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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Please, Everyone, Get This Straight?

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you are following Donald Trump and participating in the elections sponsored by the major Political Party Lobbies, you are participating in foreign elections. 

I know that that sounds absurd, but it is true. 

Those elections are for British Territorial U.S. Citizens who are shareholders in the United States of America, Incorporated, or, more recently, what they are calling "the American Government, Inc.".

They regularly go bankrupt and dump their debts on their citizens, then boot up another private, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services --- and sail on, leaving you and your great-grandson's grandsons to pay for it. 

If that isn't what you intend to participate in when you go to the polls, then stop "voting" in your employee's  elections. 

Start voting in your own public elections, instead. 

Even if these elections weren't rigged and dishonest, which they are, your voting in them doesn't mean anything, because the Electoral College actually elects the Corporation Presidents. 

Your "votes" are just straw polls telling the actual Electors who you like and what kind of Administration you want --- but the actual Electors are free to ignore you and vote however they please, so it's all a moot exercise.  

So there is nothing to be gained by voting in these private corporation elections, but there is something to be lost: your identity as an American and your assets. 

Every time that the USA, Inc. or US, Inc. go bankrupt, they protect themselves and dump their debts on you, their citizens and presumed Underwriters. 

They have accumulated enough debt to enslave you and all your progeny for five million years, and you are accepting that debt --- why?  

Because you want Donald Trump to "win" over Joe Biden, in an election where your vote doesn't count anyway?  Hello?  

Earth to bumpkins.... you are being misled, duped, defrauded, on purpose.  

You gain nothing and lose everything by participating in these political party-generated elections. 

Pay attention and participate in your own public elections instead, where you act as the Electors, where your votes do count and you are not saddled with debts you never approved of. 

You didn't want to send billions of dollars of support and arms to Ukraine?  You wanted to see aid go to Maui instead? 

Vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, either one, and you just agreed to pay for all the war spending and placed a lien against your children's children's children to pay it.  

Concentrate on electing your President and your Delegates to your Congress, and help put an end to this awful fraud.  

And make your vote count for something again. 


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