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Friday, November 17, 2023

International Public Claim -- Two Sides to Every Hamburger

 By Anna Von Reitz

The last couple of days we have been reviewing the history and players and how-we-all-got-into-this Mess.

We've been issuing our Public Claims and enforcing our Public Liens, which is both our right and duty.  

Our Public is self-evidently not the British Territorial Public and not the Roman Municipal Public.  

Our Public consists of all the declared and recorded American people living within the borders of our States and our country, and extends to all those merely presumed to be Dual Federal Citizens without their fully disclosed consensual agreement, and who must be deemed unconscionable victims of an attempted National Identity Theft.  

As a practical matter, until our people have full disclosure and make reasonable decisions about their political choices, we presume that the only actual Federal citizenries present are those who directly and currently receive sustainable employment from the Municipal Corporations resident in the District of Columbia and any dependent spouses, and does not automatically include their children born on our land and soil, and does not include retirees, and generally speaking, does not include anyone who was enrolled in the federal Social Security program without actually being a Federal Employee. 

We would also exempt all franchise employees, who have worked for state-of-state organizations without the benefit of full disclosure, military personnel working under contracts that have not been fully disclosed, and federal civil servants who have been laboring under the same conditions of non-disclosure and deceit. 

Virtually nobody in this country has ever had the benefit of full disclosure and understanding of the contracting processes involved, the meaning of registration or the use of the certificates issued to legalize these venal practices of impersonation.

We therefore claim all certificates issued to persons who are not directly employed by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their direct dependent spouses, who are currently living in this country and whose provenance and lineage or whose naturalization and residency records indicate that they are either Americans born and bred or legally naturalized immigrants who have not been advised of their political options. 

We recognize all these people as presumptive American State Nationals according to our definition of "American State Nationals".  

We also claim all credit owed to these persons, which is to be returned to them and their progeny for the cancellation of debts and in recognition of their correct status as Employers and Principals and Preferential Creditors.

Some time ago we gave the example of Joe and Joe's Hamburger Shop. Fred, a Federal Employee, walks in and wants a hamburger, so he gives Joe a "Federal Reserve Note" which is essentially a promise to pay later, also known as an I O.U. 

Joe gives him an actual hamburger, not a photograph of one.  

Joe is left with a piece of paper acknowledging Fred's debt. On the face of it, this PROMISSORY NOTE is issued by a corporation operating "as" the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and a bank consortium operating as the FEDERAL RESERVE.  

Joe is not paid for his hamburger (that would require actual gold or silver or other asset-backed currency) and he is not actually in receipt of credit in exchange for his hamburger, so no equitable consideration has been exchanged. 

What Joe is left holding onto, is evidence of the debt owed to him by this unknown corporation and equally unknown association of banks. 

This one-sided and undisclosed commercial transaction is taking place entirely in the realm of Maritime Commerce, under the auspices of the British Monarch and Government of Westminster.  Both Joe and Fred are being "presumed" to be Subjects of the King, using a private military scrip issued for their use as Wards of the British Monarch or as Officers of the British Crown.

The problem is that this system, while very profitable for the British Monarch, the British Crown, and the Pope, is being practiced in deceit and under conditions of fraud and non-disclosure on dry land that actually belongs to poor old Joe.  

What should be happening is that Joe has his own non-Maritime Commercial bank issuing American Credit Certificates in exchange for every Federal Reserve Note. 

In this way, the Zero-sum transactions originally anticipated by the Bretton Woods agreements could be completed without any absurd accumulation of debt, without any bankruptcy fraud against our American Public, and Joe could be properly credited for his hamburger, not left holding onto someone else's debt as purported payment for actual goods and services.  

When they secretly rolled up the sidewalk on everything else and substituted their British Territorial States of States organizations for ours, the Brits also unlawfully converted all our land jurisdiction Commercial Banks into Maritime Commercial Banks.

Of course, they never told us, nor did they tell most of the affected Commercial Banks, nor did they tell our trading partners in other countries.  Instead, they stealthily embarked on a criminal rampage of secretive commercial mercenary war for profit, and attacked our trading partners under pretense of "war". 

The Brits simply acted in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their Treaties and Service Contracts (the Constitutions) and unlawfully converted our land-based Commercial Banks into Maritime Commerce Banks. 

They also operated under a "Cloak of Secrecy" to do all this.  Not only did they not inform their actual Employers, or seek to protect our persons as required by Article IV of their Service Contract, they deliberately and self-interestedly kept mum and prevented us from responding.

They did this by telling the rest of the world that our government was "in interregnum" and that they had to take charge in response to an "Emergency" --- but in fact, our government had to find out about all these cozy arrangements undertaken "for" us, literally, from European gossip and Karen Hudes, acting as a Whistleblower inside the World Bank apparatus.   

Our disloyal incorporated Subcontractors and the guilty Principals benefiting themselves at our expense never said a word, never acted to defend their actual Employers, the American States and People. 

We are now correcting this situation and are issuing our own gold-backed American currency, the American Federation Dollar, through our chartered International Trade Banks, and issuing American Credit Certificates through our land jurisdiction Commercial Banks for the redemption of "US DEBT NOTES" otherwise known as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.  

We formally and on the record accepted all debts of the various corporations as credit owed to us prior to the recent bankruptcies, and lodged our claims against the Principals responsible and the treasuries responsible beginning in 1998.  

We claim all the unlawfully converted Maritime Commercial Banks as Commercial Banks owed to us and naturally belonging to our jurisdiction. 

We deny the existence of any emergency powers assumed by the Usurpers responsible for these conditions, or any special extra-territorial powers assumed by their corporate CEOs.

So far as we are concerned, we already paid for every piece of equipment, every man-hour, and every piece of ground; the assets of these corporations and their franchises and their personnel are ours and forfeit, because there was never any other consideration in any of these commercial exchanges and the credit owed to Joe for his hamburger and his labor was never made available to him, either. 

At the end of the day, even the debts accrued by these foreign Municipal Corporations were sloughed off onto poor old Joe, via the Constructive Fraud of undisclosed registration that allowed the Perpetrators to claim that he was part of their "Public" and responsible for their bankruptcy debts.  

Joe and his Hamburger Shop have never been part of the British Territorial Public nor the Roman Municipal Public.  He has always been part of the American Public and has never known or chosen otherwise. 

So, the I.O.U. has landed on the King's desk, the desk of the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, and in the Pope's lap --- where it belongs, for collection.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

17th November 2023