plantation, plying the lash freely in order to keep the workers bent to their tasks. However, neither the function of sopping up paper money for the Federal Reserve System nor the controlling of the workers by robbing them of their wages is a proper function of the United States Government."

[Eustace Mullins, A Writ for Martyrs]
[published by O.T.U. Christ Church]
[P. O. Box 1105, Staunton, VA 24401, 1985]
[pages 190-191]

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  1. If the people of this country ever wake up to the fact that 1. The federal reserve is a cabal of the biggest crooks in the world and 2. The IRS is not a government agency but rather an arm of the federal reserve and lastly, about 25% of all income taxes paid by the citizenry goes to pay for IRS operations and the BALANCE goes to the banker crooks that own the federal reserve. Not one dollar goes to the US govt! Solving the "debt" problem would be oh! so very easy if only the population of this country would wake up and get a little education on the important things.


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