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Monday, November 27, 2023

Please Note: About the "QFS"

 By Anna Von Reitz

I never said that the Quantum Financial System isn't real in the sense of existing.  It exists.  It was developed under project "Crimson Gate" at Wright-Patterson AFB immediately before and after the 2015 UNITED STATES, INC. bankruptcy.  

What I said -- in not so many words -- is that it is another fraud scheme. 

It's the same old SWIFT transfer monopoly updated and rebranded with a new name and operated from a new location -- China, and it leaves the same Miscreants in charge of everything.  

It is not the brand new, whiz-bang, all-purpose, honest, transparent, and secure world financial system that Kim Goguen -- and now, Ben Fulford-- are trying to sell you.  

It's an emergency rework of the old SWIFT Monopoly with upgrades installed to implement and enforce the Chinese "Social Credit System" on everyone worldwide. And it's the same old crooked Euro-Amero interests running the "new" system. 

So go figure. 

The world does have an option that is not QFS and not CIPS -- our Bilateral Bank System is not controlled by any little group of self-interested deviants with a kill-switch on your bank account.  

It's a block-chain derived system so that your deposits and your credit can't just disappear with the push of a politically or financially motivated button. 

I just forwarded the reports that UBS is failing to deliver (FTD) on bonds that are purportedly held by the DTCC, and DTCC is collaborating by erasing those bond numbers from its database.  

Those bonds disappeared by hitting "delete", the same way your bank accounts and deposits can disappear from the current system or QFS.  The digital currencies they are proposing to populate the QFS, known as Central Bank Digital Currencies, are created by people sitting at desks entering digits into computerized ledgers that can disappear just as fast. 

It's bunk promoted by bunko. 

So call me nuts, but the only answer I see is a truly new system that's transparent and nailed down by multiple independent blockchain nodes, operated by people who are neither crooked nor crazy and not associated with the old Evil that we are exiting. 

You can't fix Evil.  All you can do is leave it behind in a cloud of dust.  

Welcome to the Bilateral Bank System where you can engage in international trade or land-jurisdiction based commerce -- and imagine this, you can own and have control of your own deposits! You can enjoy privacy and security again!

In the world we are building, which is the only world in which we want to live, private property exists and is respected.  In our bank system, you don't have to engage in maritime commerce to buy a carton of milk.  

We don't leave the foxes in charge of the hen house. 

We don't leave you and your money at the mercy of political hacks and criminals with their fingers poised over a "delete" switch.  

Welcome home. 


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