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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Air Jurisdiction Issues

 By Anna Von Reitz

The existence of God, the Creator, can be inferred, but can't be proven, so this fundamental pillar of the Air Jurisdiction depends on belief, and on evidence that logically implies the existence of Creator -- but as that evidence is inferred from the Creation itself, we run smack into a syllogism that is unresolvable. 

Do we believe in the Creator because we observe the Creation, or do we observe the Creation and assume the Creator? 

Is it all a chicken, or an egg?

Endless generations of people have fought and died and killed each other and held contempt for each other for lack of any sane way to resolve such questions.  

In the realm of belief, we either believe something or we don't. The better prepared among us throw up their hands and accept the Magnum Mysterium.  

If we use our response to the purported threat posed by this thing called Covid-19 to justify a belief in its existence, then by all the upheavals and accommodations and media attention and the massive amounts of money and labor spent, it certainly appears that Covid-19 must exist.

We are in exactly the same bind as with the existence of God, the Creator.  

The proof relies on the response, but the response can represent any number of things--- delusion, hysteria, false information, deliberate fraud, or a smokescreen created by idolatrous Philistines. 

And so it is that we enter the realm of belief, and most people will be amazed to hear that after all this time, these trillions spent, and all these lives lost, no such virus or viral agent known as Covid-19 has been proven to exist. 

Coronaviruses exist, but does Covid-19 exist?  

Apart from a few small independent laboratories that have been unsuccessful in isolating any such "virus", the Koch protocols haven't even been tried.

So, Covid-19 is an idea, a name, a label, devoid of substance to this day, yet people believe in it based on the societal response to it.  Just as we believe or don't believe in the Creator based on our own response to the Creation. 

Is it sane that we murder each other in the name of faith and belief?  

No, it is not.  By any stretch of reason and imagination, we should stop and draw a line and say to ourselves, well, that's what I believe, or that is what he believes.... and walk away. 

We have to grapple with the limits of our beliefs, or they become the source of such energy, devotion, and passion that they also give rise to violence and destruction, too.  

In a supermarket in Tennessee, a woman wearing a mask with two kids also wearing masks, was accosting other shoppers, demanding to know why they weren't wearing masks and didn't they care about their health and the health of the innocent children?  

This is years after everyone else stopped wearing masks. 

This woman was so hysterical that she pushed herself into the personal space of other shoppers and practically screamed at them.  She followed along after one particular woman who turned to her and said something like, "Nobody is wearing masks anymore. Get away from me.  I feel threatened." 

This did not dissuade the masked banshee, who trailed along in pursuit, loudly moaning and continuing her passionate pleading and shaming of everyone in earshot. Finally, suddenly, the woman who had warned her away dropped into a crouch and came up and bashed her hard, right in the mask. 

The masked woman went down in a heap, knocked out, her astonished children left staring at their Mom.  The other woman dusted her knuckles and left. 

This is what happens when people can't draw the line and accept the limits of their own beliefs.

It is no secret that purveyors of religions are being marginalized every day, but then, so are the simple ethics and values that religions of all kinds have taught mankind. 

The baby, as the old saying goes, is thrown out along with the bath water, and without a belief in something greater than ourselves, we languish on the ultimate pity-potty, lost in a drama of self-love and self-importance. 

In the weird initiation rites of the Satanists, they try to break every possible taboo. All seven deadly sins are visited in different colored rooms--- the entire spectrum of sins: gluttony, sloth, adultery....   

When they commit murder of the innocents in the red room at the end of this rainbow-colored orgy (no, that flag isn't about LGBTQRF), they have already paid the price of their eternal damnation and regressed to the lowest possible vibration in the visible spectrum. 

The world would be surprised by how simple it is to lose your soul, your life, and moral compass: 

The initiates of Satan say that there is nobody greater than their own self and that they won't bow the knee to any Higher Power. Just like their Father. 

They have no concept of what it means or the price that will be exacted from them, but they do this anyway.  Their only warning is the Gatekeeper intoning, "The price has not been paid!" or "The price has been paid!"  

Most would-be initiates are far too clueless to understand that they are entering the Gates of Hell, literally, and what they will see and do if they pass beyond that gate will terrify them and obligate them (via blackmail) to be criminals on demand, whores on demand, for the rest of their lives.   

This is the cost of having no belief and no knowledge of the Realm of the Spirit, so that they are destroyed by their own acts and cut down by their own words.  

Thus, people entering the Air Jurisdiction today must enter at their own peril, being bashed in the face for being afraid and misinformed by "authorities" they trusted, being condemned and forced into a life of crime, or, inspired to violence because we are so fed up with this insanity. 

The Guardians of the Air Jurisdiction failed their trust a long, long time ago, so it is extremely ironic that they take their last refuge there, and some still imagine that the mumbled words of The Apostles Creed or any other Blood Oath or Mantra will suffice to excuse the damage done. It won't. 

The issue of belief and its limitations must be dealt with and the responsibility of the individual for their own soul must be dealt with. 

Everywhere we look we see the fleeing roaches, the rats marching down the rat-lines from the ships, the chaos is palpable and the confusion is like a scene from the fall of Carthage. 

This is happening because the ones responsible for the Air Jurisdiction have failed, have become seduced and corrupt, and haven't even tried to do their jobs.  

They abdicated the land and soil, and the sea as well; and still, there is no repentance without confession, only the echoing emptiness of the air above their heads. 

Now that their failures are known, it can do them no good to wonder why their authority is meaningless and their people are lost; knowing that our Baptismal Certificates have been traded, bought and sold, as representations of our souls, is enough for most of us. 

Looking around the table this afternoon it was sad to admit that we've all been sold a bill of goods so far as the Air Jurisdiction is concerned, and we've been crippled by creeping idolatry and our own ignorance. 

For those who are aware and alive this day, it is a new day and the misadministration of the Air has come home to roost in ignorance, superstition, fear, moral degeneration, destruction of the family, worship of idols, murder, blackmail, and every kind of depravity and violence. 

We look toward Gaza and see another consequence of the insanity that grips us.  

Men deluded into believing that pieces of paper, or even worse, numbers entered into a ledger, have value --- are then propelled by this belief to commit acts of genocide and murder for the sake of these idols. 

And once again, we witness the madness that destroyed Babylon.  

These same men also believe that Donald Trump can wave his hand and create a brand new American State--- the State of Israel (Incorporated). 

Indeed, these egotists no longer recognize the borderland between fact and fiction, truth and lies.   

We trudge upward from here, the Law of Nature and Nature's God in hand. 

Whatever the chaos and madness that the rule of the Popes and the Princes has unleashed, whatever the idiocy of the Presidents and Prime Ministers, we remain steadfast in inner peace and humility. 

We will still draw the line between what we believe and what we can prove, still welcome the mystery of life, still honor love as the highest value.  


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