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Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Definition of Racism

 By Anna Von Reitz

Racism is multi-color and multi-cultural tribalism.  

It impacts all groups wherever diversity exists.  

Remember the long process that humanity has endured to arrive at this moment, with different tribes of people fighting against each other about nearly everything you can think of. 

Religious beliefs.  Skin color.  Land.  Money.  Bad breath.  You name it. 

We've always been able to pick fights with each other, but usually, it's over some idea we (frustratingly) can't prove, or some material advantage ---- but it's based on perceived differences. 

I say "perceived" differences, because for racism to be effective, it has to be based on something we can see, some visual element, sign, or signal, that tells us, "Yes, he's part of our special little group." or "No, he's not part of our special little group." 

Be it a uniform or a headdress or simply the color of our skin, in order for racism and what I call non-specific hatred to be effective and efficient, there has to be some sort of visual cue. 

Oh, he has a flat nose, therefore.... 

It could also be an auditory cue, such as someone speaking Spanish, but there has to be something, some identifier, that creates a perceived difference between people. 

If we see the Truth, then we see that our bodies aren't different in any significant way, that uniforms are just pieces of cloth, and that disliking or distrusting other people for any reason but their own specific words and actions, is irrational.  

It's downright crazy.  It really is.  

I long ago decided that the only sane way to interact with other people is to be fearless and take them each one as they come, for who they are as individuals.  

If someone is a Liar and Hate-monger, selfish, hard-hearted, and criminal, I reserve my right to avoid them, fight them, or do whatever I must do  --- but I don't hate whole races and religions for the sake of twisted individuals. 

They're just twisted individuals, and psychopaths come in all colors and adopt all sorts of religions.  

We are all mature and sentient enough to realize this for ourselves, so why don't we?  

I have often looked at racists and religious zealots and thought --- these people are terrified.  

They must feel so weak and so threatened, that they need other people "of the same kind" to come and support them.  

It's our weakness, not our strength, that results in racism -- or what I call tribalism. 

It's just another fear to overcome. 

The arguments in favor of doing so are beautifully summed up here, by a noted historian: 


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  1. Why are we still focusing on this? It's a few who are devoted to racism, racial purity, segregation, etc. And those who frame the argument so they can paint inconvenient people "Nazis", which is simply a thought stopping word. The rest don't actively engage in it, and EEO and Offices of Equity presently do way more harm than any perceived good.

    But more poignantly, the present post-modern priests have redefined the term "racism" and and surrounding concepts. You know about this ploy. If this article is your approach to the so-called "stain of racism" you're not understanding the Woke Marxist vocabulary and concepts, and you're not arguing effectively.

    It's past time to get with it.

  2. A "Reader" states - "We" are NOT focusing on "this"

    Try to imagine or ask, is Anna seeking to take "emotional charge" out from the many various weapons (charges of racism) which have been used against us?

    Try to imagine. And maybe also try to be; But, not to be a point source of pestilence and complaints.

    my mark is A "Reader."

  3. . . . and put your teeth back in, before you flap your jabber.




    1. "this lady (at Anon July 9 at 10:09 PM) doth protest too much, methinks"

  5. July 9, 2023 at 10:09 PM-are-still-committing-consumer-fraud/

    1. Do you have first hand knowledge or truth via witnessing this claim of consumer fraud, or just parroting the propagandist main stream media like the other boot lickers? Why post the same nonsense 3 times unless you are a BOT or just a keyboard wannabe? Stay in your lane, treat others as you want to be treated.


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