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Sunday, June 9, 2024

International Public Notice: Say, "Yay," Saudi Arabia

 By Anna Von Reitz

Today marks the birth of the "Petrodollar"; it came into existence by contract fifty years ago; this day also marks the death of the "Petrodollar", as it has been announced that Saudi Arabia, one of the Principal members of OPEC, will not be renewing its contract to sell its oil exclusively using FRNs/USD.  

Other countries will no longer be faced with the necessity of turning their national currency into "US" currency before being able to buy crude oil and refined oil products. 

Thus ends the monopoly on crude oil and the secondary monopoly on currency, both.  

Both these monopolies were unlawful, illegal, and immoral, so it's actually a day to celebrate, no matter what upsets and upheavals result from it. 

Saudi Arabia has been a wise and discerning arbiter in the past, adroitly finding "the sweet spot" where it could maximize OPEC profits from oil, without crippling the economies providing demand for oil. 

The Saudis are to be applauded, overall, for their business acumen and honesty.  They are to be thanked for their action today.   

We anticipate that our country will face some short term energy-supply difficulties and added expenses, loss of income from the sale of value-added oil products, and also the necessity of opening up our own oil resources which have been cashiered under the agreement. 

But so what?  The entire world will breathe freer. 

For Americans on the ground, it means new jobs, and entire new industries, as the suppressed patents on numerous free or nearly free energy systems will now be released. 

We look forward to the day when small free energy generators make it possible for homeowners to generate all the power they need without the dangers and dependencies and expense of maintaining electrical grids. 

Imagine a skyline free of telephone poles and land cleared of electrical transmission lines?  

Imagine cars that don't smoke and belch exhaust into the atmosphere? Or explode every time they crash? 

Imagine no monthly electric bill?  No corrupt Public Utility Commissions?  Nobody freezing in winter or dying from heat exhaustion in summer? 

Imagine animals in cold climates having nice warm barns to sleep in?  Imagine animals in hot regions being comfortable and cool? 

Imagine abundant water for the desert regions of the world?  "Salmon Fishing on the Yemen" won't be a movie. It'll be reality.  

The Rio Grande will run free again. 

Imagine the whole world having easy access to  water pumps and lights, computers and toilets.  

We can finally put the ugly legacy of Westinghouse and SERCO behind us.  Ditto "Lord" Pirbright, Cecil Rhodes, J.D. Rockefeller, Henry Wellcome, et alia.

The technological revolution that has been artificially and selfishly delayed by these monsters in suits will finally, once and for all, put an end to the brutal British Raj system and the criminality underpinning it. We can only hope it will be the death-knell of the British Caste System and elitism as well. 

People should be proud based on their contributions to the world, not what they take away from it. 

It may seem contradictory that we thank Saudi Arabia for cutting the cord and not re-upping the supply contract --- in view of the short term havoc and deprivations it may cause, but in the longer view, it will be seen that this decision by the Saudis was crucially important and gave rise to abundance and positive growth and freedom for us all. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 9th 2024 


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