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Monday, April 29, 2024

The Most Targeted Assembly in America

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Nicholas,

You are correct about the power involved and the necessity to use it, but I don't think Paul is creating "sedition" or "insurrection" --- just inappropriate abuses of power that are case book examples of what he learned from years spent inside the de facto government machine.  

Well, that's over.  If he is willing to continue as a "mere" member, show him some appreciation and slack, please.  We are all somewhat the pawns of unconscious beliefs and habits and debts that we owe. 

Please give your full support to Amy and those who are willing to serve as Coordinators throughout Michigan.  With a better understanding of the role of the Coordinator and better training materials becoming available to all, it should be easier for everyone to keep the train on the track.  

I will share with you all that there is something about Michigan that the military is very anxious to retain control of, and I am not sure at this point why it is SUCH a big deal for them, but I have some surmises. 

Obviously, Michigan's position on the Great Lakes and access to the St. Lawrence Seaway is important.  Obviously, smuggling of all kinds has been a problem in States bordering the Great Lakes for generations. Your many rugged coastlines and proximity to Canada offer opportunities for both smuggling and military operations, such as defending against a military invasion from Canada, which has been tried by Britain several times before.  

But why Michigan in particular?  Why not the other States with Great Lakes shores and access?  Their focus on Michigan has been so tight, so obvious, for so long, that it has forced me to analyze it.  

When I first met with Robert Gillam and other members of the District Jural Assembly on Michigan I was struck by the fact that this entire effort had been put in motion and maintained by former staff members of General MacArthur, who was, of course the Commander of the Pacific Theater in WWII, and the officer most singularly responsible for the loss of the Philippines Islands and the gold hoards that the Japanese acquired there, aka, Yakimoto's Gold, which was actually gold that belonged to our government and other depositors. 

Why would the Philippines, known to be the largest gold depository in the Eastern Hemisphere, and the home of most of our American gold since 1934, be left largely unguarded?   Just waiting for the Japanese to sweep in? Like a big, fat, sitting duck?  

Friends, I think you have a massive gold hoard scuttled away by Navy Officers, hidden somewhere in Michigan.  I would be willing to bet money on it.  And they are still guarding it, for their British Territorial U.S. Government and King Charlie.  

That's my surmise -- that the U.S. Navy that transported our gold to the Philippines in the first place, either transported a big chunk back here before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, up the St. Lawrence, and plunked it somewhere in Michigan, or, they spent our gold on British debts straight out of the Philippines and around the Pacific Rim, and trekked in European gold to substitute for it when they made the deposit in Michigan.   But for some reason, they haven't been able to move it or use it since then. 

Well, they are, if I am right, between the Devil and the Deep Blue.  They were wrong to transport our gold to the Philippines in the first place.  Damned once. And to transport it back and stash it for eighty years-plus with no admission to the American people?  Damned twice.  I think they are working on a Third Strike.  And I even-- myself-- think that the gold in Michigan isn't really our gold from the Philippines, but is European gold that has been substituted for it. 

Another sleight of hand. 

They don't want us to be in Session in Michigan when the music stops, because our State Assembly there would claim it back for America, not Britain.  They couldn't claim it was abandoned property. 

And now that you all know my surmises about the situation and what your government in international jurisdiction has doped out about it, you are better prepared to grapple with whatever untoward influences and influencers come your way.  

If I am right, there's around 8 Billion with a "B" Metric tons of gold in Michigan and they can't get it out of there without some kind of narrative and they can't claim it without some excuse.  I think they planned to quietly place a claim on abandonment on it, using their song and dance that we are "missing" and our government is "in interregnum" but they can't do that with a State Assembly in Session.   

So the next best thing they could do was exactly what they have tried to do three times in a row --- establish a tight knit and highly controlling group of former military and agency operatives in control of The Michigan Assembly, so they could just play dumb, make sure that you never raise your hands, and declare a recess or an emergency to shut the Assembly down --- then just cart everything back down the St. Lawrence, probably to Canada, the British Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico, then "home" to London.  

Judging from the men I have met from MacArthur's sleeper cell, and those who held the first dissolved Michigan Assembly in thrall, and now this --- I would further surmise that it is more complex than just a bunch of former Navy and Military officers carrying out some "personal commissions" to claim booty retrieved from the New World. I suspect that we are also dealing with the Templars who run the Inner City of London and Jesuits, who are also interested in controlling and/or stealing gold. 

This explains why the Michigan Assembly has been repeatedly targeted and put through the wringer with control freaks and mummers, who suppress growth and handpick people who will be obedient.  And kick everyone else out. No other State of the Union has been so heavily targeted.  Not even California.  

Now, you know the very probable reason why and why the silent stakes are so high.  

You also know to be on your guard and keep your eyes open, and have some idea of what to look for. 

The idea of a "limited invasion" from Canada has been on the table for some weeks now. This invasion would be, anti-intuitively, by "sea" -- the Great Lakes, rather than just rolling across the midland open borders. Why?  

To reach the location of the gold more directly and extract it more quickly.  To avoid any claim by us of an "Act of War", because the British Monarch is "our" Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and the Great Lakes are Navigable Inland Waterways. 

To give you some other strange insights -- the 8 Billion tons of gold cashiered in your State is most likely not actually gold from American sources.  My guess is that the gold from American sources that was deposited in the Philippines has largely been trafficked away, smelted down, mixed with other gold, hallmarked under different ownerships, and spirited away around the Pacific Rim to pay for British debts and war-mongering and political payola.  

But, at the same time, the Bank of England had to figure something else out.  

Sure, they wanted to steal the American gold in the Philippines from 1934 onward, and also have some plausible explanation for its disappearance --- "The Japanese took it during the occupation." --- which sounds better than, "We embezzled it and stole it for "country and King" and used it to pay off British debts and payola to other countries."  

But at the same time, what if, God forbid, the Americans woke up and came asking about all the gold shipped to the Philippines without our knowledge or consent, purportedly for "safekeeping"? 

The Bank of England had better be able to turn and say --- here it is, safe and sound, jolly good! 

If my observations are correct, there is a much bigger game in motion here.  

I suspect from the quantity of gold that I believe is "deposited" in your fair State of the Union, that it is Prussian gold that was deposited in the Bank of England prior to World War I --- and that substituting the Prussian gold for our long-lost and long-spent gold deposits in the Philippines ---  is yet another dodge for the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. 

The Bank of England was left with two absolutely huge "unclaimed" gold deposits made prior to WWII by Czar Nicholas II and Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, ten billion tons belonging to Russia and eight billion tons belonging to the Kingdom of Prussia.  Neither one of those governments survived World War I, so there was nobody to remember those deposits and no "recognized" Successor government to claim them.

Except that the people of both those countries could have booted up competent land jurisdiction governments and reclaimed all that gold as natural successors, if they had known. 

Another big snowstorm, another big "war", and what I expect to find is that the Prussian gold from the Bank of England is likely to be the ultimate source of the gold that MacArthur's fleet stashed in Michigan just before WWII.  Why? 

It just makes more sense.  Gold is heavy.  Why move it all the way back from the Philippines, when you've got vast quantities of Russian and German gold to hide, and can just transport it the much shorter distance across the Atlantic? 

There is little doubt in my mind that MacArthur told his men that the gold they were guarding was from our stash in the Philippines, and no doubt they all believed that.  Why not?  They didn't know about the Russian and Prussian gold, but we do.  

And there is one more twist. 

The gold that I believe is stashed there in Michigan, which they will either attempt to transport to Canada or back down the St. Lawrence, or explain it away as our gold from the Philippines, and which is, most likely, gold stolen from the Kingdom of Prussia, may have ultimately come from India. 

Think about it.  Britain has no natural gold or silver deposits, no precious gems, so how did Britain become so incredibly wealthy and why would anyone deposit vast stores of gold and silver and other precious commodities with the Bank of England? 

Because the British Raj raped India in the 1860's and seized by force all the gold and silver and gems of the Maharajahs. They also benefited for many years by asset stripping the forests and fields of India. That's how Britain and the Bank of England became so rich all of a sudden.  Before that, they were skint and struggling to pay off their many war debts. 

As to the second question, why would the Czar and the Prussian Heir to the Throne deposit their gold with the Bank of England?  They were part of the British Royal Family.

WWI was supposed to be all a show for the benefit of the gullible public. Nobody "in the family" was supposed to get hurt by WWI. It was supposed to be a little dust up to distract public attention away from the bankruptcy of the Scottish Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated.  And the Mother Country, England, by prior agreement, was supposed to be safe from invasion, so why not put your gold in a safe location? 

This is why I am not pleased or mollified when someone like Charlie Ward tells me to "Relax, get some popcorn, and enjoy the show."

Now, perhaps this will be shocking to you, and I don't blame you if it is, but there is a reason that Michigan has been such a hotbed of un-American activity and repeated attempts to rule The Michigan Assembly like despots. 
Michigan is key to getting their hands on that gold, and if they can't outright take it, use it to spin a narrative that makes them look good. 

What will it be?  Oh, here, here's all your gold from the Philippines, returned to you, America?   Or, look, we recaptured all this gold that was stolen from you by the Nazis?  Or, what seems to be most popular-- we dug it out of cellars and tunnels under Vatican City?  Tripe, of course, all of it. 

They will tell us and the rest of the world anything but the truth. 

The truth is that they stole this immense wealth from India and in the years between 1860 and 1907, they divided up the spoils between Britain and all the associated kingdoms ruled over by Queen Victoria's children.  Only the Czar, a sincere Christian, and Emperor Wilhelm II, who had suffered his family's scorn since childhood because he had a withered arm, cared anything about truth or fairness or honor -- so they were targeted by the others, and replaced by less savory rulers -- Lenin and Hitler.   

So, for the record, if I am right, tomography and Lidar has already revealed the existence of a huge gold stash in Michigan, probably close to the Canadian Border, and the metallurgy of that gold will show that it originally came from India, where it should return for the solace of the Indian people. 

We, Americans, and in particular, you, Michiganders, didn't ask to be in the middle of this. Most Americans don't even know that their gold was trafficked away to the Philippines beginning after the Civil War, much less do they spend ten minutes thinking about what happened to all the wealth of India siphoned away by "Great" Britain during the Raj, or what happened to the wealth of the Kingdom of Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia?  

Unlike the bodies of millions of men, women, and children who have died because of this criminal Empire, those who have rotted away together with their potentials and dreams, and returned to the soil from whence they came, the metals continue to sit wherever they have been deposited, their inert and enduring nature seeming to bespeak innocence. 

We are all left, once again, to contemplate the question -- what do we really value?  Do we value these dead bricks of metal more than our sons and daughters?  More than our lives, our freedom, and our honor?  

This is a peculiar challenge for Michigan to face. It's not anything I would wish upon you, but it's clear from all the control tactics and manipulation you are getting-- and have been suffering from the start-- that Michigan is the most targeted Assembly in America, and must fight harder to thrive and survive as a result.   

We have reason to suspect that Paul Peterson has long known or been told about the gold, but for whatever reasons, chose not to tell you what you are up against, or the extra dangers you may face. I see it a little differently. 

I think you deserve to know that you are not just imagining the violent build up of tension just under the surface of mundane things. All the upheaval in your Assembly isn't because Michiganders are any more knot headed than anyone else. It's coming at you from across the sea, from bankers and brokers and Kings, and as usual, they are after something that you don't even know you possess.  

Now that you know what they are after, you will be better able to block and duck and keep your Assembly moving.  And may God bless all of you. 

Anna Maria


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