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Thursday, July 4, 2024

International Public Notice: Entrapment by Non-Disclosure

 By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago we issued an International Public Notice disclosing that this entire country, the former British Commonwealth, the seventeen nations of Western Europe that are still illegally occupied ever since the Second World War, plus numerous other nations worldwide that have been invaded by British-controlled mercenary forces since World War II, have all been swindled and subjected to their own version of the British Raj. 

The mechanisms used to deploy, excuse, and promote this fraud against humanity and our respective sovereign nations have also been discussed, including the human trafficking and personage schemes resulting from the issuance of foreign birth certificates for Americans, Aussies, and all the other nations impacted by this British Bunko. 

The first entrapment created by an undisclosed (and to the victim, unconscionable) foreign citizenship contract is quickly followed by a series of supplementary adhesion contracts promoted by demands that people participate in various programs sponsored by the corporations masquerading as governments. 

These adhesion contracts include but are not limited to various additional enrollments and registrations that are induced under color of law and which are not fully disclosed, either. 

Americans, Canadians, Aussies, and Brits, as well as people from many other nations have been told that they "have to" sign up for Social Security programs and enroll in these private corporate pension and social welfare programs in order to have a job in their respective countries.   

This is only true if one is applying for a job with one of these incorporated government services providers, but that fact gets conveniently glossed over, and the Social Security program is enforced on the General Public at large, with the result that it looks like everyone in the whole country "volunteered" for no discernible reason to enroll themselves in a government pension program for Federal workers with or without the nicety of a Federal paycheck. 

They are all presumed to voluntarily convert between 15 and 25% of their lifetime net earnings to the service of a privately managed Social Security Fund, and to tax their employers an equal amount as they tax themselves, in order to receive pension benefits that they don't control and which are substandard at best.  

Unknown to the victims, the same Social Security Fund is ear-marked to provide bankruptcy protection to the invisible public trust franchises that have been named after the victims. 

In this way, the victims are made to pay for their own life insurance so that the titular "owners" of these fraudulently constructed public trust franchises don't have to; the parent corporations responsible for this and their shareholders receive the life insurance benefits upon the victim's death and "life force value annuities" during the victim's lifetime.  

The Perpetrators are similarly insured against any business losses that their so-called "public trust" franchises cause by going bankrupt and those costs for bankruptcy protection are passed on to the victims as a group as well.  

This vast personage and adhesion contract scheme is never disclosed and is promoted under color of law. 

This is backed up by other coerced and undisclosed adhesion contracts such as "voluntary agreement" to collect and pay Federal Income Tax, whether or not one receives any Federal Income, and more "voluntary agreements" to register private property such as children and automobiles as public interest property owned and controlled by the same crooked government services corporations. 

Does anyone believe that any of this is fully disclosed to and voluntarily accepted by the victims?  

How about "voluntary" enrollment in Selective Service, which establishes a "pre-induction contract" allowing the same governmental services providers to illegally press-gang and conscript the enrollees as ill-paid mercenaries bound to storm the beaches in the name of foreign corporate profit?   

All of this is unlawful, illegal, and immoral; the "government services corporations" have only gotten away with it by operating in secrecy and under color of law, and now they are discovered for what they are--- organized crime. 

The most recent pandemic fiasco is nothing but a thinly veiled scheme to collect on the life insurance, reduce the aging (and expensive) baby boomer population, and set up new business opportunities (that is, spread diseases via injection) for the for-profit health services industry owned and operated as franchises of the crooked parent corporations responsible for all of this.  

All of these convenient adhesion contracts which are used to bully and pillage and control the victims are never disclosed, just as the nature of the entities making these demands to enroll and participate and sign up and so on, are not disclosed. 

The Selective Service uses young ladies from Puerto Rico to lead the pre-induction enrollment drive; they call up the targets using U.S. telephone exchanges and tell them that they "must" sign up and "have to" enroll in Selective Service.  

If they don't enroll, they won't be honorable men. They are refusing to serve their country and don't care about freedom....or the protection of the sweet little things on the other end of the telephone line.  Besides that, they won't qualify for service-related benefits.... 

This is an entrapment scheme aimed at innocent young people, with the full intention of gaining legal means to force them to serve as cheap mercenaries and gun fodder.  Enrollment in Selective Service gives permission to draft the victims at will, assign them wherever and to whatever task needed, and pay them only rock bottom wages.

Nobody is ever told that these demands are coming from foreign, for-profit corporations that are merely in the business of providing government services -- and not from any actual government. 

The end result is that all these various contracts are null and void for lack of full disclosure and any enforcement against the victims is unlawful, illegal, and immoral in the extreme.   

As the American Government and the English Government and the German Government and....and....and....come roaring back onto the world stage, there will be hell to pay, but it won't be the kind of hell that these perpetrators relish.  

It won't involve war for profit and racketeering under color of law, illegal arms sales, drug running, unlawful conversion, illegal confiscation of assets, or passing off I.O.U.s as money.  It won't offer any "government sponsored" insurance scams or benefit swindles. No identity theft. No mortgaging of American property to pay off British debt. No undisclosed adhesion contracts promoted under color of law. 

As it becomes more and more apparent that con artists and swindlers have taken over the governments of the western world, and as the people of each nation wake up to this unpleasant fact, the freedom that so many of us fought for will come into view and nobody will need to explain the difference between freedom and liberty again.  

It's up to us to make sure that our freedom and our national identity is never stolen again, that our people and our property assets are never again pillaged by evil men posing as Public Servants, that our banking institutions are honest, and that our government is our government --- not a consortium of self-interested foreign opportunists in the business of providing government services. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 4th 2024 


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