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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Public International Notice of Protest -- Urgent Request for Assistance

 By Anna Von Reitz

Of course, the Military can arrest civilians -- in theory. 

It could do so, if it were a legitimate military occupying a country and keeping the peace in the aftermath of a war.  

That isn't what we've got here. 

The U.S. Military is run as a Mercenary Force by the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial (British Crown) Corporation.  

This same entity has been hunkered down on our shores and occupying our country for over 160 years, under the Pretense that the American Civil War, itself an illegal and undeclared Mercenary Conflict, is still ongoing.  

Our Federation of States, the actual Government of this country in international jurisdiction, on the 21st day of October in 2017, issued a "Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum" and declared the peace. 

This declaration has been published worldwide and presented to both Principals and their Agents.  

We never hired any corporations to work for us in any capacity.  

All the original Federal Subcontractors were unincorporated entities.  

It was only later that these separate foreign entities chose to incorporate -- and because this was not specifically forbidden under their Service Contract, they were enabled to do this.    

Read that as many times as necessary and let it sink in with all its implications.  

"Our" U.S. Military is operated by a foreign corporation as a commercial Mercenary Force. 

The U.S. Military is required to operate lawfully and legally with respect to us, but it can do as it likes with respect to other people and other countries, which is immoral and which creates undisclosed conflicts of interest. 

The Constitution of the United States of America provides them with a Public Service Contract and it 
legalizes their activities with respect to us, but it has been improperly used as cover for them to engage in endless war-for-profit activities having nothing to do with defending our country. 

This particular corporation has shown itself to be in business for itself above and beyond any duties imposed by The Constitution of the United States of America and therein lies the rub.   

They have claimed to be defending our country while engaging in such things as the attack on Libya and the murder of the Libyan President, attacking Iraq on the known pretense of Iraq promoting "weapons of mass destruction", and so on.   

These are not acts covered by our contract with them, but the cost of these actions were charged to our accounts and credit anyway and our sons and daughters were expended as cheap gun fodder for the illegal and immoral "conquests" these rapacious fools have engaged in; we have protested all these aggressions that have been done in our names and charged back the cost of these war-for-profit actions. 

There is certainly no excuse for any aggression on their parts in our names since 2017.  

Working in collusion with the other Municipal Corporation headquartered in Washington, DC, they have imported more than a million foreign mercenaries from a variety of other countries under the guise of these men being peaceful immigrants. 

Those "immigrants" are now staged throughout The United States poised and ready to begin the largest False Flag in history.  The two guilty District of Columbia corporations and the Principals responsible for their operations, have deliberately planted these "immigrants" in our country for purposes of spawning a civil unrest that will allow them to attack civilian targets in this county.  

And it's all phony.  They know precisely where these "immigrants" are located, because they are literally paying for their services. Each one of these men -- Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and others imported from various South American countries -- is on their payroll. 

They are charging the cost of all this to our credit accounts in violation of commercial law and our Declaration of Flag. 

They have created this problem in collusion with the Biden Administration and the Federal Civil Service Agencies, and now propose to start a cozy little self-made civil war using imported foreign mercenaries to do it. 

We are issuing this Public International Notice to fully inform all nations and all international police and peacekeeping forces that this dangerous Farce is ongoing in this country and is in violation of our Public Service Contract with these Persons and their Principals. 

We are requesting that all funding of these private corporations be shut down and the corporations themselves be liquidated. 

We are requesting that they deliver up the names and locations of their foreign agents subject to immediate deportation and that their intended False Flag be converted into a peaceful roundup of illegal immigrants. 

All illegal immigrants are to be rounded up and deported without further delay. This is the only service we will pay for connected with this deplorable employee-sponsored plot against the peace of our nation.  The cost of returning these men and women to their home countries is to be paid by the offending corporations that imported them. 

We have made it clear that we will pay to defend our borders and to arrest criminal miscreants. 

We will not pay for nor tolerate any further self-interested game-playing by foreign commercial corporations acting in Breach of Trust and their Public Service Contract. 

These are criminal acts being sponsored by the city states of Rome, Washington, DC, and the Inner City of London operating as commercial corporations. 

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Third of December 2023


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