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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Java Alert -- Incoming

 By Anna Von Reitz

This morning, I actually heard a news commentator say that, "Donald Trump changed the allow the military to arrest civilians." 

Any idiot should know that Donald Trump has no power to change any actual law.  

Congress, acting in whatever jurisdiction, has exclusive legislative power. 

Everyone reading this should also know that "Executive Orders" pertain only to the personnel and actual dependents of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and their Subcontractors. 

None of this nonsense, not Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, none of the misbehavior of the "Federal" Corporations -- absolutely none of it -- has anything to do with this country and our living people. 

The entire stage play or "show" as they call it, is theirs and all the problems and costs attendant to it, too. 

For months and months now, people have been listening to their personal "military sources" telling them to "sit back and enjoy the show". 

The show they are intending to put on involves hiring foreign mercenaries, importing them into this country in violation of our Public Law and their Public Service Contract, The Constitution of the United States of America --- and killing these foreign "immigrants" along with a lot of Americans "sacrificed" as "collateral damage". 

The only collateral damage we want to see is the forfeiture of these run amok and criminally mismanaged commercial corporations. 

These cretins and criminals wish to appear as the Saviors from the problems they create. 

They actually think that we are too stupid to figure out what they are doing and how they are doing it. 

In the immortal words of PFC USMC Gomer Pyle: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" 

It is well-past time for all these organizations to straighten up and fly right. 

All their money is our money, a fact that they need to become aware of right about now.  That includes any "United States Note" they try to float. 

What Clif High calls "the Splitting Up" has begun. Some major media groups are voting to save their own hides and reporting the actual news about Covid-19. 

As Americans realize what these "government service providers" have done, and how the Territorial and Municipal Corporations have sought to profit themselves from it, there are bound to be profound and severe reactions. 

Indeed, there will be such reactions throughout the world.  Grief and outrage lead to anger and anger leads to murder of the guilty parties, whether via a riot and public guillotines (already set up, BTW) or the more sedate route of public courts and military tribunals leading to the same result.  

There are already enough organizations equipped to do what has to be done.  We don't need any public riots. 

Rather, let us be honest, and grieve. Let us contemplate our options and what scientific means can be used to suppress or remove the damage these fools have done. 

Let us gather quietly together and let our rage fuel better things. Not more blood in the streets. 

Don't give them any satisfaction. Let them be revealed for what they are. 

Apart from bringing the criminals to justice, let us destroy the corporations these men used to bring about these tragic results, and by which they sought to profit themselves. 


Every asset any of these corporations ever had needs to be lawfully converted to the land jurisdiction and made subject to the Public Law and Law of the Land and those assets need to be used to find answers and provide comfort to the survivors. 

As the scope of the problem that these corporations have created dawns on the public, and people truly realize that they and their families have been murdered, sterilized, and subjected to medical experimentation by these faceless unaccountable THINGS, that their genome has been permanently damages, and that their very blood has been polluted, they will drill down to the names and faces of the Boards of Directors and the Officers in charge of these corporations, and they will kill them by fair means or foul.  

We all already know this. We know that no public amnesty can save the actual miscreants who did this to profit themselves. Men like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are dead already. 

What our government can do is to offer an organized and rational response to this situation, via the opening of our Public Courts and the application of our Public Law, which will serve to keep the rage organized and properly directed and save other innocent lives from being lost in riots and other kinds of social upheaval. 

We can also draw a line and offer amnesty to protect those who were acting in ignorance or under criminal coercion when they promoted or administered the injections. 

In the interests of peace and what remains of decency, we can serve as a bridge to a better future. 

Everyone reading this in America, please go to: 

This website and movement isn't about begging and pleading with our employees and subcontractors to behave.  It isn't about reforming them and their operations.  It's about restoring our lawful land jurisdiction government to full functionality. 

People from other countries who are similarly fed up and who have been victimized by these criminals go to: to correct your political status records and start the process of restoring your lawful and traditional government.  


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