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Friday, June 7, 2024

Still More Gossip-Mongering

 By Anna Von Reitz

We don't know what is wrong with Florida.  It seems to be the hotbed of every kind of rumor, especially rumors about money and banking.  

The Global Family Bank Vault Program doesn't change your worthless Federal Reserve Notes into anything called "Lupins".  

Your FRNs sit just inside the Global Gateway, protected from being snatched in Bail Outs or Bail Ins such as those that have already hit Cuba.  

This may be Big News to you, but except for Mexico and Canada, no other countries on Earth are trading in Federal Reserve Notes.  As of Monday, they may not be trading in USD, either. 

The Global Family Vault program is the only program (and only bank) on Earth offering to make good your losses due to inflation and counterfeiting and everything else that has gone on with the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.  

This con started out in 1934 with one FRN being "deemed" equal in value to one Silver Dollar ---in the imagination of certain central bankers.  

Guess what has happened since then?  

The Federal Reserve Note has lost value every year of its existence, and now you are stuck holding onto this paper.  

The ratio is no longer one to one.  

That Federal Reserve Note "dollar" that you are clutching is actually worth less than half of one cent and headed straight for zero in the actual, factual world.   

That's why it now costs $10 for a bag of potato chips and it's not even a big bag.  Even in the domestic market, the FRN is obviously down to about 20% of its value fifteen years ago, and you stare at that fact every day at the grocery store. 

For only $235 of these FRNs you can currently get one tenth of an ounce of gold and if you want to invest in bullion or gold coins you'd better make tracks and buy what you can at that price. 

Nobody on Earth will give you a tenth of an ounce of gold in exchange for one FRN, which is what Global offers as part of the Vault program. 

Why are they making such an offer?  

Because you are the innocent victim of currency manipulation.  You were guaranteed a 1:1 exchange rate, and so, from Global, you get a 1:1 exchange rate. You can preserve your 1934 buying power as if all the intervening rounds of inflation and profit-taking and counterfeiting never happened.  

You can be exempt from all the damage the fiat system caused. 

You can turn that worthless paper into gold, and a poor widow with $10 in paper can exchange it for ten (10) American Federation Dollars currently worth $2350 in gold -- if you return home to your birthright status and stand on the land and soil and have sense enough to stuff ten FRNs in the Vault.  

It's that simple. 

Everyone else has to pay $2350 for an ounce of gold, but if you are an inheritor of the 1934 Exchange Rate, you can have an ounce of gold for ten FRNs, and you can cash out the value of that once the world returns to the gold standard. 

If we have our way, you'll be able to start enjoying your "favorable exchange rate" even sooner than that. 

Its our way of Holding you Harmless and preserving your 1934 Buying Power, as if the FRN never was. 

Thank us for making this possible for living people who have bellies and families and pets.  
Anyone who describes the Global Family Bank as a "crude online bank" is missing the point and mistakes user friendliness for technological backwardness. 

We are not catering to corporate moguls.  We are here for average living people, families, and small unincorporated businesses.  

We don't give a fig for En Legis entities, so we don't need or want anything fancy.  We are here for those with hearts and hands, instead. 

Nothing that is ours and nothing we are building is for corporations. Its for living people. Men. Women. Kids. And yes, even for dogs and cats and fish.  

We are here for the living world, not the dead. 

So stick that concept into your collective ears and figure out why controls and dashboards are super simple. 

This is meant to be simple enough so that anyone can access and use the Global Account system, even old people who are not tech savvy and uneducated people who aren't native English speakers. 

Its for all of us. 


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