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Sunday, July 9, 2023

International Public Notice: How -- Precisely -- They Did It in Australia

 By Anna Von Reitz

One of the great hue-and-cries that the Trolls are constantly pretending about me and my fellow researchers is the idea that we don't have any proof for what we are saying, when in fact, we have tons of proof both circumstantial and evidentiary.   

Here for the world's edification, is how they worked their scheme in Australia, brought to you this Sunday morning by Australian researchers addressing the same topics we discovered here and in other countries.  

Follow along and see how the Perpetrators occupying positions of trust in the Territorial legislature changed definitions and added and subtracted to gain the desired end result: 

" they can get away with not following the constitution.
The High Court has ruled the Territories are not subject to the constitution due the operation of  Section 122.

No big whoop for us [Australians]  as we have 2B but this is how the High Court Rules 2004 can overcome Section 80 of the constitution.

So the Norfolk Island Amendments Act 2015 amends 145 Acts to change the definition of Australia to this:

Omit “the Northern Territory or Norfolk Island”, substitute, “or the Northern Territory”."

See that little sleight of hand that removes "Norfolk Island" so that it encloses "Australia"?

Now observe how MANY Acts that little change also changes --- 145 Acts of the Australian legislature were changed to accommodate it! 

But wait there's more.

So Australia does not include Norfolk Island so the only other option is Norfolk Island includes Australia, Norfolk Island is under administration of the United States and Australia is under the administration of Norfolk Island as a Minister of Finance -- for example-- is.......

End Quotes.  

Hundreds of Acts of the Australian legislature were changed and amended to reverse the standing of the two jurisdictions involved, so that the foreign "tail" is now wagging the dog.  

First, the Brits did their dirty work by surreptitiously establishing a British Territorial Military "Protectorate" over the former Commonwealth--- without, of course, saying one word to the Australian people, and then, they brought in their American franchise to oversee things and give themselves a degree of separation from their Breach of Trust and wrong-doing.

We see this same practice again and again, of criminal breach of trust and non-disclosure being blamed on Subcontractors, but the actual fault continues to be with the Principals responsible for hiring and using these Subcontractors and then failing to properly limit and direct the activities of these Subcontractors so as to guarantee that they honor their own contractual obligations. 

The Holy See and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London and other Principals owe the people of Terra Australis the Guarantees established by their Constitutions, but these Principals have sought to evade their own obligations by: (1) establishing a Territorial Protectorate, and (2) bringing in a foreign Subcontractor to administer it.  

The Subcontractor then becomes their flak jacket, or so they think.  

The foreign Subcontractor technically has no obligation under the Australian Constitution, particularly with respect to its own citizenry, so they, the foreign corporations providing "governmental services" simply goes around "registering" everyone in sight, without disclosure, and using this purloined private contract as an excuse, presumes that everyone is volunteering to act as part of their citizenry. This then provides the excuse to misapply their corporation's Public Policies and statutory rules and regulations to the General Public. 

It's the same schtick they pulled here, Australian style. 

The living people and Lawful Persons of Terra Australis are owed their Constitution and its Guarantees, so the Perpetrators secretly registered and "redefined" everyone as Legal Persons.

The Principals hope to plead that they didn't know what was going on, but if they didn't, someone in their administration did, and they are responsible for what their administration does.  

So, try to gainsay it as they will, and try to invoke "plausible deniability" as they will, they are ultimately responsible for it when their foreign subcontractors run amok and cause harm to living people, steal property from living people, and otherwise promote privately owned corporations as  "governments" proposing to rule over the General Public of entire countries. 

I wish to make it clear that this material quoted above, is independent research carried out by researchers in Australia who may or may not wish to be named at this juncture, people who are confirming in their own records the same kind of fraud and wrong-doing as we have discovered in America. 

The same playbook was followed in all cases that we have been able to nail down so far --- (1) some kind of Territorial Protectorate is established thereby creating a "friendly military" Occupation, and (2)  then a foreign corporation is brought in to administer the operations of this Occupation. That foreign corporation has no direct obligations under the Constitutions owed to the people thus being "Occupied" and operates without regard to the contractual guarantees provided by the national Constitution.  

As such, the Principals responsible have sought to evade their own contractual obligations, have conspired against the Constitutions owed to the living people, and have allowed foreign Subcontractors to pillage and plunder civilian populations.  

The protestations of the Principals to the effect that they didn't know what was going on,  or claiming the good faith and belief of their Subcontractors as an excuse, would be more convincing if they had not received a great deal of Unjust Enrichment as a result of these abuses and usurpations and derelictions of duty owed to the Public. 

Notification to all jurisdictions, peacekeepers and law enforcement officials, national and international: 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

July 9th 2023


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