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Thursday, July 4, 2024

International Public Notice: Ever Since 1823....

 By Anna Von Reitz

It turns out that the French Rothschild banking empire has been managing the Vatican's assets ever since 1823.  Doesn't that explain a lot of history? 

Bloody history.  Dishonest history.  Evil history. Napoleonic history.  Payseur history.  Even Abraham Lincoln history. 

We consider this the last shoe that needed to be dropped, the last pixel needed to complete the total picture of depravity, corruption, and hidden collusion.

Charlemagne would be turning over in his grave, but Mayer Amschel Rothschild would be dancing on it. 

It was a unique coup, to pretend to hate the Holy Roman Empire, while working for it and using its vast assets to benefit oneself from it -- but also a textbook application of the Sabbatean modus operandi -- to deceive at all costs and profit from it. 

No doubt the Roman Cult hidden within the Catholic Church --- no slouches in the realm of deception -- learned a few things themselves. 

The so-called Egyptian Jews were Idolaters who pretended to be Jews; our best glimpse of them came when Moses confronted them over the Golden Calf, a new moon representation of the Egyptian Cow Goddess Hathor.

Once they arrived in Canaan they mixed and mashed with the local Amorite and Samaritan and Canaanite Idolaters and eventually concocted their own version of Judaism -- what Jesus called the "Synagogue of Satan".  

They concocted their own version of Christianity, too -- a mixture of Egyptian monotheism, Babylonian idolatry, Early Christian teachings and Greek Mythology.  They pictured Jesus as Zeus, therefore the name I-zeus. 

This is the branch of "Christianity" that survived long enough to make it to Rome, having made a long trek from Samaria to Turkey to the Balkan homelands of the Romans and finally to Rome itself. 

There was no conversion of Constantine the Great. 

He and his Flavian family already practiced this form of Christianity that was popular among the Dacian nobility.  As usual, the story we got was "true in a way" but also upside down. 

Constantine didn't convert to the Apostles' Christian Church; the Apostles' Church converted to Constantine's version of Christianity, instead. 

This is how we got the golden-haired, blue-eyed, perfectly formed and god-like figure of Zeus transferred to Zeus's Son, I-zeus.  

Frankfurt, in the mid-to-late 1700s, is where the Synagogue of Satan caught up with the Roman Cult of I-zeus. Mayer Amschel Bauer, a Jew who was not a Jew, made the happy acquaintance of Fritz von Estorff, a Christian who wasn't a Christian. 

The rest is history, or perhaps, fate. 

Jews could charge usury to non-Jews; and, Christians, though as greedy as everyone else, couldn't charge usury at all.  It didn't take long for the Holy Roman Empire to employ Jews to do all their banking for them, as the Jews could lend at interest. 

So a bit of Roman Christian hypocrisy combined with Jewish mystical idolatry, both having their roots in Samaria, and neither one being a pure form of either religion, formed an alliance based on their mutual desire to be both rich and powerful. 

This version of Christianity and this version of Judaism, both ultimately coming out of Samaria, pretended to hate Islam, a religion that they invented and bank-rolled as a foil -- just as they more recently invented Israel as a foil for Palestinians. 

The moon god of Islam, Allah, would be used as the "necessary enemy" of their own sun god, Amun Ra. 

That deliberately engineered conflict would give them no end of excuses for war-profiteering and meddling with trade routes and commodity rigging and, of course, taxation.  

Their cousins, the Dacian priests of Cybele, were already the tax collectors for the City of Rome. 

Amun Ra is the reason that Romanized Christians say "Amen" at the end of every prayer. 

The Sabbatean Jews and the Roman Flavian Cult embedded in the Church of Rome both represent offshoots of the far older Babylonian religion; they were twins formed in the womb of Samaria, more like each other -- under the skin -- than any outsider might suppose. 

Both actually practice and believe things that are carefully hidden --- and evil, but perhaps it is simply knowing this that binds them together, like two blackmailers who have the goods on each other.  

Both indulge in Black Masses and Orgies; both cultivate the ability to lie convincingly, both practice various kinds of blood sacrifice including human sacrifice, both use sex as a sacrament, both practice idolatry, especially the idolatry of money. 

And if one calls himself a Jew and another calls himself a Christian, it's all the same to them. Anyone that wants to call himself a Muslim and participate in all of this, will be welcomed as one of them. Religion is just a means to an end and their cynicism knows no bounds. 

The only actual religion they have is the religion of Mammon, and they are all in it together, both ends against the middle, which meets in the High Lodges of the Scottish Rite and spreads out like a spider web from there.  

We feel quite content having answered the riddles and traced the web back to its home in ancient Samaria, and thence to its new home in Scotland, and all around the world from there along every sea lane and byway, wherever men lust for sex and gold and are willing to wager everything for it. 

The enemy of humankind is revealed to be humankind itself, and to each of us a decision is given, to choose life or death, according to what seems good to us. 

The Black Magic Money Spell has no power; no delusions about money remain. We recognize the dead things in the realm of the dead and don't concern ourselves: to each is given a time and a season, and the time of Babylon, like the season of the Saturnine Brotherhood, is long gone. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 4th 2024


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