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Friday, June 7, 2024

It's More Complex Than You Think

 By Anna Von Reitz

Now we've got yet another fru-fru-rah confusion brewing.  The Virginia Assembly Credit Union is NOT to be confused with our American Prosperity Unions. 

And for that matter, it isn't to be confused with our Virginia Assembly.  

Just because something is unincorporated doesn't mean it's operating on the land and soil and just because something is called "Virginia Assembly" doesn't mean it's our Virginia Assembly. 

It could mean "Virginia District Assembly" or "Virginia Municipal Assembly" too, couldn't it?  

And in this case, it does. 

VACU is an effort to save the bacon of other fellow Americans who are still stuck for one reason or another acting as either U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States or both.  

Supporting it is an outreach to give them a gateway to the new financial system, so that they are not left behind.  

Our active duty service members and postal clerks who were born in this country are still Americans, and they still individually deserve the protections and benefits of being Americans. 

It's not their fault that they are on the wrong side of the fence; someone has to be, in order for the services we all depend upon to keep functioning. 

So the "assembly" being referenced is the District Assembly and as you can see, the "pledge bond" being circulated is straight out of Britain.

The Brits continue the feudal practice of "pledging" which as I pointed out can be of one or two kinds --- either a negotiable "pledge" or a non-negotiable "pledge".  

A negotiable pledge has a specific end date and the money or service is payable on demand throughout the pledge period.  This results in indentured servitude.

A non-negotiable pledge is a much more serious matter, as it is permanent, with no specific end date, and creates a "moral duty" to pay --- which places it under the Law of the Spanish Inquisition and enslaves the issuer. 

Unfortunately, the pledge bond being circulated in support of the Virginia Assembly Credit Union is a non-negotiable pledge bond, and you would be promising $25,000 worth of your labor at an unspecified future time. 

This creates a permanent moral duty to pay $25,000 out of your own labor, upon demand, at an unspecified future time. It's a performance bond.

Imagine the situation: you are the richest man in the world.  Can you still voluntarily enslave yourself?  Of course, you can. 

But why would you? 

Why not just pay the $25,000 outright and be done with it? 

Americans don't have to "pledge" anything in the future.  Americans can tell the State Trust to pay the $25,000 needed to form a credit union for their employees right now.    

If you, as Americans, want to help U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States build their financial gateway, you should be writing a letter to the State Trust in care of the Governor and telling them precisely that. 

Many of you have struggled long and hard to be recognized as Americans and should not be signing anything that screams, "Hey, I'm a British Catholic!" 

That doesn't mean you cannot or should not help your brothers and sisters in Federal Service. It doesn't mean I am against the VACU effort, against British Tories or against Catholics, either. 

It simply means that we have struggled too long and too hard to be tricked into signing something that appears to adopt British Citizenship. 

Stand tall as what you are -- honest and competent American men and women who don't have to borrow money based on future performance contracts.  

You can afford to give, grant, donate, assign, allocate, or set aside whatever amount you wish to 
and devote it to the cause. 

And, with a little effort, we can provide the correct documents to do that.  Our Federal brethren can sign the VACU pledge bond as it stands, but no American should and no American would need to. 

Anna Maria


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