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Friday, April 19, 2024

Silver's 44 Year Cup & Handle

 "Now, I Believe MID TO HIGH Triple Digits Are Baked in the Cake"

If you think the price of silver is going to stop at $50 this time, watch this video.
Everything is different now.

 From Paul Stramer

We have a special silver consignment from one of our customers who has a project to complete.

We sold these one ounce .999 fine divisible rounds to him about two years ago, and they have been in storage since then.

The silver has been in the original boxes from the Mint. Each box holds 500 ounces, 25 tubes in a box with 20 ounces in each tube.

Each box weighs a bit less than 38 pounds.

The seller will pay the shipping and insurance in the continental USA.

Just Two 500 Oz Boxes Left

These are available immediately. 

You can buy one box or two boxes, your choice.

Your price is only $31.50 per ounce including shipping and insurance.

Please email me to receive instructions on how to proceed

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183


Why Silver instead of Gold?  See the chart below!
 We have two options for you to get Silver. 
 2. Or call to order 500 or more ounces at 406 889 3183 
 Paul Stramer 

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