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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paying the banksters for our own destruction.

This was forwarded to me by one of our readers. It's critically important that you understand what they are saying here.

This is why the corrupt courts rule that you have no standing and won't hear constitutional arguments.
I have known about this for many years.
THIS IS PART OF WHAT THE MONTANA FREEMEN KNEW that got them put in jail where Leroy Schweitzer died 17 years later. If the American people understood how this has been done to us by fraud, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation they would rise up and throw off the yoke the banksters have put us under, and they might hunt them down and charge them with their crimes. The so called national debt is a product of this fiction.

The corporation is unlawful. The result is slavery, and you are about to be enslaved for non-payment if you don't do something right away.
The solutions are being talked about in the news every day now thanks to Ron Paul

BE SURE TO CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND READ THE BACKGROUND, otherwise you won't have a clue what this is talking about. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, your country and Almighty God to get this knowledge before it's too late to do something about it.

What can you do? Send this email viral across the Internet. Send it to everyone you have an email address for.

Don't stop after one send. Send it and encourage others to send it continuously for weeks until everyone in America has it and the rest of the world also.

MAKE THIS GO VIRAL TO MILLIONS. The one thing the banksters can't stand is exposure of their fraud!


This article (link below) was written by someone who is well versed in what exits. One point not mentioned was that the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) we are operating under which makes all actions actions in "commerce" was written by these bar attorneys and NOT by congress or the legislature. The UCC was created at the behest of the creditors, because the nation is in receivership, to collect on the fraudulent national debt. They based it on international merchant law, which is the law of the sea, and brought it onto the land (due to the bankruptcy of the national federal corporation) to replace our common law and plunder the wealth of the people and the nation.

All so-called crime(s) are in fact strictly a commercial matter as stated in 27 C.F.R. 72.11 (Code of Federal Regulations).

We desperately need to take our country back from these thieves but until, or unless, the people find out and understand what is going on and what a criminal system has been foisted upon them we are not going to change anything. We cannot continue to think and do as we have been doing and survive as a country much  longer.

The legal system is not law. We have been tricked and deceived into believing lies structured for piracy. It is worse than the mere theft of our wealth and productivity. It is worse because the stolen wealth is then turned against us as it funds the growth and expansion of the police state and our ultimate destruction from within. We pay for it all. We labor that we may be destroyed. We are treated with disdain due to our ignorance and willing submission. Awaken!,_We_The_People_Will_Return_To_The_Constitution.html?currentSplittedPage=0

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