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Monday, April 29, 2024

Greetings From The Frog

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is the best and most succinct explanation concerning "driving", "vehicles", and "commercial transport" I have seen lately. 

Many of you have called or written to me about driving and cars and licenses, etc. 

Among the great roster of impositions created by our run amok public employees and the misapplications of statutory "laws" to non-citizens who aren't engaged in any commercial activity at all, the demands that we all get "Driver Licenses" when we aren't driving and that we "register our vehicles" when its to our detriment and our cars and trucks aren't being used as vehicles --- are among the most widespread abuses. 

This young man in the video posted above does what all of us should do -- keeps it simple, short, and sweet. 

Just the facts, Ma'am. And the definitions. 

You can look up your own State's "Vehicle Code" and the same definitions he found for Arizona.  They are the same in every State-of-State nationwide, and they all derive from the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956. 

While you are looking up the definition of "driver" and "vehicle" and "commercial transportation" and other key concepts, don't forget to look up the actual code definition of "highway".  

It's always educational and darkly amusing to see how you've been snookered.  

18 USC 31 (a) (6) -- these statutes apply only to vehicles used for commercial purposes.

18 USC 31 (a) (10) -- then defines "commercial purposes". 

Thompson v. Smith, 155 Va. 367, 154 S.E. 579, 581, 584, 71 A.L.R. 604 (1930) defines the right to travel on the public highways and tells us it is "not a mere privilege....but a common right." 

Self v Rhay, 61 Wa 2nd, 261 264-65, (Washington, 1963). All Highway Patrol enforcement is under Code of one kind or another, and all such Code is "constructive contract, not Law".  

Graham v Cummings, 57 Atl. 943, 208 Pa. 616 (citing Herzog v Herzog, 29 Pa (5 Casey) 465: traveling in "non-commercial intercourse" is not covered by the Motor Vehicle Code.  

(You should see the look on the patrolman's face when you tell him you are engaged in non-commercial intercourse.) 

Shuttlesworth v Birmingham, Alabama, 373 US 262 (1962): "If the state does convert your right into a privilege, and issues a license and fee for it, you can ignore the license and fee and engage the right with impunity."  

Here's the one I love most of all, issued in 1796, and showing how far away we have drifted from our understanding of man and Law:  

Cruden v Neale, 2 N.C. 338, May Term, 1796: 

"....every man is independent of all law except those prescribed by nature; he is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow man without his consent." 

Most codes seeking to regulate and violate our right to travel started out as Jim Crow Laws in the South, where the object was to keep Negroes from traveling freely via a process of licensing their right to travel as a privilege.  

This is, in itself, an illegal and highly discriminatory activity on the part of the State of State, so they tried to excuse themselves and avoid lawsuits by forcing everyone to accept Driver Licenses and Vehicle Registrations. 

One wrong begets another; enslaving one man becomes an excuse to enslave us all. 

Now, for some Magic Words: 

"I don't accept this offer to contract, and I don't consent to these proceedings." 

It doesn't matter when you have a need for them, whether it's a traffic stop or something far more serious, memorize these words quoted above and use them. 

If you are in an actual court setting being arraigned, for example, and there are actual attorneys present, you can add, "I don't accept solicitations, and I don't accept this offer to contract, and I don't consent to these proceedings." 

Have fun, and share this information with everyone who needs to hear, especially the local patrolmen and State Police.  

And remember, if you are "engaged in non-commercial intercourse" --- ahem! --- you don't offer a Driver License nor any Vehicle Registration, because that is a tacit "admission" and acceptance of contract.  

Instead, you give them your State Assembly ID and 
smile and say, "Good evening, Officer. What's the emergency tonight?  I am engaged in non-commercial intercourse and want to get home." 

Uh, um, uh.... 

Until this whole matter of illegal military occupation of our country is settled, they have the right to ask you for your name and address, but that's all. 

The only thing giving them any probable cause to suppose you are engaged in commercial activity is typically the license plate on the car. 

After that they have to get down to proving that you are engaged in commerce, and as you are not, that's going to be hard to do.  

Now that you know their game, you can play it. 

You are driving home with five cheerleaders and get stopped.  What do you do? 

"Hey, girls, are you paying me to drive you anywhere?"  

All five look at you like you are nuts and shake their heads like dogs watching a shooting gallery video game.  

"No way!" says Sheila, "I wouldn't pay to ride in this rust bucket!"

The other girls chime in, "Nah, Tony always gives us a ride home after the game....(snickering)....anyway, Officer, we are definitely not engaging in any commercial intercourse!"

By about now, the average patrolman is shaking his head.  The repeated use of the word "intercourse" has made him turn red half a dozen times.  He doesn't know whether to laugh or be annoyed. 

If there is no whiff of alcohol or weed, he doesn't even have an excuse to make you do a field sobriety test. 

If he's smart, he's going to draw himself up to his full height in an effort to retain his dignity and mumble something like, "Have a good evening, sir. Easy on the gas...."

He will go bother someone else who won't talk to him about commercial and non-commercial intercourse. Easier prey.  Lower hanging fruit.   

Think about all the brutal things that go on, the pat downs and smack downs and abuses of "power" some of these guys inflict, the cars they impound and confiscate for profit, the fines people are made to pay under force and color of law....    

So, protect yourselves and protect each other. 
Knowledge is power, and now, you've got some. 

Feel free to share with any Highway Patrolman.  


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