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Sunday, December 3, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

The Criminals are attempting to pull the same old schtick they pulled when they had to account for their fraudulently misrepresented "Greenbacks" and responded by creating "Federal Reserve Notes". 

Now, the fraudulently misrepresented Federal Reserve Notes have to be replaced by something, and they've come up with "United States Notes". 

Please notice that this is the third time they have attempted to pull this crap on the Public and they think they can get away with it again. 

Let's briefly review the history:

They purloined the gold backing the "Greenbacks" under False Pretenses. 

They promised investors a very handsome rate of return if they bought certain Treasury Bonds and agreed to hold these bonds for either ten or forty years -- the reason they became known as "1040 Bonds".  

But in order to buy these attractive 1040 Bonds, the investors had to first convert their gold into Greenbacks -- the paper currency that Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase concocted out of thin air. 

When, ten years later, these investors started to trickle in and ask for their gold plus interest back, General Sherman replied thus: 

"What did you buy these bonds with?"

Answer: "Greenbacks."

Then Sherman replied, "Why then would you expect anything else as payment?" 

The investors had been snookered into buying Greenbacks -- debt notes issued by the Scottish Commercial Corporation infringing on our Good Name and Trademark and doing business as "The United States of America" ---Incorporated. 

The Investors' gold had been turned into corporate debt notes, and they were never fully informed about the nature of the foreign incorporated version of "The United States of America" issuing these Greenbacks prior to the purchase. 

When this foreign commercial corporation doing business as "The United States of America" Incorporated went bankrupt in 1906, the Greenbacks were worthless. 

A great many investors were stiffed, and this created an emergency, because the Perps could no longer get anyone to extend them credit and had their creditors down their throats. 

This is the "emergency" referenced by then-Territorial Senator Aldrich in the bills he sponsored leading up to the Federal Reserve Act and the issuance of the Federal Reserve Note by an association of private banks deceptively called the "Federal Reserve".  

Just as with Lincoln's Greenbacks, these "Notes" are being issued by the British Territorial United States Government and their version of Congress and they are doing this while operating as a foreign commercial corporation. 

The debt owed for the Greenbacks was transferred to the new Federal Reserve Note currency, and gradually recouped via the collection of "Internal Revenue Taxes".  

This has nothing to do with our people or our country.  

It has to do with our criminally mismanaged British Territorial Subcontractors operated as commercial corporations in the business of providing government services.   

Please notice that these particular Subcontractors are not and never were the American Federal Subcontractor we entrusted to mint our money or issue our credit, either one. 

Once again, they have been bankrupted, and once again, they have to find a new scam.  The Federal Reserve Notes have to be phased out, so they have come up with the United States Note, also known as "Rainbow Currency". 

They claim that the "United States Note" is gold-backed, but that is ridiculous.  Bankrupt commercial corporations have no gold and a promissory note is a promissory note is a promissory note.  

If any gold is backing the "United States Note" currency, it's ours, not theirs -- and this has been done without our permission.  We have been told that they collected 650 plane loads of gold "in our names" when the Birth Certificate scam collapsed. 

We wish the world to know that this was one colluding Municipal Corporation washing the back of another colluding Municipal Corporation, and the gold purloined has not been returned to the victims of the crime. It is still in the possession of the Fraudsters pretending to represent us. 

It appears that they have put metal threads of some kind into the paper used to create their "Notes", and they may be seeking to present this as gold-infused paper currency. 

Given their track record, we would suggest having the metal content tested; it is most likely "Bill Clintonite"-- that is, Tungsten or some other heavy metal made to look and feel like gold so as to delude and defraud investors yet again.  

If it is gold, it's most likely from the illegal recoupment of our gold described above, which would explain the otherwise obvious oxymoron of a "gold-backed promissory note": the gold belongs to us and is owed to us by them, but being an incorporated British Crown entity, they count on being able to go bankrupt and leave us stiffed for paying for the investor losses. 

It is this backlash effect that has necessitated the existence of the Internal Revenue Service and the collection of "Federal Income Tax" and other taxes that are used to extract the failed currency and repay investors using the new currency. 

We wish for the entire roll out of the new "United States Note" series to be cancelled for the following reasons: 

(1) The United States Notes are being issued by a foreign privately owned British Crown Corporation under false and undisclosed pretenses; 

(2) The apparent weight of the paper currency is most likely either another fraud designed to make people think that the paper contains gold when it does not, or, alternatively, it contains gold that doesn't belong to the Issuers; 

(3) They have no authority to issue money or credit for us and are attempting to entangle us by reference in their activities, using our names and trademarks, so that people assume we are involved in issuing these debt notes. This is constructive fraud. 

They have made quite enough money offering our assets for their debts.  We object to yet another round of this same criminal misrepresentation, fraud, and entrapment. 

It should be apparent that our lawful government is able and willing to issue credit certificates, not debt notes, if we should need to operate on credit for any reason.  

The entire idea that we are reduced to issuing debt notes and defrauding currency investors and members of the public on an intergenerational basis is ridiculous. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Third of December 2023


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