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Friday, November 17, 2023

No Article III Courts, Either

 By Anna Von Reitz

For the last several years I have been having a running battle with Ron Vrooman, a guy from Oregon, who has spent his life vainly searching for an Article III Court. 

Begin with the fact that all Courts formed under the Constitutions are courts practicing international or global law by definition, or, they may be administrative courts, that is, administrative tribunals concerned with the internal affairs and personnel issues of their own corporations.  

None of these courts that you see camped out in our court houses practice our American Common Law. They threw up their hands and admitted this in 1938. 

They are all specialty courts, not Courts of General Jurisdiction. 

Ron's Quest, looking for an American Common Law Court of Justice "under the Constitution" (and thinking that the Article III Courts were the answer) was always like looking for a unicorn under the hood of a Chevy Pick-Up.  

Our courts have stood largely vacant for many years, including our American Federal Courts (Article III). 

There's simply nobody staffing them, and hardly anyone practicing American Common Law, even though our Courts hold General Jurisdiction.  

We have to staff our courts ourselves, or pay someone to do this work for us. So, it's me, you, and the chickens. 

We came to these conclusions after an exhaustive study of the Constitutions and the Treaties giving rise to them, but those studies ended many years ago.  Nobody had the time to hand-hold Ron and go back through it all. 

Thankfully, there's always a new generation hopping down the rabbit hole and discovering exactly what we found, and one of our readers has researched that material again.  

So here is the proof, Ron, demonstrating the nature of the courts that remain in business here.  See the attachments.  

The proper way to restore our Common Law Courts of Justice is precisely what we have been leading people to do --- declare your proper political status, join your State Assembly, and organize your own State Court. 

State Courts don't fall under the Federal Constitutions by definition. 

State Courts are superior to Federal Courts, including Article III Courts, within the borders of their States --- though they must for the time being respect the fact that some powers of the State have been delegated away to Federal Subcontractors.  

The Federation of States is competent to restore the American Federal Courts established under Article III of the original Federal Constitution, but these are not the courts that the people of this country desperately need. 

What the people need are their own properly provenanced and constructed State Courts. Unfortunately, it doesn't occur to people that their own courts are vacated, and that they have to supply the manpower and everything else needed to run their own separate court system.  

Americans have to supply themselves with the remedy they need. Nobody else can do it for them. 

We have researched this situation ad nauseum and the answer is simple enough.  The State Assembly has the power and responsibility to provide the State Courts for the living people of this country, but The State Assembly itself must be properly provenanced and its members must be declared first. 

The American States Assembly is leading the way and empowering the American people to bring their State Governments into Session and to  man their State Courts---- State Courts that are  American Common Law Courts of Justice, which hold General Jurisdiction in each State of the Union.  All fifty States are now in General Assembly and working on standing up their courts.  

If you want justice for yourself and your family, your County, State, and the country as a whole, stand up.  Correct your political status records and get involved today


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