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Saturday, April 20, 2024

History of Me and MGJA and OGJA and Similar Groups

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has been a concerted effort to misrepresent some history that needs to be addressed; specifically, a misrepresentation of my experiences with the Michigan General Jural Assembly.  

I did support what they, the Michigan General Jural Assembly, were doing initially, because they were patriotic and doing some good things, but very early on we ran aground on three (3) fundamental issues. 

The first was disagreement about the necessity of making official declarations of political status reclaiming the birthright estate and recording and publishing these declarations in public.  

It was necessary in my view and still is, because whether we like it or not, the birth certificate registration(s) provide a public record trafficking us into the foreign jurisdictions of the sea and the air, and action must be taken to reverse that, or we fail to establish "standing" on the land and soil. 

Without standing on the land and soil, we cannot form a properly constituted State Assembly and wind up creating another District Assembly, instead. 

To get out of this self-encirclement requires correct and decided action on our parts.  Nobody can do it for us, and until we do it for ourselves, we remain unable to access our own constitutional guarantees, live under our own laws, or provide ourselves with our own courts and assemblies. 

So this was by no means a small issue.  It is fundamental and foundational to success and required if we wish to establish both provenance and standing for our authority and our actions as individuals and as assemblies made up of individuals. 

Try as I might,  the Michigan General Jural Assembly insisted that they were and were going to remain U.S. Citizens --- which is a foreign British Territorial political status, and results in a situation analogous to trying to build a Christian Church based on Muslim parishioners. 

The second issue we parted ways on was the idea that the Michigan General Jural Assembly could exist apart from a State Assembly.  

Jural Assemblies are subsets of State Assemblies and are derived from the membership of State Assemblies.  Their functions are unique and separate, but there is no precedence in this country or anywhere else that I know of, for free-standing Jural Assemblies that aren't part of a larger State Assembly framework.  

Michigan General Jural Assembly didn't want to bother with the hard work and effort of building an actual State Assembly and a Jural Assembly within it.  They wanted to just ersatz set up a storefront and say they were a Jural Assembly with no State Assembly backing them. 

I told them that wasn't really possible, as the judicial functions take their authority from the State Assembly as a whole. 

They didn't want to hear that, either.  

I warned them that going off halfcocked could get them in real trouble akin to what happened with the Colorado Nine, and that acting as a Jural Assembly without a State Assembly backing them would undermine their efforts and discredit them. 

They paid me no mind. They were military men and I was "just a woman".   

The third stumbling block to working with the Michigan General Jural Assembly and the Oregon General Jural Assembly and all other such organizations that have come along, turned out to be a basic misunderstanding about how jurisdictions work. 

They studied the history and observed that our Forefathers formed the county-level governments before they formed the state-level governments, and they thought that's how we should do it now, too.  

But we can't. 

Because we, unlike our Forefathers, have been trafficked off the land and have to go through the additional effort to "return from over the sea".  

And that requires papering over the registrations held against us, which brings us back to the impasse over having to declare, record, and publish our chosen political status. 

Around and around we went, until I finally gave up and started a totally different effort to build The Michigan Assembly --- the fully papered up General Assembly needed to empower and launch a valid Jural Assembly.  

So, The Michigan Assembly developed separately and has a General Assembly that is in the process of building their Jural Assembly --- as it should be, instead of trying to construct a Jural Assembly out of thin air.  

Where does that all leave the Michigan General Jural Assembly and the Oregon General Jural Assembly, and all similar groups?  

Out in the weeds, functioning as "undetermined patriot groups", but still talking about important issues of history and still thinking that their Grand Juries can get traction on water. 

From time to time, disgruntled members of these groups attack me and try to present me as if I were somehow dishonest with them -- but in fact, I was and am totally frank about these disagreements and the reasons I have for them. 

Everyone concerned wants justice and protection for the States and people of this country, but if we don't agree on the steps necessary to "get there from here" all we can do is agree to disagree and go our own ways, which to my certain knowledge is what I have done with respect to MGJA, OGJA, et alia. 

I checked out RuSA, too, but they had the same sorts of issues -- clinging to US citizenship, failure to grasp the different kinds of "states" involved, using quasi-commercial administrative law inside the box, instead of knowingly, consciously realizing that our law is Common Law and that we have to provide ourselves with our own Common Law Courts. 

Now, I am not saying that these are not all wonderful, patriotic, decent people --- not at all. 

What I am saying is that there is a road forward that goes straight to the goal, and many roads that just go around and around and around.  

My road forward isn't easy, but it exists, and the logic of it all hangs together in one piece. There are no missing pieces or leaps of faith left unsupported by logic and custom and history and public record. 

Now observe National Liberty Alliance.  By my count, they've been promoting Common Law and writing all sorts of beautiful Common Law Writs to no avail for over twenty years.  

The NLA members simply refuse to observe, or maybe refuse to believe,  that the district federal courts and their state-of-state franchise courts don't have, don't recognize, and don't use American Common Law.  

To be fair, the Federales have never used what we call Common Law.  They have a "form" of common law, but it's not civilian and it's not American. It's the Universal Code of Military Justice, and that is not something that should be applied to civilian populations. 

In the same way, all the Fourth Branch groups taking their cue from comments made by the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia, are confused and think that they can just sprout a Grand Jury out of thin air, with no surrounding support structure provided by actual State Assemblies. 

It's like imagining you can have a pork chop without a hog, but there it is, and millions of Americans are donating their time and money and hearts to these organizations that are still "lost at sea". 


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