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Friday, June 7, 2024

International Public Notice: NESARA/GESARA

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have fully noted and explicitly described the Farm Union cases pursued by General Roy Schwasinger back in the 1980s and early 1990s. 

These cases were taken all the way to the United States Supreme Court and the end result was that while the Court fully agreed with General Roy and the Plaintiffs, no remedy was possible because the Corporations responsible were already in bankruptcy. 

You can't sue a bankrupt entity.  It's a blood out of a turnip situation.  

A lone Congressman introduced NESARA as a remedy that Congress could provide and he was laughed out of the Beltway for his trouble. 

The proposed actual NESARA legislation associated with the Farm Union Cases still sits, dead in the water, untouched all these years after on the records documenting the progress of proposed Congressional Acts. 

In the year 2000 a military Alliance forced Bill Clinton to sign a replacement NESARA.  Members of Congress also signed it.  This was five (5) days before the guilty corporations once again entered bankruptcy, and again, close but no banana. 

Can't sue a bankrupt entity.  Can't get blood out of a turnip.  Ha, ha, ha. 

The Federal Capitol was vacated for 120 days then (in 2000) just as it has been permanently vacated by the Municipal Government and temporarily vacated by the Territorial Government now, due to bankruptcies. 

So how is any justice to ever be realized when these corrupt foreign corporations just keep on going bankrupt (at our expense) whenever it gets too hot for them? 

Answer -- we stop going after the incorporated entities and start going after the Principals responsible for those incorporated entities. 

That was the upfront mission of Donald Trump's world tour--- to bring all this corruption and responsibility home to the Principals. 

The problem, of course, is that while acting "for" us, himself, Trump was unavoidably conflicted. He was acting as "President" of one of the worst offenders. 

All of Trump's many statements about achieving financial freedom, etc., are based on obtaining ownership of our assets and deploying our assets, and to put it bluntly, the problem with that is that these are our assets, not his, not the U.S. Army's. 

Lincoln gave the U.S. Army control of our money and assets.  We didn't.  Lincoln was a rat and a corrupt Bar Attorney with no granted authority to do anything he did.  

Our treaties and contracts never provided Lincoln and his Successors with any "emergency powers" and didn't allow any Commander-in-Chief any power to issue "Executive Orders", no authority to purloin our assets, occupy our country, or otherwise dispose of our property and our property rights "for" us.  

We don't object to the farmers finally getting justice, or the American Indians, or the members of our erstwhile mercenary-military, or anyone else who is owed peace and justice.  

We have been among the first supporters and proponents of the Farm Union Cases and later, NESARA. 

Yes, we have "been there and done that" since the 1970s when the NFO, the National Farmers Organization, kicked things off and began the long slow march homeward.  

Our lack of opposition to the proposed restitution principles of NESARA/GESARA does not change the fact that our property does not belong to Donald Trump, the U.S. Army, or anyone else but us. 

Bottom line -- it's not their call to dispose of our credit or our material assets.  It's ours. 

Lincoln cobbled together the Lieber Code and forced it on the Union Army, and it was Lincoln who invented "Executive Orders" out of the clear blue air, a practice which undermined and wrested control away from our lawfully elected Congress.  

These acts were and are foreign, unauthorized, and in fact were already prohibited by Law. 

Lincoln was a Bar Attorney and an Esquire in the British Title system. He was ineligible to be "President" of our country in any respect and a close inspection reveals that he functioned entirely as the "President" of a deceptively named foreign corporation, instead. 

Everything Lincoln did and all that he accomplished was done under conditions of fraud and deceit -- and that same fraud has tainted everything related to government in this country ever since.  The nickname "Honest Abe" was thoroughly tongue-in-cheek. 

Various Apologists have attempted to gloss all this over and pretend that it doesn't really matter what political status we are in, but it does matter.  

Others have argued that our soldiers, sailors, and airmen own this country by virtue of defending it; they try to ignore the fact that our country was and is already owned by other soldiers and sailors who fought the British instead of working as unwitting mercenaries for them. 

Our country is also owned by generations of civilian progeny -- both physical and philosophical progeny -- Americans who have been born on the land and soil of this great land, or naturalized to it, ever since the Revolution. 

If true justice is to be done and if the coercive corruption of the Corporatocracy that has gripped the world for over a hundred years is to end, the actual owners of this country must be recognized and Mr. Trump and his supporters must give up all thought of pulling another "fast one", substituting another political party election for the public elections we are owed, and continuing the same old fraud.

We are not opposed, indeed our own actions underpin, the restoration of justice and sanity and restitution that the original NESARA legislation proposed, but it must be done in accord with the actual Americans -- not as another "Executive Order" promulgated by the "President" of a foreign corporation.  

Throughout the present mess, the U.S. Military has tried to spin a variety of "narratives" that make them sound like heroes and which disguise the responsibility that the military bears for all that has happened to our people and our country since Lincoln declared the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporated, in April of 1863. 

Certainly, as of 1865, General Grant could have called a halt and chosen to do the honest thing. He could have admitted the whole situation and called for new public elections, but Grant was a Tory (US Grant was a nom de guerre; his real name was Hiram) and he was determined that Lincoln's remorse would not stand in the way of a British soft coup. 

Instead of calling for new public elections, General Grant made an excuse on the evening that he and Mrs. Grant were supposed to join the Lincolns at the Ford Theater.  

And all was silent forever afterward, until now. 

Now we know that our military was unlawfully converted into a mercenary force; we know that our American State of State organizations were substituted for by British Territorial organizations; we know that our public elections were supplanted by private corporate elections; our States were replaced by State Trusts, and our Presidential Office has been usurped and replaced by Presidents representing the private interests of foreign for-profit corporations.   

This tale of betrayal, breach of trust, and commercial malfeasance cannot be allowed to end as it began, in fraud committed against us and against our lawful Government, by our own employees. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 7th 2024


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