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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Public International Notice: So We Are Told

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning, the Fourth of July in the year of 2024, we are told that "President" Trump, the "Commander-in-Chief" of the British Territorial Corporation doing business as "the United States of America -- Incorporated" has given the order to the U.S. Military to disclose what has gone on here.  

We are told that in "3 to 5 days everyone will know".  

But will we?  

It seems very doubtful that those who have been chiefly responsible for the ruses and abuses will come clean, and far more likely that they will come forward with some fictional Hollywood narrative seeking to excuse themselves and make themselves look good ---- while continuing to use and abuse. 

Historically, when cornered and accused of their vile religious practices and other criminal acts, the Vermin double-down and accuse others of what they have been doing themselves. 

So expect that. 

They use bit players as the Fall Guys to satiate public outrage, while the actual leaders and perpetrators escape to pleasant vacation homes and retreats. They sit in comfy leather recliners and watch their whipping boys go to the guillotines and gallows. 

Expect that, too.  

The whole political furor, the phony prosecution of Trump and the January 6th protestors, the staged election, the attacks against our food production facilities and oil refineries, the entire pandemic complete with rehearsals, the continued slow march toward the UN CORP 2030 goals, the so-called "Open Borders Policy", the whole criminal house of cards that makes up the current financial system --- all that they are going to explain?  Without, however, incriminating themselves?  


We've been led to expect a full-on Hollywood extravaganza of unbelievable proportions, a combination of phony movie footage and Project Blue Beam illusions designed to make Donald Trump look like at least Moses, if not the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

They've been telling us to "enjoy the show" for a decade.  We haven't enjoyed it yet, but the Queen Anons and others keep saying we are going to love it and love the way this Big Production ends. 

Our Shinola Sensors are set on High.  We don't expect any of this to pass the credibility test, but who knows? 

What we expect is a Hollywood-style softcore Horror Movie seeking to excuse and explain away all the things that we have directly observed for ourselves. 

We will be told that all the lies and cheating and stealing were necessary, part of a brilliant 160 year Master Plan. Yup.  

Never fear.  Uncle Sam had it all in hand.  

We will be told that "aliens" or some other unknown entity or force was to blame, but a cult of Sabbatean Jews, based out of Frankfurt, Germany, and having secret ties to the Holy Roman Empire, will always be closer to the truth, and the truth will remain.  

They will make up an enemy of the people one way or another, and do their best to pin their donkey on the scapegoat.  

They will pay actors to play every role from Valiant Thor to JFK, Jr. and Princess Di ---- and because we are chumps, because we are endlessly gullible, they will count on us to believe them. 

Feed us some bread and circuses, or what passes for it in the modern day, popcorn, and eight hour loops of movies to sell the narrative of the White Hats, right? 

They will do their best to scare the pants off us as they reveal the terrible danger that they were fighting against this entire time, the horrific lizard-like humanoid invaders and insectoid robots that they protected us from. The evil swamp creatures that live inside the Beltway....

Think of mini-Godzillas and Praying Mantis-like robots ready to bite your heads off. 

We'll be so grateful to them that any cost for their operations and upkeep will be happily accepted, even if it means being enslaved for another 300 years. 

Their leadership will be proven, their candidate the only choice.  Mr. Trump will be so gracious in victory, we will forget that he's an egotist and learn to love his nasal foghorn voice. 

They will try to sell us the faked Princess Di as a replacement for the failed (and actually non-existent) British Monarchy, and the faked JFK, Jr. as the American equivalent. 

Why not have a fake President for a fake government?  And a fake Queen to run a non-existent Constitutional Monarchy?  

It's all just actors on a stage, put there to distract attention away from what's going on behind the curtain. 

It will be as staged as the "attack" on the World Trade Center, designed to sweep the ugly old elephants under the rug and open up a whole new day of accepting any lie they tell us. 

With or without Blue Ribbon Commissions to back them up. 

We expect a Hail, Mary attempt to keep the same old Players (albeit, wearing different masks) in place and in power.  We don't expect any sincere offer to change or admit mistakes.  

We expect more lies. More masks. More "confidence" tricks and illusions. 

So should you. 

They've all been caught red-handed, so what can they do?  

Answer: whip around and hand-cuff the guy standing next to them--- and present him as the problem. 

See here?  We captured all these criminals who used to be in league with us.  Now we are going to bring them to justice....Gunslingers v Horse Thieves, in Technicolor.  

It was all a brilliant plan to draw out the Bad Guys, who were being bad in plain sight and mostly in public for decades at a time. 

We are told that this long-awaited theater production to end all theater productions is almost upon us. Almost. 

So we are told. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 4th 2024


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