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Monday, July 17, 2023

No, Bobby....

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, Bobby, that's where you are dead wrong.  Nothing was "replaced" by the Confederation.  Something was improved.  Nothing was ever replaced.  That's just another assumption that they push when they indoctrinate you in Public School. 

The thing being improved was the States of America.  The unincorporated Union of States was adding to its organizational capabilities.  It already had the Federation of States in place and it set up a Confederation, too.  In addition to, not instead of.  "In order to form a more perfect Union...."

They weren't talking about some theoretical "union", they were talking about their Union of States. 

All the instrumentalities and doing-business-as names were retained.  They all continued in use from 1781 to the 1850s when some changes were made to bring the language conventions we use into conformance with our Official Language --- English.  

Otherwise, and throughout, the different bodies simply come in and out of Session, and the member delegates changed hats to do business in different jurisdictions --- national, international, and global, using the same group of doing-business-as names to accomplish that.  

The same people ran the original Union, the Federation, and the Confederation.  The Confederation ran the Federal Republic, which was the American Federal Subcontractor. 

If all three Federal Subcontractors ceased functioning tomorrow, our Federation of States still stands and is still able to conduct business internationally and globally.  

How do we know that?  Because the Federation did all the work later delegated under the Constitutions for five years, 1776 to 1781, all by itself.  If need be, it can do it all again. 

So we called the Federation and its Member States back into Session for the first time in a 160 years. 

We identified people who were eligible and willing to claim their birthright political status as Americans born in one of the nation-states, and we had them declare and record and publish their political status, so that they and their assemblies are fully empowered.  

Each State Assembly represents a Member State in the unincorporated Federation of States.

The Confederation is inoperable because its members were States-of-States that were either bankrupted or ruinated during the Civil War.  The Confederation of States and the Federal Republic both have to be reconstructed by the States and that hasn't been done yet, because the State Assemblies have been dormant all this while.  

So for now, both the Confederation and the American Federal Republic are down for the count, waiting for the States of the Union to finish getting assembled and then set up new State of State organizations for themselves and then, finally, convene them as the restored Confederation. 

After that, the Confederation can take up the reins and run the American Federal Subcontractor, the so-called Federal Republic, if that's what the appropriate Congressional Body decides.  

I don't have a crystal ball, but it may be that they decide not to contract with the former service providers and do everything themselves. There doesn't seem to be any reason, for example, to continue a relationship with the British Monarch as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  Those issues and more will have to be discussed. 

My point to you is that we have thoroughly researched these issues for many years and if we were wrong, we'd be in jail.  The proof is in the pudding.  We have already constructed the peaceful means -- the properly assembled State Assemblies -- to make the needed changes: completion of the Reconstruction, control of the Courts, and an end to trespassing on our jurisdiction. 

My further point to you is that a Jural Assembly is a natural part of a State Assembly. The Jurors are all members of the State Assembly because the Jury Pool is drawn from the membership of the State Assembly.  No "Jural Assembly" exists without a State Assembly.  

You and Ron and the others are all charging around claiming to have a separate "Jural Assembly" without bothering to build or become members of the State Assembly that already exists ---and which formed in 2019, years before anything you got going. 

So you can either be members of The Oregon Assembly and participate as members, therefore,also functioning as members of The State Jural Assembly, or you can continue to be off-track and headed for trouble.

The same kinds of assumptions that you are making are what got the Colorado Nine jail terms of over thirty years each.  Instead of being a help to me or to help anyone else, these know-it-all men got themselves cashiered away and unable to even help themselves. They've become an additional burden to me, as I am obliged to seek their freedom and extend diplomatic efforts on their behalf. 

Is that what you want to happen in Oregon?  A whole bunch of you get arrested and tried and jailed, and then the rest of us have to expend our time and effort to negotiate your release?  A process that requires us to take responsibility and guarantee that you won't go off on a tangent again, and will instead seek peaceful redress in the ways required by international and national law?  

If we can't get you to see sense now, how are we supposed to guarantee that you'll see the light after you've cooled your heels in jail?  

It's emotionally and mentally exhausting to deal with groups like yours, because I already know where you are going with this separate "Oregon Jural Assembly". I already know where the trail leads, and I am warning all of you just like I warned the Colorado Nine --- and I quote my last conversation with Bruce Doucette: "For God's sake, wake up, and don't do this.  You can't get where you want to go on this path."

Now I find myself saying the same thing to you and Ron, laying out the same plain facts.  And just as it was with The Colorado Nine, I am getting all these men thinking that they know better than me and telling me I'm a traitor and a this and a that and some other thing, throwing personal insults in my face and making ridiculous accusations, because I don't agree with them.  

I have studied this for going on fifty years and know what I am talking about. Everything that has happened has borne out that I know what I am talking about.  

1. I warned The Colorado Nine.  They didn't listen.  Where are they?  
2. I warned Rod Class and told him in advance what to expect if he took his deer rifle into Washington, DC.  What happened with that?  I think he is still on an ankle-bracelet. 
3. I warned the January 6th Protestors.  I told the Oathkeepers they were being set up.  I told them weeks before. It's on the record of my blogs.  Where are they?  In jail. 
4. I have warned President Trump and his Legal Team, too.  And where are they? Scrambling around, desperate and confused.  
5. And here I am warning all of you in Oregon, too.   

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything on this Earth.  

My husband and I and those working for the Federation of States (not the "Federal" Government)  have led everyone forward to the point where our State Assemblies have traction internationally as the free-standing, recognized, and lawful  American Government.  That is not an "accident" -- that's the result of a lot of hard work and applied knowledge of history and law.    

If you want to take your rightful place and have a Jural Assembly that has teeth, you need to park your pride and learn some things, then take appropriate action to build your State Assembly and your Jural Assembly with it.  

I don't like being right about some things, but life and time have proven that I am. 

Continue on the road you are on at your own peril.  I have told you to "Cease and Desist" for your sake, not mine.  


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