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Monday, July 17, 2023

Reply to Ron Vrooman --- Again, and Everyone Being Misled by Him

 By Anna Von Reitz

You have it completely backwards and have always had it completely backwards. 

In 1787, as we know from period Dictionaries, the word "Federal" meant "Contract". 

The Federal Government is and has always been composed of Governmental Services Subcontractors. 

The American Subcontractor was popularly known as the "Federal Republic".  

It was run by the Confederation of States doing business as the States of America. 

This is confirmed by the records and by the construction of the name and title of "The Constitution for the united States of America" ratified in 1787.  See?  The organization receiving the contract was "States of America".  

This is the "Organic" Federal Constitution which created, empowered --- and at the same time, limited, the new American Federal Subcontractor. 

All this history has been explained to you multiple times, the documents have either been provided or you have been given the proper citations. 

So who or what "subcontracted" with all these service providers, both American and foreign?  

It was not as you say and mislead people to believe "federal citizens" making these contracts.  They would be contracting with themselves according to your "theory".  

Remember that the "federal citizenry" didn't exist prior to the Constitutions.  That's why they are always focused on the constitution, the constitution, the constitution to the point of ignoring all else --- because without their particular Constitution, they have no jobs and no viable political identity.  

We are not in that boat.  With or without any federal Constitution or Subcontractors at all, our Federation of States and our States continue to exist.  

Which is another bone to pick with you.  

The phrase "We, the People" has meaning in both Law and Grammar.  The people live in our nation-states of the Union, while the People function as Lawful Persons in international venues.  

The people are those we refer to as State Nationals or the General Public,  those who have no particular obligation to serve the government at any level.  

The People refers to State Citizens, who owe no obligation, but who freely renounce any allegiance to any other government and serve as International Fiduciary Deputies for their State of the Union.  

We know this from the history, from the way international business was conducted among nations in the 1700s, and from the grammar.  These State Citizens serving as Fiduciary Deputies of the actual States are the "People" in "We, the People", who contracted with the three Federal Subcontractors on behalf of their States. 

Only State Citizens can enforce the Constitutions because State Citizens are the only ones who created and ratified the Constitutions.  They and their Successors are the only Parties to the Constitutions from the American side of the contract

The Union being referred to at the time and place, during the ratification of the Constitutions, is the original Union formed by the nation-states in 1776, and is not to be confused with the "Union" that fought in the Civil War. 

You are completely mistaken if you actually believe that "no Federal Constitution exists" simply because various hirelings dropped the ball, stopped providing services, were not retained, and so on.  

At the level of the Principals who created these contracts, they are still very much in play --- and it doesn't matter how many times the US INC. or the US CORP or the UNITED STATES or the USA, Inc. or the United States of America, Incorporated, or The United States of America, Incorporated, goes bankrupt or out of business.  

And as for  Oaths of Office, the Informer researched that 30 plus years ago and nothing has changed. 

Out of thousands of "oaths" and offices examined, exactly four people had oaths that met the requirements for a valid Oath of Public Office. This means that these people who are seeming to occupy these Public Offices are not actually seated in those Offices.  They are appearing to be Governors and Sheriffs and so on, and they are exercising the powers, but in actual fact, they have never accepted the liability attached to the job. 

This is just a small part of what has to be addressed, but if people like you continue to ignore, misinterpret, and mislead people who are already confused enough, that effort to clean this mess up just gets harder to do. 

Cease and desist.  The Oregon Assembly was duly called into Session in 2019.  You are eligible to join it, but not supplant it.  


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