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Monday, April 29, 2024

Our Peacekeepers

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are numerous layers of Peacekeepers at work in America; these men and women differ from Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and occupy both concurrent and, in some cases, separate jurisdictions from LEOs. 

Peacekeepers enforce the Law of the Land in international jurisdictions, and the Law of the Soil in national jurisdiction.  They also interface with their counterparts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea (Maritime Commerce) and the global jurisdiction of Admiralty. 

Our American Government has superior concurrent general jurisdiction on air, land and sea.  This means that our courts are enabled to judge both the Law itself, and the facts of any case brought before it.  

American Admiralty does exist and we do have the ability to consider maritime and Admiralty issues with a few strictly limited exceptions delegated to our British Territorial Federal Subcontractors.  

Our Peacekeepers uphold the international Law of the Land (Constitutions included), County Law (Law of the Nation) and State Law; they interface with Law Enforcement Officers in the international jurisdictions of the Sea (Maritime and Admiralty) and global jurisdiction of the Air (Roman Civil Law, Law Merchant) who enforce State-of-State Statutes, Administrative Codes, Regulatory Codes, Municipal Codes, Military Codes, and so on. 

The important distinction to be made is that our Peacekeepers and courts enforce the actual Law, while Law Enforcement Personnel deal in Code Enforcement. 

Our Continental Marshals are filling the spot vacated by the Federal Marshals Service: International Land Jurisdiction.  Their expertise is international crimes committed on the land and soil, including human trafficking, interstate bank fraud, counterfeiting, contraband smuggling, interstate identity theft, credit fraud, embezzlement between two or more States, inland piracy, and similar crimes.  

The thing to keep in mind is that Continental Marshals are international/interstate officers. Two or more States or foreign nations have to be involved in their investigations and enforcement activities. They can travel freely between States and carry on multiple investigations in diverse locations at once. 

The Continental Marshals can be called upon for assistance including multi-state investigations and armed enforcement operations in their international jurisdiction. They are the guys to call when you need to bust an international child trafficking ring, interstate smuggling, multi-state racketeering, and similar crimes that may be impacting your State. 

The Peacekeeping Task Force is similarly an international/interstate organization chartered by our Federation of States. PKTF's job is to network the various levels of Peacekeepers together, interface with and educate new Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement Officers, encourage cooperation and when necessary, enable joint operations. 

If a Hurricane devastates a multi-state area, like Hurricane Katrina did in the Gulf States a few years ago, so that lives are endangered, utilities severed, and looting is rampant --- the PKTF will be able to quickly provide emergency communications and pull in help across a broad spectrum of local, state, federal and private organizations, deftly providing for their coordination and service delivery.  

If there is ever an armed incursion, such as an invasion through Canada, the PKTF will be able to use their boots on the ground, their ham radio network, and other affiliated resources to coordinate military, militia, and peacekeeper response operations. 

Our Unincorporated County Sheriffs are Peacekeepers holding the highest Peacekeeping Office in the country; they literally outrank all other Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Officers, within the borders of the County they are elected to serve.

In addition to these Peacekeeping Officers and Elected Officials, we have Land Jurisdiction Marshals at Arms who are responsible for the security of our State Assemblies and State Assembly Militias that may be Deputized to engage in Peacekeeping operations.  

We hope this gives everyone a clear and explicit picture of the authorities, jurisdictions of operation, and functions of our Peacekeepers as presently organized.  These forces are all unincorporated and are operating on behalf of the American Public in the interests of Public Safety.   

All Code systems, Municipal, Territorial, Federal, or State-of-State or otherwise, including Administrative Code, function via constructive contract, not law.  

(Self v. Rhay, 61 Wa. 2nd, 261, 264-65, (Washington, 1963). 


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  1. Might it be possible for a bank to call a Peacekeeper if they suspect "fraud" regarding a deposit that was made in an account opened in their bank located on the land and soil in California since the check was issued by an apparent British Territorial Federal Subcontractor based in Washington DC? .........

  2. I'm just guessing here that she says that there is ... these officers available and that they're the ones to call but ... no phone #?
    This is like she said a few weeks ago that you should get some sort of new dollar but ... again ... no info as to actually attain them or where to go -- little things like that would make it too practical, no?

    1. Phone number? For ...peacekeepers or marshal at arms will be in each state...there will be 50+ when they are all in position. Probably better ways to find info than just a comment on a thread.

    2. Really? better ways to get the info than comment on the POST where the initial info was made available? are you an idiot or a coward anonymous?

      Anna always makes assertions then never provides how to get at the things asserted as available. Same thing she did with the AFD, claiming they exist in some global family bank. Seems to be more about creating a two tier class system in the US where the "self chosen" set themselves above the rest of the American Citizens and pretend they deserve real services and real money and nobody else does.

      Nevermind the whole Fraud vitiates everything, which would mean the registration of birth certs by hospitals due automated processes is Fraudulent Trafficking of Living People into other jurisdictions where municipal and territorial predators await to seize on such... It can't be fraud vitiates everything, and then you have to go "record the 928 paperwork to refute the fraud" or you have admitted that by recording the 928 paperwork that your registration was Valid, and you took action to Revoke it. Talk about a bait n switch.

    3. Go to American state you have to learn to come back to the land, .out people, such as yourself want this handed to you, numb,address etc, you have to do the work. Get off your ass and do the work,quit witing for someone to hand you a "package" with all the info! Not going to happen.

    4. No... Thanks, you can enjoy your bait n switch and the consequences that come with such. I'm not going to act on the words of some unelected self appointed fiduciary and her belcher boyfriend... Her Stories have been ongoing now for over a DECADE, I've read them all, and to someone capable of actual critical thinking, something is Off and has been since the Start for reasons already noted above.

  3. "Where do you think "Q" got its name from? "

    It got its name from in-q-tel. Duh. Not the Queen.

    1. Why are you being so cruel? It’s completely unnecessary.

    2. Cruel? Na, thats the bait an switch.
      THE CONSTITUTION IN ALL ITS FORMS stand against the CONTINENTAL ASSOCIATIONS (aka the articles of association, oct 20, 1774) clause 2, forcing clause 14
      It's why they ran to the loyalist states for the land for DC and part of why they got the boot from philly shortly after the revo

      I highly suggest she stands down, along with the rest of the bad actors who only publish part truths