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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Not the Great Reset -- the Great Reversal

 By Anna Von Reitz

Most people have heard about the so-called "Great Reset" which would include a "revaluation of currencies" to "level the playing field" and provide "parity" such that the ruble is of equal buying power to the US Dollar and so on.  

There are numerous problems with this, because as the RV Committee members have fully admitted, things are so f#@$d up, nobody knows the market value of anything anymore. 

Everything from the value of yen to toothpaste has been arbitrarily controlled by central banks (commodity rigging organizations) for over a hundred years. We no longer know what a man would willingly pay for an ounce of silver or a ham steak. 

Faced with this unhappy reality, the "RV" Committee has been stymied for years.  What to do?  Just hand-wave it and take a guess?  We can imagine Sheik Ali looking at Franz Weber and shrugging. 

So they have toddled on in a miasma of fear and loathing, unable to make a sane decision, unwilling to admit failure. 

There isn't a single thing left in the world that hasn't been meddled with, at least nothing that the RV Committee can find that would provide a fair and logical standard of value -- something that could then provide a basis for valuing everything else in comparison.  

Alas, the corruption has endured too long and free markets have been vacated and obstructed for too long. 

Sheik Ali famously flipped a one ounce gold coin as high as his thumbnail could fling it, let it drop on the floor, and shook his head. 

The atmosphere at these meetings is a mixture of droll and hopeless. 

Without a known, agreed upon "Standard Value" the whole show collapses.  

These men know that, but they are facing their version of James T. Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru, Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot.... they know it will take a stroke of genius to deliver them, but as they stare around the table, they are flat, fresh out of any such brilliance.   

Meantime, the Merry-Go-Round of the financial world slows inexorably down, sputters, and threatens to come to a deadly standstill.  Over a year ago, the Pope gave up, ordered all liquid assets returned to the Vatican Bank, and barred the door. 

That really should have been a signal and a warning to the rest of us. 

Now, the word comes from The Hal Turner Radio Show --- of all places --- that not only did UBS "fail to deliver" on bonds, but on top of that, the DTCC erased the bond numbers from its database, so that it appears that those bonds never existed. 

As always with these Shysters, when all else fails, burn the books. Erase the records.  Deny any paper trail. Pull a Sergeant Shultz impersonation: we know nothing, we saw nothing, we heard nothing.  Gag all media outlets.  Call out the gendarmes. 

This points out, once again, the utter impracticality and stupidity of even entertaining the idea of the QFS "Quantum Financial System" and CBDC's -- Central Bank Digital Currencies.  

It would make life a lot easier for the criminals, but living hell for the rest of us. 

We'd be better off buying a stockpile of salt and large plastic trash bags. 

One imagines the Voice of the Stewardess telling us all to remain calm in increasingly strained and higher pitched tones, as everyone knows that we are about to plow our 747 straight into a mountain.  

But wait.  There is a solution.  It's called "lawful conversion", otherwise known as "credit reversal", and there is already a clean, secure, global-scale banking service ready to deliver --- the Bilateral Global Family Bank.   

Remember that every debt is someone else's credit. 

It's time for poor old Joe at Joe's Hamburger Shop to be credited for all his actual, factual contributions.  

All the debt owed by British Territorial "Persons" and Municipal PERSONS needs to be lawfully converted into credit owed to Joe.  

Flip the accounting register on its head. 

There now.  Wasn't that painless?  The debts of one subset become the credits of another.   

Those credits will power the commercial jurisdiction on the land, which will save everyone a very nasty and embarrassing world economic collapse and/or face plant into a mountainside. 

We can help out the RV Committee, too. 

It's true that everything has been meddled with by the Central Banks. It's true we haven't had free markets for over a hundred years, but so what? 

Does that really keep us from knowing the value of things and prevent us from establishing a Standard Value?  


We know what an ounce of gold or an ounce of silver would buy in 1800, so we can use buying power in a former free market as the measure to establish value for the money and for the credit in the present General Commodity Market, and then, let that sort out and determine the comparative value of "new" commodities like engine oil and computer chips. 

It's not really rocket science. 

The first step is lawfully converting the hopelessly indebted Maritime Commercial Banks into commensurately wealthy Land Jurisdiction Commercial Banks. 

Pay Joe the credit he's owed and which he already paid for.  That will keep the Merry-Go-Round running.

The second step is to establish a Standard Value for gold and silver using former known buying power against other known commodities. 

Although some commodities like horses and whale oil have lost value and other commodities like engine oil and computer chips did not exist the last time we saw free markets, the relative value of a good suit and pair of shoes hasn't changed much in the past two hundred years, and neither has the relative price of a bushel of good winter wheat.  

We have plenty of such reference commodity values that will allow us to re-establish fair and reasonable Free Market Value Standards. 

And let us get on with our lives in a better and far less criminal world. 


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