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Saturday, April 20, 2024

International Public Notice: Notice of Liability, Etc.

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once again, the corporations merely providing "essential government services" have attacked their employer -- in this case, me, under False Pretenses. 
They are trying to do the same thing to me as they are doing to Donald Trump, however, with less success, because I don't accept solicitations and don't voluntarily adopt any foreign citizenship or character. 

And, once again, "Fearless Floyd", a man who doesn't know me and obviously doesn't know what I do or teach, has been blowing this up as if I had anything to do with it just because some foreign subcontractors have used my name in vain and are misaddressing their own unauthorized franchises as if these things had something to do with me, when they don't. 

I will be publishing jpegs of every page of this entire document including the final finished signature pages and copies of DOJ's "summons" to Municipal COURT and their actual filing in Admiralty Court.  

Everyone is invited to stare up my skirt until they see Jesus.  

I will note in passing that the DOJ is alleging -- fraudulently -- that a federal municipal corporation franchise named after me (in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT) and operating under Maritime Commerce and/or a British Territorial Person named after me and operating under Admiralty, owe their clients, the IMF and/or Federal Reserve, over a million dollars.  

This is laughable, as I, personally, have no taxable "income" at all, and don't benefit from the existence of either one of these foreign "persons", and don't voluntarily adopt any foreign citizenships or accept any solicitations.  

So, in return to this farcical and frivolous claim on the part of DOJ, I am issuing a most extraordinary communication to six named Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, and emailing this copy of the text to the attention of the same Principals preparatory to posting the signed version of same and publishing it worldwide:

Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit:


Notice of Information, Notice of Liability, Notice of Claim

Discharge Under Duress, Non-Liability Notice, and Estoppel




 April 20th 2024

                                                                                                                          Big Lake, Alaska


U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan        U. S.  District Court

702 Hart Senate Office Bldg    222 West Seventh Avenue, Room 209

Washington, DC 20510             Anchorage, Alaska 99513


Governor Michael Dunleavy        Asst. Judge Advocate General, Civil

State of Alaska                                AJAG, Civil Law (Code 01)

P.O. Box 110001                              2000 Navy Pentagon

Juneau, Alaska 99811                    Washington, DC 20350-2000


Daniel Applegate                            State of Alaska

U.S. Department of Justice           Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 7238 Ben Franklin Stn.   5700 East Tudor Road

Washington, D.C. 2004                  Anchorage, Alaska 99507




(1)    The first misconception I wish to address is that there is no “war” and never has been any actual legitimate war on this continent since the War of 1812.  The American Civil War and all such conflicts ever since have been Mercenary Conflicts which are not owed nor covered by any dignity of The Law of War. None of these conflicts have been declared by any Congress holding the delegated authority to Declare War on behalf of this country, so these “wars” are relegated to the status of “commercial wars” engaged in by privately held and foreign chartered corporations acting under color of law;


(2)    So, let us dispense with any fanciful references to unauthorized and never granted emergency powers, the Trading With the Enemy Act, NDAA, and similar presumptions of war and enmity based on corporate Executive Declarations in such tongue-and-cheek Mercenary Conflicts as the “War” on Poverty.  Let us admit that with respect to actual Americans who are not voluntarily adopting either Federal citizenship, there is no grant of any “emergency powers” to any part of the government regarding them and no suspension of the Constitutions is possible by those who rely on the Constitutions for the existence of their jobs and their residency;


(3)    My purpose in firmly declaring this and addressing it to the JAG Office is to make them aware of and liable for the conduct of illegal “war”, including plundering and pillaging, and illegal confiscation of civilian assets, which is ongoing throughout this country, The United States, and which has been ongoing ever since the Carpetbagger Courts of the Civil War Era;


(4)    My further purpose is to make all Parties addressed aware of the fact that undeclared Foreign Agents, such as Mr. Daniel Applegate, a Federal Officer, subject to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, are acting extra-territorially in Alaska and misaddressing average American civilians under color of law, so as to present fraudulent claims first as commercial claims and second, under the Naval Agency and Dispositions Act to promote additional False Claims under unratified (by our States) Federal Code, such at Title 26, which claims the existence of and administrative rights over, the Estate of a “missing, presumed dead” British Merchant Seaman, specifically, a Warrant Officer rated as a “Taxpayer”, and similar mechanizations of constructive fraud and impersonation seeking to latch onto American civilians and their assets and to subject them to foreign law in contravention of Articles VI and XI – in this case, of The Constitution of the United States of America.  See 26 USC 1203 (b) (6) for undeniable proof that a “taxpayer” --- any “taxpayer” presumed to exist is an employee of either the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS, and not an average American civilian living in one of the States of the Union at all;


(5)    Thus, to the best of my understanding, Mr. Applegate and his Associates, are engaged in a complex impersonation and barratry scheme, attempting to misaddress charges to me that are related to foreign officers and franchise organizations being operated by government subcontractors in  a completely different jurisdiction of the Law, and are deliberately promoting False Claims against me and my substance, full-well knowing that I am not and have never been an employee of any variety of Internal Revenue Service/IRS, have never knowingly, willingly, and with full disclosure adopted the role of a British Merchant Mariner, and am in fact the only one holding the entire Survivorship Interest in the Anna Maria Riezinger Estate, or as they currently style it, Riezinger, Anna Maria, a bankrupt and civilly dead British Territorial “Legal Person”;  


(6)    Let me make it very clear that I am claiming my “reversionary trust interest” and my purportedly waived American infant decedent estate, and am requiring the State of Alaska and its sister organization, the State of Wisconsin, to liquidate any interest of these respective State Trusts in my property and persons,  and also requiring the release of my Good Name and other property assets related to me to my care and administration; this includes but is not limited to removing all land to which I and my presumed foreign “Estate” hold title – and which I also hold the underlying patent interests in;


(7)    Let us also be clear that this is not a convenient claim resorted to as a result of Mr. Applegate and his False Presumptions; these issues have been clearly established on the record of the State of Alaska Court, Third Judicial District, Palmer, Alaska, on the records of the State of Alaska Land Recording Office, and on the records of the Uniform Commercial Code Unit, Anchorage, Alaska, the Wisconsin Vital Statistics Bureau, and are cured over a period of years stretching back more than two decades;


(8)    I am not attempting to escape any “charges”.  Mr. Applegate’s charges don’t belong to me and cannot be accepted by me except under force and duress, as such acceptance involves participation in a crime against me and against my lawful government, and I do claim that I am being subourned and am suffering illegal press-ganging and conscription, being racketeered against, and deliberately impersonated;


(9)    The wish that I adopt the foreign political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen does not make it my command and without an actual war, there can be no legal or lawful occupation of this country by any armed force whatsoever; despite being initially taken in by a deliberately undisclosed contract presented to my Mother when I was still a baby, and which did not distinguish between the American Government operating in international jurisdiction as The United States of America and the United States of America, Incorporated, she eventually realized her mistake and revoked and removed her signature on the hospital paperwork used to waive my American estate; her action recanting it stands on the public record of the Jackson County Wisconsin Land Recording Office;


(10)This contract seeming to define me and obligate me as a Territorial U.S. Citizen was totally unconscionable to me, a baby at the time, and remained so until well-past my eighteenth birthday; notwithstanding, I issued my claim on my American estate at the earliest opportunity upon being properly advised and I maintain that this -- undisclosed (to American parents) and unconscionable (to the babies who are the targets and victims) to me contract is null and void and has no possible power or effect lacking acquiescence --- and it certainly does not have my acquiescence upon its revelation or at any time thereafter;


(11) The object of this clandestine contracting process appears to be unlawful conversion of my political status and nationality as an American by a foreign, privately-owned and secretively operated corporation in the business of providing “essential government services” per Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America and merely calling itself the United States of America, Incorporated;


(12) This British Crown Corporation, dba, the United States of America, Incorporated, was sold to a consortium of five investment bankers and has acted as a Successor to contract (under The Constitution of the United States of America) ever since. The U.S. Congress has functioned as a Board of Directors for this corporation in an effort to avoid public cognizance of the nature of this version of “United States of America”;


(13) The surreptitious and unlawful conversion of the natural apolitical status of Americans by an unconscionable contract established by Third Parties (the Mother suffering non-disclosure) and the Medical Doctor (compromised by conflict of interest as a conscripted and licensed Uniformed Officer) is a capital crime under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, yet it has been universally pursued in the country by our Federal Subcontractors acting in Breach of Trust;


(14) My final purpose in this section of my Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, is to forthrightly object to all presumptions arising from this initial unconscionable contract imposed by deceit on a baby, including any inclusion of my property assets in a State Trust, the copyrighting of my Good Name without my knowledge or permission by the British Crown, the presumption that I am acting as a Municipal Corporation franchise in Maritime Commerce, and any other legal presumptions and representations made “for” “me” in my “absence” by the Officers and Elected Officials of the United States of America, Incorporated;


(15) As a merely Presumed Donor to the State Trust, I require my assets to be returned to me and to my singular control; I have recorded and published my Irrevocable Will in the matter of the ultimate disposition of my property interests both public and private, so there can be no excuse for the claim of a public interest or need for a Cestui Que Vie Trust established in my name and no equivocation or representation otherwise claiming that my estate is intestate, that I am incompetent in the mental sense of “competence”, nor any excuse for any further claim that I am an “Enemy” in an illegal and immoral Mercenary Conflict hosted by foreign, privately-owned commercial corporation subcontractors on my shores. My Express Trust is thus delivered to the Officers of the Courts and the Subcontractors, who are responsible for honoring my wishes and realizing that I am not a “Federal citizen”;


(16) I claim not only my improperly waived American birthright estate, I claim sole Survivorship Interest in the British Territorial Estate created “in my name”, and any beneficial interest in all Municipal CORPORATIONS established in my name under Municipal Code;


(17) I am not a corporation nor a corporation employee and I do not represent a corporation, as in I do not accept foreign titles and employment such as “Authorized Representative”, “Taxpayer” or “Voter” -- and I am self-evidently refusing all foreign titles, including but not limited to “Miss”, “Ms”, “Mrs”, etc;


(18) I will note in passing that the moniker “von Reitz” is a name I copyrighted as a penname in 1981 and which I reconveyed to the land and soil jurisdiction of The United States as part of my removal from any presumption of voluntary engagement in maritime commerce or admiralty occupations, and I affirm that no such combined creature or person dba “Riezinger-von Reitz” exists except by the interpretation of the same criminals responsible for this entire constructive fraud aiming to impersonate me and defraud me of my natural standing and property assets;


(19) The evidence of the crimes described by this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit is abundant, but most apparent in the existence of Clearinghouse Certificates issued by the State of Wisconsin (in my case or similar State-of-State organizations which are merely franchises of the Federal parent corporation) initially, upon my identity being denigrated to the status of a “human” operating as a U.S. Citizen, and again, a second time, when my identity was denigrated to the status of a Municipal Corporation franchise dubbed a UNITED STATES CITIZEN, aka, “citizen of the United States” within the meaning and intent of the Fourteenth (By-Law) Amendment to the Corporate Articles first published as “The Constitution of the United States of America (Incorporated)” in 1868;


(20) The Fourteenth Amendment, like the Sixteenth Amendment, and all those following, adaptations to this corporation’s charter were never ratified by our States of the Union and required no such ratification, because: (1) technically, they pertain only to the elected officials, personnel and “citizenry” of the foreign body politic of the corporations involved; and (2) these “Amendments” represent changes to Corporation By-Laws being styled as “Amendments”.


(21) The legislative basis of the existence of the British Territorial U.S. Citizens rests on the Sheppard-Towner Act and related registration legislation, for example,  42 USC 9102 (18); the legislative Code basis for the existence of the citizens of the United States arises under Washington, DC Statute, Vital Statistics, Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10;


(22) All such mechanizations, charges, duties, and claims presented to me by Mr. Applegate, pertain to foreign governments and foreign corporation franchises which were created for the benefit of the perpetrators acting under color of law as Public Usufructs; as such, both parent corporations and all State-of-State franchises owe me their due diligence and duty to (1) hold me harmless from any claim or expense accruing from the existence of these unauthorized foreign “persons”, and (2) allow me free and unimpeded access to all exemptions and remedies on the land, and all full cure and maintenance of the British Territorial decedent Estate on the sea,  and all relief and recognition owed in the jurisdiction of the air --- for all those legislative acts which have been used to legalize otherwise criminal actions --- without which the full weight of the International and Public Law descends;


(23) Now, in this, which begins the Second Section of this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, I take up the specifics of one example pertaining to Mr. Applegate’s actions and the underlying legal presumptions which have been employed to expedite this vast and criminal impersonation scheme – a portion of the scheme that pertains directly to the issues of money and debt in the current circumstance in The United States, together with the above-referenced Usufructuary Duty that these foreign corporations owe with regard to remedies, cures, and recognition of the franchises which they have created for themselves via the use and abuse of the Given Names of American babies latched upon as a result of the foregoing unconscionable contract scheme and incorrect presumption of war described;


(24) In 1980, Jimmy Carter sold and transferred all the Municipal (slaves) CORPORATION birth certificates representing “United States citizens” to the IMF, aka, the International Monetary Fund, as security for additional loans to the U.S. Treasury; as these derivatives only exist as a result of the original undisclosed and unconscionable U.S. Citizen contract, they are null and void and subject to liquidation; we shall also observe that this entire process results in two forms of “money” being produced that are both predicated on illegal activities – peonage and enslavement, and illegal securitization of living flesh using the pretense of impersonation;


(25) Specifically, Americans impersonated as British Territorial U.S. Citizens are conscripted into peonage as Wards of the State and their assets including the value of their labor is used as the backing (collateral) for the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, which is a non-negotiable form of legal tender having no value whatsoever of its own, as it fails the definition of a negotiable instrument and as proven by numerous court cases, for example, "The term "money," in the statute defining robbery as taking from the person of another any money or personal property of any value whatsoever, with force and violence, and with intent to steal or rob, does not include bank notes." Turner v. State, 1 Ohio St. 422,426, and the theft of which is presumed to yield no appreciable harm or damage to the victim as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are merely promises to pay and not payment;


(26) Similarly, the US DOLLAR, known as the “USD” and the “Petrodollar” is securitized using the value of the derivative Municipal CORPORATION franchises, the “citizens of the United States” and their labor (enslavement) as the collateral used, in addition to the value-added to refined petrochemical products, as its backing; once again, these are “Notes” without a specified date of payment and are not payment, but merely promises to pay at some later date;  


(27) Against this backdrop of living people being impersonated and denigrated first as foreign Persons and next as incorporated THINGS, I bring forward the crimes of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration acting in 1933-34 during their voluntary bankruptcy of the United States of America, Incorporation, by treaty among the G-5 Nations established during the May 1930 Geneva Convention --- which resulted in our Public Employees illegally confiscating 20,000 Metric Tons of privately held American gold under color of law, the transfer of American gold reserves to the Philippines via the U.S. Navy for “safekeeping” and the entire country being taken off the gold standard;


(28) This series of de facto thefts and unauthorized impositions by a private corporation acting as a Federal Subcontractor had to be “legalized” or be recognized as crime; the remedy provided and memorialized in Federal Code Title XII and HJR 192, also known as Public Law 73-10, was set aside in 1982, except that this set aside provided that the tenets would remain in effect until other remedy was provided and no such subsequent offer has been forthcoming, which means that HJR 192 and Public Law 73-10 remain in effect and must remain in effect or the entire faux securitization and impersonation scheme underlying the issuance of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE comes apart and the Perpetrators become liable as criminals. This is because they forced Americans to exchange their gold and silver for paper promissory notes issued by the same Perpetrators of these schemes, which is a theft and an act of racketeering under color of law to the extent that remedy and choice is not provided;


(29)  Under force and duress, we must “accept” all charges such as Mr. Applegate and others like him bring forward, for value and return it for value, discharged per supersedeas insurance-policy-bond HJR 192 of 1933 and UCC 10-104 and 109, which is our congressionally designated right, and which is the only remedy ever proposed for the situation these corporations have created, which is itself a crime;


(30) The upshot of the situation is that via the impersonation scheme the corporate United States created a tacit mortgage (for its corporate debts) on my private property without my knowledge or consent and is using that as collateral for loans of credit and backing for money-substitutes from the non-Federal Federal Reserve Bank consortium and the IMF consortium, both, in my name and at my expense without my cognizance or agreement;


(31) Under the laws of equity which apply to the dead British Seaman’s Estate (which is how these Perpetrators invoke Admiralty jurisdiction), the United States, Inc., and United States of America, Inc., separately and jointly cannot take private property for public use without just compensation, nor put private property at risk for loans from the Federal Reserve Banks or the IMF, without providing an Equitable Remedy for the recovery of what is due as accrued interest and duty for the risk of my assets and wealth;


(32) In other words, the only way Mr. Applegate can hope to justify their actions is by claiming that I knew what they were doing and that I was agreeable to it and that I benefited from it by sharing in the credit generated off my purloined assets --- when I haven’t benefited at all and wasn’t even made aware of all these mechanisms and representations;


(33) HJR 192 and Public Law 73-10 which “legalize” these actions by the offending corporations, suspended the gold standard and exempted the victims from paying these corporate debts, because the very means of paying a debt – their gold, and ultimately, in 1971, their silver – was purloined by these same corporations, taken away from the actual owners, and replaced with fiat money-substitutes, the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, which can only discharge debts instead of paying them off;


(34) Public Insurance Policy HJR 192 of 1933 is the Hold Harmless Bond required to legalize all this chicanery and is the supersedeas bond for the Remedy, which was never advertised to the American Public, and for which no process or designation of responsible parties allowing the people to claim remedy was ever published and implemented by the Perpetrators; to this day, demands for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions owed to the American people go unanswered, and people like Mr. Applegate harass the victims as if they were the criminals responsible for this circumstance. From 1933 to 2024, there has been no organized effort by either corporation inhabiting the District of Columbia to pay the Americans back their long-lost money much less any portion of the “profit” realized as credit from this scheme;  no specific Officer has been named as the responsible Party and no program or process has been forthcoming to allow those insured against loss to make a claim;


(35) This foregoing results in unlawful conversion of credit owed to the American people being made available instead to foreign corporations merely claiming to “represent” us, and also funded the credit exemption upon which the debt write-off and discharge remedy is supposed to be based, and such remedy is necessary both in Law and at Law to exempt Congress from charges of treason; this remedy is what spares Senator Sullivan’s neck, so it should be of some interest to him and his cohorts that the remedy should actually be provided and not obstructed;  


(36) Mr. Applegate’s “charges” are each negative charges to the presumed debtor, which is the ens legis government corporation created franchise, but it is a credit to me as a Secured and Insured Party Creditor of both the incorporated United States and the United States of America, Inc., and their Principals;


(37) Everything in Maritime Commerce under the Uniform Commercial Code is reversed, so that a bill addressed to ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER or any fanciful approximation thereof, such as “ANNA M. RIEZINGER-VON REITZ” or any otherwise “styled” corporate derivative franchise presumed to exist, is an offer of “its” accepted credit to me as a Secured Party and Insured Creditor;


(38) To settle this account and stop Mr. Applegate’s illegal and immoral attempts to mischaracterize me as a “debtor” when I am in fact the preferential creditor, I am acting under duress to accept this offer on behalf of the actual debtors--- the foreign District Corporations ---  which is his offer of my credit for value and returning it to the U.S. District Court for its value as a mutual offset credit exemption exchange (MOCEE) to settle the charge on his account;


(39) However, I do not “voluntarily” accept any such duty or participation in this criminal system, of which I disapprove and which I do not condone or authorize, just as I object to the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and USD in the place of truly lawful money, and for the record, I object to FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES because they depend on peonage for their asset-backing and I also object to the USD currency because it depends on enslavement;


(40) My endorsement on Mr. Applegate’s presentment transforms it into a Promissory Note that discharges the presumed to exist debt with a mutual offset credit exemption exchange (MOCEE) per the insurance-policy-bond known as HJR 192 of 1933 and thus assigns a tiny portion of the credit owed to me as the primary owner of the assets being used as collateral to support this credit, which has been purloined against my Will and without disclosure to me;


(41) A bill is a demand for paying in “lawful money of account of the Untied States” and billing has been suspended until such time as “lawful money of account of the United States” --- meaning The United States since 1851, is restored to use, thus the Perpetrators have contrived to prevent payment of bills for over a hundred years, have deliberately amassed a private debt of over $35 Trillion Dollars as a result, and that vast debt is owed to me and others like me, yet Mr. Applegate has the audacity to falsely claim that I am his debtor and the debtor of his clients, the Federal Reserve and the IMF;


(42) I am here to testify that according to the Public Record the existence of this odious debt is entirely the responsibility of the respective banks and their Principals,  while I am an independent insured and Secured Party Creditor owed instantaneous relief;


(43) An odious debt is a debt created by means of fraud, which the victims are unaware of, and do not profit from; this is precisely the kind of debt that our Federal Subcontractors have amassed and which cannot be charged off against the American victims of this con game any longer. This so-called “National Debt” of the Federal Corporations has to be offset or paid;


(44) In other words, the Perpetrators of this scheme are preventing people from actually paying any debts and have set up a Monopoly Money scheme instead, in which representations of actual people trade private bank scrip and in which their actual and factual contributions are never credited to them or to any of the fictional “persons” that have been created in their names by the run amok Federal Corporations responsible for this situation, and which also gives rise to the appearance of a huge but actually non-existent “National Debt” owed by these same corporations;


(45) When the USA, Inc. prints a $20 bill, that bill must be paid on demand by the US, Inc.


(46) Secured Party Creditors of the corporate United States can tender and hereby do tender a mutual offset credit exchange exemption using a portion of the actual personal and private credit that is owed to me, the actual Creditor, by these same entities;


(47) By accepting, under force, “dollar bills” presented as debt notes in lieu of actual money which has value in and of itself, we become unwilling and in most cases, unknowing,  underwriters, for these notes, and perforce are strong-armed to “loan” additional credit to Uncle Sam and are to be paid back corresponding “dollar for dollar” according to the 1934 Emergency Banking Act with portions of our own personal private credit  when we require it, on demand;


(48) This is a result of the fact that both the assets and the credit derived from using the assets as collateral for borrowing actually belong to the living man, and not to the corporations “presuming” to have a custodial or public interest in his estate as a result of the whole impersonation scheme, creation of an American infant decedent estate, creation of a British Territorial Person defined as a bankrupt and civilly dead entity carrying the same name, creation of a British Territorial Estate, creation of a Municipal ESTATE trust (Cestui Que Vie) and on and on with these constructive frauds and deliberate misrepresentations aimed against the People at Large and their assets;


(49) Under force and with hearty objection to all these criminals acts against me, I have returned the “Acceptance” and the corresponding “Promissory Note” to the U.S. District Court for presentation to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, via the IRS or any Federal Reserve Bank as a deduction of credit to the IRS for the Federal franchises for US Credit Redemption in lieu of having access to my “lawful money of account”.  As discharge of the foreign debt is the only form of payment possible, it will have to do;


(50) I allow no presumption that I have voluntarily colluded against myself nor abandoned as much as a single letter of my name to any foreign Principal;


(51) Accrual income can be immediately added as an asset to an existing account because accrual income is accountable as soon as it is tendered and received, instead of when collected;


(52) As there is no substance-backed money domestically available at this time that we can access to actually pay a debt the United States (Incorporated) and its Principals, they have a priority obligation to the secured creditors (me) and a secondary obligation to the non-Federal Federal Reserve Bank for the corporate United State’s use of the USD and FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES;


(53) Commercial redemption of the debt and service fees is a legal and administrative remedy only, necessary for the members of Congress to escape criminal liability and arrest;  it’s their law, not mine, and I am not responsible for it, instead, I am being conscripted against my will and against the Public Law to perform as an “Authorized Representative” of their corporate franchise, which is yet another failure to perform their own Usufructuary Duty;



(54) The Collective Entity rule makes a clear distinction between a natural person created by God, alive or dead, and the fictional “legal persons” constructed and created by governmental service corporations as ens legis entities; as I am not in any way, shape, or form responsible for the creation of these corporate franchises and owe no administrative duty to keep their books or extend them credit or take any action whatsoever to respond to this court regarding these foreign entities;


(55) The Collective Entity Rule first expressed in Hale v. Hale, 201 US 43, 26 S. Ct. 370, 50 L. Ed. 652: and I quote:  “The innocent individual who is harmed by an abuse of governmental authority (such as gross extraterritorial trespass, crimes of personage, impersonation, etc. ) is assured that he will be compensated for his injury.”  -- Owen. 



(56) An action taken under duress to end a violent attack in no way accrues to the fault of the individual so imposed upon but accrues directly to those making such an attack and creating such a controversy, and so I present in this Third Part of my Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit, those issues that Mr. Applegate and “the Department of Justice, Inc.” are heir to;


(57) The Department of Justice is not part of the American Government, and booting up a new corporation calling itself “the American Government, Inc.” does not change that fact; the Department of Justice is a subcontractor of a subcontractor of a subcontractor and the pecking order goes like this:  The British Crown, the King, the British Commonwealth, the British Territorial United States Government, the United States of America, Incorporated, which chose to create and hire the personnel calling themselves “the Department of Justice” and operating as an incorporated franchise of the United States of America, Incorporated as the Department of Justice, Incorporated;  


(58) As such, Mr. Applegate and the Department of Justice, Inc., are misaddressing me and also misrepresenting themselves as part of our ordained government operating under delegated power, which is an act of constructive fraud, intended to imbue their actions with the force of governmental power that neither Mr. Applegate nor the Department of Justice, Incorporated, in fact possess. They are also knowingly bringing false charges “in my own name” against me, which is a crime of personage and barratry and fraud upon the court;


(59) As subcontractors so many layers down the chain of command, Mr. Applegate and the Department of Justice, Incorporated, may be presumed to be operating in a condition of enforced and purposeful ignorance, such that they think they have the powers of government, when in fact all they have is the flack jacket of ignorance;


(60) Mr. Applegate and the Department of Justice, Inc., have been fully informed that they do not have permission to use my name, make up new names for me, interpret the meaning of my name, attach my name to anything, or otherwise mischaracterize, misrepresent, or latch onto me or my assets for any purpose whatsoever, and they have also been or are being advised of their own law pertaining to pfishing expeditions, which provides that individuals caught making up names and titles and trying to attach them to Americans shall be subject to fines up to $250,000 and up to ten (10) years in jail per 18 USC 513 (a);


(61) As I am an unincorporated American, not a corporation and not voluntarily representing a corporation of any kind, and as I am claiming my reversionary trust interest and demanding release of my name and property from any presumption of custodial interest on the part of the British Crown or any other foreign power, corporation, or corporation franchise,  and being forced under duress to secure remedy from attacks foisted off on me by my own public employees and their Subcontractors acting in Breach of Trust, all Federal and Federally-connected Persons/PERSONS are under demand for remedy on the land and soil, full cure and maintenance on the sea, and recognition of my divine nature in the jurisdiction of the air;


(62) To the best of my knowledge, harassment and stalking of one’s employers for the purpose of strong-arm racketeering under pretense of war is a serious crime and the institutionalization of such practices is an even more serious affront against the people of this country;


(63) Let me further say that everything said here has been said before and the conclusions, that I am who I say I am, a Wisconsinite born in 1956 as a free woman, and not needing nor desiring any other status or participation in any foreign body politic, unconscionable and undisclosed contracts notwithstanding, fraudulently issued birth certificates notwithstanding, and attempted crimes of personage notwithstanding, has already been proven and accepted, so that attempts to further force me to contract by forcing me to assign credit owed to me as payment for services I never had oversight to refuse, is violent crime, fraud and extortion by undeclared foreign agents acting in an extra-territorial capacity and is defined as criminal activity under both international and Public Law;


(64) Mr. Applegate and the Department of Justice, Inc. need to be fully informed by U.S. Senator Sullivan to stand down and cease and desist their criminal activities on behalf of the United States of America, Incorporated, in Alaska, and require them to provide the legal remedies to discharge any “debt” accrued against any foreign Estate held in my name,  or he must himself stand liable for their activities;


(65) Governor Michael Dunleavy is similarly responsible for directing the Department of Public Safety to provide me and every other member of the People at Large of The United States with unobstructed access to the remedies, services, and infrastructure, such as roads and courthouses that we and our assets in fact paid for; also, to direct the Department of Public Safety to protect us from being addressed by foreign operatives and courts presuming upon us, when in fact we exist in an entirely different jurisdiction and are owed our own law, which we provide for ourselves, and which is a separate and superior and concurrent General Jurisdiction of Law fully admitted by the Judiciary Act of 1789 and ever since;


(66)  The Judge Advocate General’s office is hereby fully informed that: (1) I am an American civilian, a Wisconsinite by birthright, being impersonated and mischaracterized against my will and that no valid contract obligating me to serve as a U.S. Citizen nor as a citizen of the United States exists; (2) that I am being coerced to extend new credit to the perpetrators of the foregoing impersonation scheme in lieu of executing a debt swap which is the only remedy provided under the Public Law and in lieu of having rightful possession of my own assets which have been illegally and unlawfully cashiered and used as collateral by the British Crown and its franchises under Pretenses of War and voluntary contract. (3) These same undisclosed and unconscionable contracts established against my interests as an American baby have been used to denigrate my nationality and natural political status in violation of international law, Public Law, and both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. (4) These impersonations and unconscionable misrepresentations have resulted in the existence of a phantom British Territorial Estate Trust belonging to an entirely fictional British Territorial Merchant Sailor Estate, dba, Riezinger, Anna Maria --- and I am the long-lost holder of the Sole Survivorship Interest in this fictional Maritime Estate. (5) I am also the holder of all beneficial interest in any derivative Municipal Corporations;


(67) Having been rebuffed from his initial activities and misconceptions, Mr. Applegate has changed his tune and is attempting to change the jurisdiction of his unwarranted and unauthorized prosecution of foreign entities and estates merely named after me from Maritime Commerce (see the First Contact docket sheet) to Admiralty (actual action taken, showing electronic filing of charges in Admiralty jurisdiction).  Instead of addressing the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, he is addressing the United States District Court, and similarly, he has switched from addressing unknown PERSONS to equally vaporous Persons, one set of foreign En Legis entities named after me, for another set of foreign EN LEGIS trademarks appearing to be named after me, one addressed under Maritime Commerce and one addressed under Admiralty Law;


(68)This bait-and-switch activity, first misaddressing me as a foreign Municipal Corporation franchise operated in my name by the incorporated United States, and then misaddressing me as a foreign seaman’s Estate operated in my name by the incorporated United States of America, flip-flopping between Maritime Commerce and Admiralty Court functions, when in fact I am not engaged in any form of Maritime Commerce and not subject to any probate in Admiralty jurisdiction, either, is just part and parcel of this noxious attempt to steal my identity and impersonate me twice – once as a British Territorial Estate derived under the Sheppard-Towner Act and similar registrations, and again as a federal municipal corporation concocted under Washington, DC Statute, Vital Statistics, Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10 (version current in 1995). This double impersonation and Mr. Applegate’s fraud upon the court is evidenced by the docket sheet presented by the Municipal UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT and the actual electronic filing addressed to the Territorial U.S. District Court --- attempting to address the fraudulently constructed Municipal Corporation franchise in the first instance, and the equally fraudulently constructed Territorial Person in the same case;


(69) This self-interested duplicity depends on semantic deceits and on impersonating living people as things, so as to subject those same living people to foreign laws, and providing a False Basis built on unconscionable and undisclosed contracts to presume citizenship obligations that don’t actually exist. It’s fraud against me and fraud upon the courts being addressed, because neither the Municipal Trust created in my name nor the Territorial Estate of the non-existent “lost” Merchant Seaman named after me, have any valid basis or reason to exist;


(70) Central to this is the unsupportable assumption that I or any other American is functioning in Maritime Commerce in order to participate in interstate commerce as defined by the interstate commerce clause, when in fact, we are fully empowered to act under Law Merchant and are owed instant dissolution of any unauthorized Estate or State Trust interest, both on the land and at sea;


(71) Mr. Applegate has continued his pretense and continued to misaddress me as if I were the En Legis entities produced as a result of the Territorial Sheppard Towner Act and its later iterations, and otherwise as Municipal CORPORATIONS named after me via misapplication of WASHINGTON, DC Municipal Code, Vital Statistics, Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10 (1995) which identifies the Municipal “person” using my given name as a centralized Municipal ESTATE Trust organized as a Cestui Que Vie trust, claiming to represent the interests of the estate of a certain “missing” American baby, whose life estate was “abandoned” almost at birth --- and now, we all know how and why and under what despicable conditions of breach of trust that purported “waiver” of my American estate was purloined to create a “public interest” seeking to displace my natural ownership of my given name and property assets and to improperly apply the Collective Entity Rule to me, when the Rule itself recognizes my natural person as an entity apart, alive or dead;


(72)  Both parent Federal Corporations and all their respective State-of-State franchise operations have acted under color of law as Public Usufructs, have created and are responsible for the administration and expenses of all such En Legis entities that they own and operate as individual franchises using my name --- not me; I was a baby or small girl when these entities were created and I have no cause, beyond my self-education,  to know that these foreign Persons and THINGS operating under my given name even exist;


(73) Throughout my lifetime both guilty Parties and the Principals responsible for the existence of these Corporations operating in the District of Columbia and Territorial environs have denied my identity and claim upon the American estate I am heir to, and have failed to provide remedies necessary to legalize their own actions;


(74) Neither District Corporation has any valid cause to address me or my estate at all, much less to presume that I am their franchise or their debtor; and the fact that they have done so is evidence of international crimes of unlawful conversion of political status and nationality as well as identity theft and strong-arm racketeering, attempted enforcement of peonage and/or enslavement, and other crimes too numerous to list, but all essentially hinging upon conspiracy against and evasion of their own obligations under the Federal Constitutions and Public Law;


(75) If Mr. Applegate or anyone else addressed by this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit wishes to dispute the facts or the remedy, wants to claim that I am responsible for this crime against myself and my best interests, or that I am the voluntary administrator of this fraud, or that I am not owed both the tenets and the application of the tenets of HJR 192, Public 73-10, or in any other manner chooses to dispute the fact that I am not naturally subject to Admiralty or Maritime law, and that I am not bound to act in Admiralty or Maritime Commerce by any Third Party contract lacking disclosure or otherwise encumbered by unconscionable contracts purloined under color of law for purposes of racketeering, let them come forward and show their evidence that I have ever acted as a “Taxpayer” (and therefore, an employee of the Internal Revenue Service or IRS) under conditions of full disclosure, that I have knowingly and willingly donated the value of my labor and my physical assets to any State Trust, that I have not objected to being “trafficked over the seas” and given full and free and repeated Notice of this fact to every office and officer addressed herein, that I am not the victim of purposeful impersonation, and that this is not both illegal and unlawful ---- let him come forward and face me and also disclose the actual Party in Interest that he is representing, that is, the private banking cartels known as the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund, both of which are dealing in illegal and repugnant securities based on the impersonation of living people, leading to their denigration, human trafficking, peonage and enslavement rackets already described and which operate as a result of the undisclosed and unconscionable registrations and contracts also described herein;


(76) I am tired of being misaddressed in violation of the postal code and every other form of law; I am fed up with the treasonous and unaccountable activities of these foreign corporations and their personnel, sick of their war-mongering and their unauthorized charges against my credit and their threats against my person and my physical estate, when they and their personnel are all in this country by the grace of the Residence Act and supposed to be providing me with stipulated good faith services and acting as Successors to the Federal Constitutions;


(77) I am tired of having to spend my time telling all of you to get off my back and out of my pockets and stop pretending that I have anything whatsoever to do on any “voluntary” basis with all these en legis entities that you have ginned up for your own corporation’s benefit at my expense; my government has been in Session and operating just fine while these same foreign Subcontractors and their Successors have undergone multiple and apparently deliberate bankruptcies.  The most specific False Pretense is that all these foreign En Legis Persons they have created and based on unconscionable contracts, are standing good for them  and are pledging their assets and labor as collateral for their employee’s debts and their employee’s spending, so that when they, these foreign District Corporations, go bankrupt, the American victims of this horrendous scheme are stiffed with the bill for whatever our employees have spent our credit on.  This is an identity theft scheme on both an individual and a National level, as it has been applied to millions of Americans using unconscionable contracts and impersonation to foist the debts of these District of Columbia “Service” Corporations, off onto their unsuspecting employers.    


(78) I am demanding the immediate release of all “cargo”, all ships, all insurance, all contracts, all mortgages, all indemnity bonds, all assets whatsoever attached to my name in any watery jurisdiction of the sea whatever; I demand the release of my Good Name from any British Crown copyright, the release of my assets from any State Trust or Public Trust, and the end of any Legal Presumption seeking to misrepresent me as being involved in Maritime Commerce or Admiralty occupations on the land and soil of this country, adopting the status of a British Subject, or otherwise voluntarily denigrating myself;


(79) I heartily object to the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and to the use of US DOLLARS as they are both presently defined and collateralized, and I invoke my right as a living woman, as a Wisconsinite and as an actual Land Owner having not only Title but Patent, to use my own gold and silver as I see fit and to be released from all Presumption of incompetence, indebtedness, bankruptcy, abandonment, or other self-interested slop thought up by a bunch of attorneys having nothing better to do with their lives than make up False Narratives about fictional characters;


(80)  This is your individual and collective Notice that there is nothing secret about anything you’ve done or that you are doing; it’s all known and nobody is pleased.  You are 100% individually and commercially and personally and in fact liable for both your Acts and your Omissions.  If Senator Sullivan wants to be recognized as a felon and a traitor, he can continue to refuse to provide the remedies mandated under Public Law 73-10 and try to dance around the issues some more, but what it comes down to is this --- by acting as a commercial or municipal corporation, both “the United States” Incorporated Municipal Government and the British Territorial Government Inc. are relegated to the status of any other commercial or municipal corporation, and neither these District Corporations nor their Officers have any State Immunity and are owed no Public Bond;


(81) This is also your individual and collective Notice that the banks that are causing so much trouble are using my money--- my gold and silver, my land assets ---  to do this; these banks are criminal organizations involved in international money laundering, human trafficking, commodity rigging, and monopolization of bank transfer services, just as Standard Oil was involved in monopolization of oil transfers back in the 1920’s.  These are crimes and they are the undisclosed Parties that Mr. Applegate is representing while bringing patently fraudulent charges against an American Great-Grandmother;


(82) The only Enemies here are criminals in suits, who have no protection under The Law of War, who have no valid Letters of Marque, no reason to address me, no valid Oath of Office, no registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and since October 1st of 2020, no plausible reason to trespass against the sovereignty of Alaska;


(83) This Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit is being posted to the attention of the JAG Office and the U.S. District Court where Mr. Applegate’s “charges” have been filed against the Estate of a non-existent British Merchant Seaman, and also against a non-existent derivative federal municipal estate, together with my action taken under duress to discharge any such debts using credit owed to me upon demand;


(84) Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents;


(85) Those addressed have fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt to object and show cause; Mr. Applegate’s charges are of a fraudulent nature now and were fraudulent ten years ago, too, so there is no issue in his favor;



(86) In witness thereof, I set my hand and voice, affirming under penalty of perjury under the laws of The United States of America, that all statements herein are complete and true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, issued without coercion, and in accord with my Expressed Will. This Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit represents an involuntary performance to prevent ongoing crimes of personage, barratry, and fraud upon the U.S. District Court;


(87) I wish it to be observed that I do not accept solicitations;


(88) So said, so signed, so sealed this ____ day of April in the year of 2024 in the unincorporated County known as the Matanuska-Susitna County, Alaska:


Notary Witness

Matanuska-Susitna County



Before me ____________________________(printed name), a Public Notary, the woman known as Anna Maria Riezinger who was born June 6th 1956 visited me and did sign this Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit as described in these one-sided pages 1 through 16, and she did autograph this written Testimony before me on this  ____ day of April 2024, whereupon and in witness thereof I set my signature and seal:

                                                                                     ___________________________________Notary Signature


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Notary Seal

         International Public Notice: Notice of Personal, Criminal, and Commercial Liability


To: All Federal Subcontractors and Personnel


Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit


1. My Mother and I have been the victims of undisclosed and unconscionable contracting practices promoted by personnel and franchises of the British Crown Corporation; 


2. My Mother's testimony affirming that she was not given full disclosure concerning the nature of the paperwork she was asked to sign and which resulted in the issuance of a foreign Birth Certificate with my Given Name on it, stand on the Public Record of the Jackson County, Wisconsin, Land Recording Office. A certified copy of this document stands upon the UCC Unit records maintained under the name “Anna Maria Riezinger” in Anchorage, Alaska;


3. As this action took place when I was a baby in my cradle and as it was not disclosed to my Mother, the contract involving me was unconscionable to me, and I was never given any explanation of what the Birth Certificate was or any instruction concerning it; 


4. In fact, my Mother's unknowing and undisclosed signature had misidentified me as a foreign British Territorial U.S. Citizen and authorized the creation of a British Crown franchise of the State of Wisconsin to be named after me, making me appear to be a British Subject and also making it look like I "waived" my birthright political status and estate as an American in favor of adopting U.S. Citizenship ---when neither I nor my Mother were aware of this;


5. This was all undertaken under color of law with respect to my Mother and I, with the personnel running the Bureau of Vital Statistics acting under the Federal (Territorial) Sheppard-Towner Act and latching onto me and other American babies accidentally-on-purpose, converting my political status and nationality without my conscious knowledge and without the knowledge or agreement of my Mother; 


6. Having illegally and immorally latched upon my Good Name and American estate, the Perpetrators of this crime impersonated me as a U.S. Citizen. These criminals seized upon my natural American estate, including my Given Name, copyrighted my Given Name as a British Crown franchise, and used it to create an intestate American infant decedent estate in my name and issued a "Birth Certificate" for the newly created British Territorial En Legis entity operating under my name; 


7. Thus, I was impersonated as a foreign franchisee of a British Crown Corporation, my American estate was cashiered by them in the Wisconsin State Trust, and the British Territorial En Legis entity functioning under my now-copyrighted Given Name, was moved offshore to a permanent domicile in Puerto Rico, so as to Subject it to three foreign forms of law: British Commercial Maritime, British Admiralty, and the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  


8. This new U.S. entity was a shelf corporation doing business in my name and an entire narrative about "its" life was developed -- purportedly, according to the Internal Revenue Masterfile, which I read circa 1995,  this British Territorial U.S. Citizen named after me ran a rum distillery in Barbados and acted as a "Taxpayer" --- that is, a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service charged with collecting taxes for the British Monarch as an employee of the Internal Revenue Service---- and all of this was as fictional with respect to me as was the existence of this British Territorial "Person" named after me; 


9. I have reason to believe that this fictional British Merchant Mariner Persona named after me was used for money laundering, credit hacking, and tax evasion purposes and that the American estate trust owed to me by the Wisconsin State Trust was deemed "abandoned" and seized upon by the State of Wisconsin, Incorporated, under false pretenses;


10. Despite numerous correspondences and recorded declarations notifying the Wisconsin Bureau of Vital Statistics that I was exercising my "reversionary trust interest" in my American estate and demanding the return of my purloined assets to my own control as the Presumed Donor and also as the original and only lawful Holder in Due Course, no remedy, as stipulated by Federal Code Title 12, was provided;   


11. I later found out that this was because  the fictional British Territorial "Person" named after me was declared legally and civilly "dead" when I was about ten years old, so that another second Birth Certificate related to this "Person" had been issued.  In this second round of the scheme, an intestate British Seaman's Estate was created under Admiralty Law in my name and all assets owed to "it" were rolled over into a federal municipal trust doing commercial business under a trademark appearing to be my NAME written in all capital letters.  This municipal corporation trademark was in turn based on the purloined copyright that the British Crown established on my Given Name in the First Round of this identity theft, unlawful conversion, and impersonation crime as described above. This entity was created by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE using Washington, DC Statute, Vital Statistics, Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10 (current edition in 1995); 


12. As a result of the foregoing, there are three "estates" that have been created using my Given Name, all artificially constructed without my knowledge or agreement -- (1) the American birthright estate that they seized upon and cashiered in the Wisconsin State Trust under the Sheppard-Towner Act using an undisclosed and unconscionable contract; (2) the exactly similarly-named British Territorial Person's estate, that they seized upon, declared legally and civilly "dead", and cashiered in a federal municipal trust created under the above-cited Washington, DC Statute; and, (3) the federal municipal trust operated initially as a Cestui Que Vie trust --- later, numerous other derivative franchises were developed using my Given Name as a purported trademark rendered in “American Sign Language” – as the name of a municipal corporation franchise.  Both the American and British Territorial Estates, one on land and the other on the sea, operated under the same name: Anna Maria Riezinger.  The federal municipal corporation operated as ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER and a plethora of derivatives created from this first “PERSON”. 



13. Neither I nor millions of my American compatriots knew a thing about this; it was all going on behind our backs and the excuse for this was that the country was at war and we were presumed to be unknown and undeclared enemies; this entire claim of "war" and "war powers" turned out to be a lie and another fraud, because upon a diligent search, it turned out that no Congress empowered to declare war has declared any war since before the so-called American Civil War that erupted in 1861; 


14. The only enmity that I offered as a baby or as a woman born 210 years after the end of the hostilities of our last actual war (The War of 1812) was the natural and apolitical discord that exists between honest people and criminals; 


15. The fact that there was no American Civil War, only an American Mercenary Conflict, and that all such "wars" ever afterward have been Mercenary Conflicts also, removes any dignity borrowed from The Law of War. There was no war therefore no basis for the Trading With the Enemy Act, the 1934 War Powers Act, and no basis to seize upon foreign property assets, either; 


16. Neither I nor any other person bringing these charges and claims against these perpetrators can be regarded as an "Enemy" in any actual war, nor considered a suspect or insurrectionist for bringing these claims, as to do otherwise than report this circumstance would  leave me to act as a voluntary accomplice engaged in a crime against my own interest; 


17. I am the one that has been illegally and unlawfully and immorally seized upon and impersonated by my employees for their own benefit while acting as Public Usufructs under color of law; 


18. All the above-mentioned estates, American, British Territorial, and Municipal were used to cashier assets belonging to me; the Perpetrators then used these assets as collateral to borrow against, with no knowledge of this on my part and not a word to me; 


19. Neither I nor any of millions of my American compatriots were ever made aware of the fact that we were being lied to, lied about, and presumed upon in this manner by our own government employees; 


20. Neither I nor any of millions of my American compatriots received any of the remedies that were established to "legalize" these crimes, and obviously, as we didn't know about the crime, we weren't told about the remedies, either; 


21. These remedies established as part of Federal Code Title 12 include the right to reclaim our "reversionary trust interest" (95 a) in our American estates, the right to access a Hold Harmless supersedeas bond that uses part of our own purloined credit to provide funds to discharge debts held against the various estates named after us (House Joint Resolution 192, Public Law 73-10), and the right to do debt swaps, called Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchanges in lieu of guaranteeing the extension of more new credit as debt against our own assets; 


22. It is a commonplace that the owner of the assets is also the owner of the credit generated as loans against their assets -- not just some of the credit, all of the credit -- which in this case was seized upon by these treasonous employees and spent by them willy-nilly, however they saw fit, with no possible input from the actual owners, and no granted authority, either; 


23. The legislation establishing the supersedeas bond (HJR 192 and Public Law 73-10) never named any official responsible for providing the remedy, no new programs were established to implement the remedy, and on most occasions when Americans have claimed their exemptions or requested a debt-swap, they have not been able to obtain remedy -- in other words, they have been given the runaround, treated as if they were crazy and couldn't read the Public Law, and no publicly known administration of or for the remedy has been established in almost a hundred years; 


24. In 1982, the Territorial Congress sought to remove House Joint Resolution 192 and Public Law 73-10 but maintained that the "tenets" of these earlier actions would remain in place until other remedies were put in place.  No such new legislation providing remedy has been forthcoming in the years since 1982, so we must presume that HJR 192 and Public Law 73-10 remain in full force and effect, despite continuing efforts to obstruct access to remedy; 


25. Without remedy and access to it, the acts of the Congress, including helping themselves to our credit and commandeering our assets without our knowledge or permission, are not "legalized" and no acceptance can be implied on the part of people left with no other choice; 


26. Another aspect of this crime is that they have, while acting secretly as a commercial corporation, and with the Congresses acting as Boards of Directors, engineered a fake "National Debt" and allowed the banks to charge exorbitant interest on this debt;


27. In truth, in a debt-credit system such as was imposed upon us in 1933-34, no such debt can arise, because each and every transaction in such a system is zeroed out upon completion, with each debt creating an answering credit; that is, a “zero sum transaction” accrues no debt; 


28. By failing to credit the "National Credit" owed to the people providing the goods and services in exchange for Federal I.O.U.s (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) those responsible created the appearance of a huge National Debt and charged everyone a huge amount of "Interest" on this fraudulent and artificially constructed debt;


29. The District of Columbia parent corporations, both those generally characterized as the U.S.A., Incorporated, and the incorporated United States corporations as described under 42 USC 9102 (18) as United States corporations and "citizens" thereof, are jointly and severally responsible for these crimes of personage, mischaracterization, impersonation, credit hacking, identity theft, fraud, conspiracy to evade, failure to provide remedy and False Claims in Maritime Commerce and Admiralty— all acts of barratry against me and against other Americans who are owed the return of their assets and their credit and their exemptions;


27. As a direct result of this gross breach of trust and malfeasance on the part of these public employees and the central banks colluding with them, millions of American homes and farms have been improperly subsumed into the British Title System and mortgaged on the False Pretense that they were owned by British Territorial U.S. Citizens -- the very same missing British Seamen "created" out of thin air in the First Step of this gigantic fraud and con game; 


28. All actual Federal Persons/PERSONS are hereby given Notice that Due Process has been served upon them and their corporations for a period of seven (7) years and that cured liens have been established against them and their Principals; these personal, non-UCC, and Agricultural liens represent claims brought against the Principals and Banks and the Delaware and District of Columbia Corporations responsible for this circumstance, by the actual Americans before, during, and after the recent rounds of corporation bankruptcies;


29. They are also hereby given Notice that failure to provide published remedies has resulted in the de-legalization of their actions and their currencies; remedies must be advertised, implemented by specific officers and provided to all eligible claimants, or all the actions presented by the Federal Reserve Act, the Emergency Banking Acts, the Emergency Securities Acts, etc., remain venal crimes and are not legalized;


30. They are also hereby given Notice that we suspect the identity theft we have suffered has been a purposeful scheme aimed at conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions and the American States and People, by our own federal employees, and that these criminal acts of deliberate Bad Faith are evidenced by numerous and hostile clandestine acts against their American employers including: 


(a) Seizing upon our Given Names and securing the waiver of our American estates via an undisclosed and unconscionable contract; 

(b) Copyrighting our Given Names as property belonging to the British Crown based on the above referenced contract; 

(c) The creation of multiple intestate estate trusts operated in our names without our knowledge or permission on land, sea, and air; 

(d) Trafficking what appear to be our "persons" into foreign jurisdictions and subjecting them under foreign law; 

(e) Using these practices to illegally seize upon and cashier our material and physical assets as “deposits” in clearinghouse institutions such as the Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) and operated as public trusts administered by their own officers, using our assets as collateral for their borrowing, and using False Pretenses of War to obstruct access to the only remedies they published for these illegal acts promoted under force and color of law against their employers; 

(f) Collusion with central banks to securitize our assets in the jurisdiction of the air, including undisclosed labor contracts (Miller Act Bonds) and claims against the value of our labor and performances, resulting in the de facto securitization of living flesh, peonage, and enslavement; 

(g) Disguising and excusing this as an exigency of "war" and as part of a legal occupation of our country by our employees for our "protection" when in fact there hasn't been an actual lawfully and legally declared war here since 1812; all other actions were Mercenary Conflicts owed no dignity under The Law of War; 

(h) Using the Pretense of War to target Americans illegally, unlawfully, and immorally with accusations of being "Enemies" and "Insurrectionists" and using this Pretense as an excuse to illegally surveil, impound, attack, imprison, confiscate assets, impose bills of attainder, conduct false arrests, and promote other crimes against the people paying their paychecks and pensions and to whom they contractually owe "good faith service";

(i) The use and misuse of false accounting practices to among other things, hide income streams from public view, accrue a fraudulent "National Debt" and charge interest on it, hide slush funds, deliberately overestimate current and future operating costs, and lose literally trillions of dollars embezzled from departmental operating budgets each year; 

(j) Failing to popularize and deliver upon published remedies; failure to identify those officers responsible for delivery of the remedies, failure to set up any public program to implement satisfaction of the remedies, deliberate attempts to obscure, hide, and refuse access to published remedies, use of fraudulent "wars" and impersonation as an excuse for failure to provide published remedies, imposition of phony taxes, trust obligations, mortgages, British land titles, and fees on Americans and American land assets based on the impersonation of these same Americans as British Territorial U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States; 

(k) Conspiracy to blame and defame "America" for the war-mongering and crooked business dealings of the British Territorial United States Government and the Roman Papist Municipal United States Government--- both of which are only run amok rogue Subcontractors of our actual Government. Both these foreign subcontractors have used our Good Name as a storefront for their unsavory operations and have charged their expenses for these operations to the American People, while plundering and pillaging us and illegally confiscating our assets under False Pretenses at home; 

(l) Asset stripping operations in our country, attempting to lay claim to our assets for the benefit of foreign privately held franchise corporations and foreign nations, exemplified by such actions as the sale of American strategic metals to Russia, and American gold in the ground to China, attempts to sell the port of Long Beach, California, to China and so on; 

(m) Promoting genocide on our land and soil, including the forced vaccination and subsequent death or disability of approximately one million Americans serving in the U.S. Military, and approximately 27 million American civilians who were attacked by federal Uniformed Officers defined as licensed Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses misdirected by the officers of these same District of Columbia and Delaware Corporations; 

(n) False claims on abandonment based on the idea that -- as a result of the undisclosed and unconscionable contracts purloined in the first part of this fraud -- we all just spontaneously decided to adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship, kow-tow to both the British King and the Pope, give them all our land and all our money, and consign ourselves and indentured servant and slaves for no plausible, discernible reason; 

(o) False representations to the international community to the effect that our government is "missing" or "absent" or "in interregnum" when in fact all that has happened is a gross breach of trust and deliberate self-interested action on the part of these foreign "service providers" seeking to promote the misconception that this entire country is "vacant" and without a valid government of our own; 

(p) Collusion among the central banks to seize our deposits with them as "abandoned funds" even though they know perfectly well that any failure to communicate has been their default and on their ticket since 2005; 

(q) Obnoxious public narratives and propaganda and deliberate deceptions aimed at more obfuscation of the facts and circumstance, trying to make themselves look good at the expense of their victims, both the U.S.A., Inc. and the incorporated United States pointing fingers and claiming "victory" --- whatever that means --- the deployment of all sorts of geo-engineering and weather modification projects detrimental to our farmland and natural environment and health in violation of their own ENMOD Treaties; 

(r) Outrageous misadministration of our Patent and Trademark Office by a foreign corporation dba SERCO, Inc., another British Crown corporation operating in a criminal and reckless manner to allow literally criminal patents to be created and exercised, apparently for the benefit of criminals and crime syndicates; 

(s) Attempts by members of both the Territorial and Municipal Congresses to enclosed and overtake  the Executive and the Judicial Branches of government created and imposed by our federal Constitutions as a condition for the existence of their operations and continued residency on our shores, as evidenced by malfeasance by tinkering with the  Federal Judicial Oath

so that Federal Judges are purportedly no longer obligated to make their rulings "agreeable" to the Constitutions involved; 

(t) Continued attempts by members of both Congresses to pawn off their legislative powers on unelected bureaucrats and hired agencies, despite being rebuked repeatedly for this same error by the respective Supreme Courts; 

(u) Creating a "National Security Council" for this country that is more than 90% staffed by foreigners; 

(v) Allowing the existence of an unauthorized independent international city-state calling itself Washington, DC within the borders of the District of Columbia; this cannot be interpreted as any rightful action because the Congress creating this "foreign country" within our borders is not the Congress empowered to act as a "plenary government" for the City of Washington, DC, and because any such entity would be in conflict with our interests and operating under its own foreign law, none of which was ever the intent of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of any Federal Constitution; 

(w) The proliferation of so-called "municipal corporation governments" throughout the country has been accomplished via these same means of misrepresentations and fraud; The Constitution of the United States pertaining to the Municipal Government is limited to exist within the District of Columbia, but it has improperly, illegally, and unlawfully piggybacked itself outside of the District bounds based on the False Claims of legal occupation by the British Territorial Government-- and as we have seen, all this is predicated on equally False Pretenses of War;

(x) Attempts to sell off American natural resources including our water and soil resources to foreign nations while these federal "service corporations" have no valid interest in our land and soil, our infrastructure, and all the facilities that we have bought and paid for with hard assets and labor --- not I.O.U.s; 

(y) Acting throughout as Executors de Son Tort abusing, using, plundering, and pillaging these fraudulently constructed estates operated in our names and latching onto our assets under conditions of fraud and deceit and promoted via these crimes of personage and barratry;

(z) Stubborn refusal to make amends, course correct their operations, accept the responsibilities of the rights they are claiming and powers they are exercising, continued efforts to pillage and plunder and impersonate Americans while pretending to be here providing us with "essential government services" in "good faith". 


These and other abundant evidences and circumstances support this Notice of Personal, Criminal, and Commercial Liability, such that the District of Columbia and the State of Delaware and other Parties who have given sanctuary to these criminals, other Parties, such as the Government of Switzerland, stand accountable for their actions, as well as all Federal Corporation personnel and federally-connected corporations, except for all beneficial interest in the individually constructed En Legis estate entities named after Americans -- which is owed to the victims of this vast crime, together with whatever restitution that can be made;  


31. I bring this Notice of Liability forward to the Agents and the Principals responsible for this travesty and hold them accountable for their violent trespasses against decency, honor, truth, and their own employment contracts; 


32. I testify that the foregoing is true, honest, complete, correct, and not misleading to the best of my knowledge and belief and according to the public and private records available to me; I affirm that I have reported these crimes upon becoming aware of them and have done everything short of taking up arms to bring this violent trespass and the underlying fraud to an end; I accept the penalty of perjury under American Admiralty Law and the Public Law of The United States of America ---so said, so signed, so sealed this _____ day of April 2024:  




Public Notary Witness




Matanuska-Susitna County


Today, I, a Public Notary, was visited by a woman known as Anna Maria Riezinger, born June 6th 1956, and she did affirm this International Public Notice and her Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit before me and did affirm it with her signature as shown. In Witness whereof I have placed my signature and seal.  My commission expires on: ___________. 






                                                                                                     **** The signed and recorded versions of this will be posted along with mailing receipts shortly.  No doubt the Fearless Floyds, men who operate in darkness and for darkness and who don't disclose their own names will be having a hissy fit, because they know their time is short. ****


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