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Monday, July 17, 2023

Don't Be Fooled

 By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that the Satanist Game is always Divide and Conquer.  

In order to play this game, there have to be two sides.  

So they create both sides and control the game.  It's that simple. 

However they want the game to run, they set it up.  

If they need faster results, they make one side look really bad (Joe Biden) and the other side look really good (Donald Trump) to the audience they are playing to.

Some of you are already well-aware of Good Cop - Bad Cop manipulation, and this is just the same kind of manipulation on a larger scale. 

This time around, they want to make the British Empire look good and the Roman Empire to look bad.  So they introduce their British Crown team as the saviors and they promise you things like this: 

1. We'll give your "securities" back. 
2. No conflict with the US System.
3. Diplomatic immunity. 

People think --- money and safety!  

And unfortunately for many, that's as far as they think.  

They don't tell you that Rome is already in control of them, so that no matter what you do, or which side you choose, you are still in the grip of Rome.  And that's why there's no conflict with the US System.  

Why would there be?  It's all part of the same system. 

Just like they don't tell you that it was always illegal and unlawful to "securitize" you and your assets.  

They don't have any choice about returning them-- what's at issue is how your assets get returned and under what terms.  

Under our plan, you and your States of the Union get the ownership and control and full benefit. 

Under their plan, they retain control and ownership and feed you bits and pieces while everything, including you, still belongs to their King. 

And their King still belongs to the Pope. 

According to our plan, you get your stuff back and it's yours under your control and under the control of your traditional American Government--- which you also control. 

According to their plan, they institute a new banking system that allows them to control and survey every purchase you make. 

They can control what brand of butter you buy. Or deny you the ability to buy anything at all.  

And for a while, as long as they are afraid of a slave rebellion,  they'll give you more of your own chicken feed, but then they will crack down again. Harder than ever.  

If you take their "offer" via David Straight and guys like Richard down in Louisiana, all you cows and sheep get corralled again, and you spend your lives endlessly shuffling between their pillar and their post. 

The promise of "diplomatic immunity" is another farce.  

You already have "diplomatic immunity" and they are being slammed (by us) for their failure to provide it.  

They've been trespassing on our turf against our people and we called them on it.  So now, under international law, they have to back off. 

So is Diplomatic Immunity a benefit they are giving you, or is it simply what you are already owed ? 

We are the ones enforcing your "Diplomatic Immunity".  They never "gave" it to you.  

They are the ones who have been illegally and unlawfully trespassing against your immunity all along.  

Now that we are forcing them to honor it, they want to make it look like they are the source of this benefit?  

Count your fingers when you shake hands. 

These people are Liars and Players and they are good at it, but if you have been paying attention you already know that the only good changes are those that our State Assemblies and our Federation of States are creating. 

And don't be fooled when they put on a different mask.  

Some of the "very elect" will be fooled and seduced by these promises of peace and plenty: just sign up for a TreasuryDirect Account, adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship, join us and give up your claim to be Americans --- and our King will be generous to you.  

He will give you back a tiny portion of what's yours, about one percent, and in exchange, you will hold him and his government harmless and subject yourselves and your children to his rule.   

That's the deal they are actually offering you.  

In the search for peace and plenty, you must be your own source and determine your own destiny. You cannot rely on any government but your own and even your own government needs your attention. 

No, you can't just leave your own government on autopilot for 160 years and forget how it works. You have to stand up and be your own good guys, and put on your own white hats.  

And if you have the brains of a mouse in heat, you already know how the British King treats his own people.  The list of grievances hasn't changed from 1776 to today.  


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