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Monday, November 27, 2023

The Purpose of the Infant Decedent Estates-- Bona Vacantia

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's funny how we never get rid of the past until we face it truthfully and subject it to both a fully conscious examination ---and a process akin to an exorcism. 

Getting rid of "Bona Vacantia" or severely curtailing the circumstances under which it can be invoked, together with its more recent derivatives, the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, and Equity Law, are cases in point. 

Let's look at a scrap of what I have recently written in a little more detail.  Here's the original blurb: 

"Remember how they got your Mother to sign you over to them as a chattel property without the benefit of disclosure, and fooled her into misidentifying you as a citizen of the United States (Corporation)? 

That created an American  "infant decedent estate" -- a conveniently intestate property interest representing your "waived" birthright estate interest in your actual State of the Union.  

This is what they were using as collateral to borrow against, and they rooked your Mother and defrauded you to do it.  At the end of the day, they proposed to divest themselves of your "waived" property by giving it away to their own creditors." 

They played a lot of other tricks with it, too.  

They used it in their own corporate tribunals and pretended that they were Public Trustees acting as the Administrators of your Estate during your unaccountable "absence". 

They used your unconscionable waived infant decedent estate as the excuse to claim a custodial "public interest" in you and your private and public property. 

That, in turn, allowed them to act as Executors de Son Tort -- men with no real right or contract to dispose of your property, who nonetheless assume these powers unless someone opposes them.  

Obviously, you have to know what they are doing before you can oppose it, and we could not do that, because they never provided disclosure to our Mothers and we ourselves were far too young to remember their registration process and initially, too ignorant about foreign law to know the result of that birth registration, even if we miraculously became aware of it. 

It was a good gig the scoundrels had going here, throughout the former Commonwealth, most of Western Europe, and Japan.  

Quite aside from the coercive power that their assumed role as Executors provided, and all the payola they could strip from our "waived" American estates, the real payday came after our physical deaths, when they could pretend that our American estate was permanently vacated, cash in the attached life insurance annuities, and invoke the Medieval practice of bona vacantia. 

When someone dies intestate and without an apparent heir (and according to them, we all "died" and waived our American estates as infants) then our estate is seized by the King as public property with himself serving as the Public. 

Charles the Third is still doing this in England where 
a recent scandal surrounding the practice of Bona Vacantia erupted in the Duchy of Lancaster. 

Tens of millions of dollars obtained from the estates of intestate dead people living within the borders of the ancient Duchy of Lancaster were seized and used to benefit Charles' personal estate, instead of going to charities within the Duchy.  

The Guardian broke the story and did this follow-up, showing how Charles is scurrying to cover it up and appearing to make it right:  

As nasty as this little "oversight" in Lancastershire is, imagine how much the Kings and Queens have stripped from us and our country doing the same thing here since the 1920s?  

According to them, we all "died" as infants without leaving a will or any heirs, voluntarily waived our right to inherit anything in America, and donated it all to the Pope and the King under the same Medieval practice of Bona Vacantia. 

How nice of us, and totally inexplicable, too.  

Simply by creating all these unconscionable American infant decedent estates on paper and making the false claim that we voluntarily adopted British Territorial U.S. Citizenship and Municipal citizenship, too, these criminals have proposed to claim and own everything and everyone in America.

Millions and millions and millions of American estate trust interests have been rolled up and cashiered in exactly the same way as the recent debacle in the Duchy of Lancaster.  

Using these false registrations and issuing clearinghouse certificates disguised as "birth certificates" the Bounders were enabled to securitize our "waived" estates, enslave us, and obtain an insurable interest in our persons and property. 

The "Life Force Value Annuity" payoff that Prince Philip received from the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA precisely three days before he retired from Public Life -- a tidy $950 Trillion dollars -- was precisely that kind of payment obtained by insurance fraud and illegal securitization, claimed under Bona Vacantia. 

Let's forget the paltry tens of millions scraped out of the Duchy of Lancaster and concentrate on the much, much, much larger issue of the American infant decedent estates these monsters created for purposes of coercive power and unjust enrichment.  

What they have done is an unlawful conversion of political status imposed on a civilian population in occupied territory, which is a capital offense under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.  

While occupying a position of Public Trust under color of law, and acting in Gross Breach of Trust, these criminal Federal Subcontractors organized as Municipal Corporations have promoted an illegal multigenerational mercenary conflict on our shores and have deliberately impersonated and defrauded their employers for their own benefit.  

Maybe someone should ring up The Guardian and give them a real story?  Just imagine the subhead:

Rotten British Government breaks treaties, international law, and their own service contracts to bilk erstwhile friends and military allies. 


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