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Sunday, July 9, 2023

The BAR Code and the Beast

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have grown up with Bar Codes attached to everything.  Even fruits and vegetables have tiny little stick-on labels and on those stick-on labels we see what?  Bar Codes.  

We assume that they are called Bar Codes because they appear to be a series of lines, or in the common parlance, bars, that create an optical code that computers recognize as a particular thing --- Land O Lakes Butter, Old Hickory Smoked Turkey, Pall Mall Cigarettes.... and so on and on. 

Whatever you buy -- at least in the world of commerce --- has a Bar Code which helps businesses automate sales transactions and track inventories, which is why so many businesses use Bar Codes. It also helps BATF track sales of controlled substances.  

And when you use a credit or debit card to make purchases, this system tracks that purchase straight back to you, which means that Bar Codes combined with Bank Cards are part of a covert surveillance system that tracks all your buying choices and activities.  

This is not surveillance on a generalized basis. This is specific surveillance of you and what brands you choose and what you spend money on individually. 

Don't you consider that an invasion of privacy?   

By tracking your purchases Big Brother can refine their marketing and pitch their products to you more effectively.  By tracking your purchases Big Brother can access your preferences in entertainment, booze, underwear, anything at all.  And they can use this information to infer things about you.  Did you buy a pregnancy test?  An eczema cream?   

The Bar Codes are issued by a corporation that is directly affiliated with another corporation that is owned and operated by the British Crown, so now we see another meaning of "Bar Code".  

It's not just a friendly, helpful convenience greasing the wheels of commerce.  It's an insidious means for the Bar Association Handlers to keep track and monitor absolutely everything you spend money on. 

So how does this all lead into "the Mark of the Beast" --- well, BEAST is an abbreviation for a Belgian-based computer system that attempts to define and catalogue and track every possible resource on Earth, for the purpose of monitoring and controlling everything. 

Under the BEAST system, the old credit card system is replaced by a permanent RFID chip.  The chip would be implanted at birth and used to track an individual throughout their life -- just like a cow is currently tracked and traded ---  and would also be the means by which that individual could buy and sell: they simply wave their hand over a scanner and the sale is either approved or disapproved. 

And you would be controlled and told, yes, you are authorized to buy 25 feet of half inch rope, or no, you are not authorized to buy this item. 

Most of us would rather die right now rather than be subjected to such a system, but you see, they don't just smack you in the face with the reality of what they are proposing.  Instead, they introduce these "programs" --- as in "computer programs" --- slowly, bit by bit. 

They introduced the Bar Codes and Credit Cards decades ago.  You are used to these tools and not afraid of them.  You have, in the parlance of commerce, "accepted" them.  Having accepted that much, the Perpetrators believe that you will just go along with having RFID chips inserted in your flesh.  After all, it's just a little pin prick.  

And if they do it to us while we are babies, we won't even remember that it was done.  

We will all be enslaved and surveilled and monitored and "disciplined" according to the whims of the madmen and crazy women who fancy themselves to be on the side of "Lucifer"--- the by-definition "Anti-Christ".

Or so they have planned.  

Let's look a little deeper.  Christ is supposed to personify the risen Yeshuah.  Lucifer is supposed to personify the risen Satan.  Christ is physically associated with the energy of the spinal fluid and Lucifer is associated with the death of our pituitary gland. Fluoride just happens to calcify and kill our pituitary gland.

How very interesting.  

And where do we see the first large-scale addition to Fluoride to municipal drinking water?   Nazi Germany.  But where and when was it first tested for "efficacy"?  In The United States, by the Wellcome pharmaceutical laboratories, again.  

It all goes back to the triumvirate of Lord Pirbright-Cecil Rhodes-Henry Wellcome, the same people who brought us concentration camps, non-consensual medical experimentation, and biowarfare brought us fluoridation of our drinking water. 

While this practice is touted as preventing tooth decay, it also disrupts the adrenal system of the victims, calcifies our pituitary gland, inhibits absorption of nutrients, and most glaringly, is a known neurotoxin.  

But, but, but, you are sputtering, our government wouldn't do that to us! 

No, your government wouldn't and hasn't and doesn't, but what you are dealing with are Subcontractors of Subcontractors of Subcontractors of your government.  

The people dumping Fluoride into your drinking water are, for the most part, clueless as posts in a fence --- and serving the same function. 

It's up to you to take the reins and join your State Assembly and see to it that this nightmare of ignorance and planned lack of accountability ends. 

Choose the issues and the functions where you can contribute the most toward saving your country and your own freedom. 


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