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Friday, November 17, 2023

Public International Notice of Claim

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here was the problem for the Schemers after the armed hostilities of the American Civil War calmed down: they needed our credit to operate on, but our assets and credit both belong to us.  How could they pay themselves using our credit without our permission?  

National Identity Theft. 

The original States of States were inoperable. As a result, the Federal Republic, our American Federal Subcontractor, was also inoperable.  A full one-third of our government was paralyzed.  

This created a vacuum of power that the Schemers, our two foreign Federal Subcontractors, were eager to exploit and control. 

The Schemers certainly couldn't afford to notify the actual States or the people of this country. If we knew, we'd take action to correct the situation, so they had to work in secret, behind the backs of their employers. 

To the rest of the world, they claimed that our American Government was in "interregnum" and as a result of this, an "emergency" existed in our country, and as an "emergency" measure, they were "assuming" a custodial role (public trusteeship) over the civilian population and our assets. 

The Bounders set up State Trusts, cashiered our land and soil assets and everything else that wasn't nailed down, substituted their British Territorial States of States for our American States of States, and sat down to feed, like the Weasels in Toad Hall.  

What appeared to be "our" military was in charge of establishing this so-called Protectorate and appeared to be occupying our country to protect the civilian population, but in fact, our military had been unlawfully converted into a foreign Mercenary Force and it was working for foreign interests. 

Now you can better understand what the "cloak of secrecy" was all about.  If we had known, we would have objected and exercised our rights as Owners and Presumed Donors of all these Public Trusts gratuitously named after us. 

The success of their whole plan depended on keeping us ignorant and in the dark, clueless from first to last. 

In the 1920's the same Con Artists began secretly registering American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  They did this to remove us from our Native Land and Soil, and subject us to their King -- a change in political status that also neatly evaded their Constitutional obligations to us.  

Americans have Constitutional Guarantees, British Territorial Citizens do not. 

In 1937, they issued The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States, and the British Territorial "Protectorate" Government began colluding with their old enemies, the Pope's Municipal Government.  

This collusion allowed the Schemers to authorize the creation of another undisclosed registration process "in our names" and to subject the resulting new US CORPORATION named after us to the foreign Municipal Government's rules and regulations. 

All of this has taken place behind our backs.  It was all undertaken as a Scheme to impersonate us as "Dual Federal Citizens" and then use this to subject us and gain access to our assets and our credit. 

As of 1937, both foreign Municipal Corporations and all their franchises could pick our pockets at the same time.  

The Territorial Government could lie and pretend that we were their old Municipal enemies, and the Municipal Government could lie and pretend that we were their old Territorial enemies, and harass us and double-charge us both going and coming, because we didn't "declare ourselves".  

We, meanwhile, were never made aware of any reason or need to declare our political status. 

In the absence of formal, recorded declarations of political status from us, both sides were free to presume anything they liked about us--- and they liked to presume that we owed them lots and lots of credit for all sorts of services we never ordered nor received any benefit from. They liked to presume that we were dangerous insurrectionists.  They liked to illegally confiscate our property and throw us in jail under all these cozy -- and false -- Legal Presumptions. 

Most of all, they liked to assume custody of our assets and our credit.  

This has led to our Employees going into business for themselves, using us and our assets as collateral backing their enterprises, and using the resulting credit -- our own credit -- to indebt us. 

As a result of this crazy-making situation, we have been forced to use our Employee's credit, which is actually our credit, in lieu of paying our bills. They have then charged us interest for this "privilege"  being extended to a British Territorial Person named after us.  And they have charged the Municipal CORPORATION's taxes to us, too.  

We've had our Employees holding our assets under False Pretenses and using them as collateral to borrow credit from the banks, and then back-charging their debts to us via periodically bankrupting their corporations, charging us interest on our own credit the whole time, and assigning the taxes and service fees and utility bills owed by their Municipal CORPORATIONS to us, too.  

These two groups of what appear to be Americans (but both are actually working for foreign interests), have been preying upon and impersonating and mischaracterizing the actual Americans they are supposed to be protecting and serving with good faith.

This has gone on with absolutely no disclosure to the American people.  The British Territorial "United States" and its U.S. Citizens have gotten away with this for 160 years.  The Municipal Partner has done it to us since 1937-- 86 years.  

Now you can see why this was all hush-hush and a matter of "National Security" (theirs). You can see the Gross Breach of Trust and Bad Faith involved.  And you can also see why we are owed a blivit-load of both assets and credit returned safely to our own custody and the custody of our civilian government. 

We've declared ourselves on the public record and provided our provenance.  

We are claiming back our assets and our credit.  We are claiming back the federal and state-of-state income taxes and property taxes that were "misapplied" to us.  We are claiming back the money we paid for utilities and natural resources that in fact belong to us.  We are here to collect all the "misapplied" interest we were charged on a foreign "National Debt".  And all the physical assets we are owed, too. 

Send a copy of this to the members of the British Territorial Corporation "Congress" and the Roman Municipal Corporation "Congress" -- and most of all, give a copy to the banks, from largest to smallest. 

This Scheme could never work without the collusion of the banks, and it is at the bank level that it has to be dismantled and reversed.  Also give copies to all and any attorneys of your acquaintance, it couldn't have been done without their assistance and cooperation, either. 

Some people have noted that we are creating an embarrassment for the Pope, as he already gave our land back to the Indians.  But it wasn't his land to give, was it? The land belongs to our States and our People--- all of them.  We are all the inheritors of anything the Pope had a claim to administer, and we have an equal claim.

Some other people have noted that since the Doctrine of Discovery was overturned, it vitiates all "discoveries" as the basis of land ownership, including the discovery of this land by "Native" immigrants in a more distant time. 

Still others, the cynics among us, have noted that trying to give the land back to the Indians is just another divide and conquer strategy designed to sow discord and injustice and create a new basis for prejudice and racism. 

We are all against that, except of course for the British Territorials who created the Reservation System and the Residential Schools and who gave the Indians blankets infected with Smallpox, and traded liquor to them, and tried to destroy their languages and culture and traditions with decades of forced assimilation, and who have always treated all black or brown-skinned people as inferior. 

That's their British Social Caste System, not ours. 

They were treating all of us as Sheep to be shorn at the same time, so let all that bad karma rest on them. 

As the lawful international government of this country, The United States of America, Unincorporated, is  claiming the right to secure and distribute the the Guadalupe Hidalgo Gold Trust and the related Bonds issued by the Spanish Government for the improvement of infrastructure and success of the people living in seven western States transferred by Mexico to The United States. 

Like many other so-called Historical Trusts and Legacy Trusts, the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust is owed to our States and all their people, Native and Causian, Hispanic and Chinese alike. 

We call upon Andrew Bailey and the Bank of England to release the corpus and interest owed on the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust to our unincorporated Federation of States, dba The United States of America since 1776, and our American-chartered trade bank, The Global Family International Trade Bank, for dispersal to the now-enrolled western States of the Union intended to receive the benefit of the Trust.   

I AM and I have asked. 

We similarly claim all Historical and Legacy Trusts containing physical assets, rights, and interests, owed to the American people and the American States of the Union. 

Notice of Claim issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

November 16th 2023


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