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Monday, November 27, 2023

Why There Has to Be a Crash --or Not

 By Anna Von Reitz

The entire military structure, the vast compendium of interlocking corporations that are part of our "defense agencies complex" has constipation. 

If they don't overcome this condition, there will be a worldwide economic crash of incalculable harm and it will come by mid-December.  

It could be avoided, and justice could be served, simply by turning the debts into credits -- turning the world accounting ledger on its head and realizing that while we have all been swindled, every debt is someone else's credit. 

All the debt of the incorporated "persons" is the credit owed to living men. 

Besides that, it has been over 800 years since we had a Jubilee and the Golden Double Jubilee is waaay past due.  The Roman Catholic Church knows that and does not deny it. 

So with the "Quantum Financial System" revealed to be just another con job offered by "our" military -- leaving the same old Miscreants in control of an updated and rebranded SWIFT monopoly operated out of China -- it's easy to see why they are constipated. 

They expected everyone to accept their latest financial handwaving act, but nobody is buying it.

Nobody is buying "US Treasury Bonds" either, unless you count the Federal Reserve as a Buyer. 

They expected us to be left standing without even the evidence of an I.O.U. in our hands.  

They expected us to accept keystrokes on a computer ledger in exchange for our hamburgers. 

And, they expected us to meekly hand them the keys and the control over the keyboard and the records, so that they could erase our credit as easily as they erased the undelivered bond numbers at DTCC.  

Who knew that people who were cheated and oppressed by the whole Federal Reserve Note System would have learned from that experience?  

Are we not dumb, driven animals, gullible to the bone?  Are we not "livestock" after all? 

Imagine their consternation. They set everything up so carefully and planned it all out for two generations --- how to best serve themselves. 

They funneled us all into this "impossible" situation with malice aforethought, and planned to offer the only option, the only viable solution to the problems they created.  

They couldn't foresee the Bilateral Bank System which would take the currency transfer monopoly out of their hands and use a clean block-chain based technology to transact in both trade and commerce. 

They had even conveniently forgotten the fact that we can conduct commerce on dry land. 

It reminds me of my cat, who used to hide under a piece of clear plastic carpet runner, and think that he was invisible, protected even from the vacuum cleaner. 

So now, they are all about to be squeezed flat in the jaws of their own self-created dilemma, and purportedly (according to Ben Fulford anyway) suing for amnesty --- from the wrong people.

They are asking for amnesty from people who can't offer them amnesty or pay their debts or do anything at all but take yet another powder. 

This is what this old Senior Field Commander has to say to the "Global Alliance" --- get the lead out and do what you are supposed to do.  It's long overdue.

Everyone else: take a moment to envision a world without debt and without debt slavery, without any kind of slavery at all.  

Put yourselves -- mentally -- in a quiet and abundant garden, surrounded by the smell of the fragrant Earth and fresh rain, the sound of running water and peaceful birds.  And stay there, where you belong.


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