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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Which America? Read This and Understand.

 By Anna Von Reitz

So far, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Montana have passed legislation declaring that they are sovereign States, not subject to Federal directives. 

Well, that's great so far as it goes, however, the people involved in passing this legislation are reiterating something that isn't in dispute. 

What's in dispute is not a question of "what" is sovereign. It's a question of "who" is sovereign--- who in this country can exercise the sovereignty of the States?  Nationally and Internationally? 

Certainly not foreign Municipal Corporations and their Employees.  Certainly not franchises of these foreign Municipal Corporations. 

The Brits who have been substituting British Territorial State-of- State governments for us since the Civil War, went ahead and registered all of us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, via the birth certification process.  They explained nothing about this to anyone, and certainly not to their American victims. 

As a result, our sovereign nation-states appear to be vacant, with millions upon millions of "Americans" milling around, nearly all of whom have been falsely registered as Brits and as adjuncts belonging to the City of Rome. 

Nary a living American soul is left in any of the States, but there are some. 

There are enough recorded Americans to claim the property and their inheritance belonging to the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and its people. There are enough to run their State Assemblies and their country as a whole.  

Out of approximately 900 people competent to act as Fiduciaries, two of them, Anna Maria Riezinger and James Clinton Belcher, stepped forward and claimed all American property in all jurisdictions --- and as  Fiduciaries of The United States of America, they claimed it all back for the living people of every State of the Union. 

They served the Due Process.  They published their claims. They put it on the Public Record from here to Zimbabwe.  

The land and soil of this country may appear to be vacant --- except for those of us who declared our birthright political status and recorded and published it, those who summoned our State Assemblies back into Session, and those who populated those State Assemblies.  We're still here, claiming our sovereignty, our land and our soil and everything that goes with it. 

Without a population and a State Assembly to govern them, the States lose their standing and are considered abandoned property. 

The remaining "unknown" people living in these vacant states are considered "stateless" and are claimed by whatever government cares to claim them. 

But we are not stateless and our States are not abandoned.  Our doors are wide open to welcome home our long-lost brethren. Our claims in all three primary jurisdictions were cured in 2014. 

All these people acting as representatives in State-of-State Legislatures lack the standing to say anything adverse to their parent corporations headquartered in DC, but we have the standing necessary to put teeth into the sovereignty of the States of the Union.   

They are all British Territorial U.S. Citizens --- whether they know it or not, having the same political status as someone born in Puerto Rico. 

Someone born and living in Puerto Rico can observe and say that Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Utah are sovereign States.  They can say the sky is blue, too.  

They can say that the sovereign States aren't subject to Federal directives, too. 

It's true, so far as it goes, and if you ignore the Constitutions -- because yes, if the Constitutions are honored, the States do have to follow some Federal directives. 

Enforcing sovereignty is an entirely different matter.  

You must have sovereignty to begin with, and then, you have to retain legal and lawful standing to enforce sovereignty, and the State-of-State organizations, like the British Territorial U.S. Citizens running all these legislatures and corporations,  trusts and other incorporated organizations, have none.  

They've been incorporated long ago, lost their sovereignty as a result, and have done nothing to revoke or change that status. 

If the State-of-State Legislatures populated by U.S. Citizens try to enforce State Sovereignty "for" us, the British King is going to say, "And who do you think you are, my disloyal minions? How dare you act in insurrection against me?"  

And at least on paper, he'd be right.  

On paper, they are all U.S. Citizens and they all owe allegiance to him and the Title IV Flag of the Territorial United States Government.  That is, these people aren't recognizable as American State Nationals. 

They've been duped.  They've been press-ganged.  Their political status has been changed and they aren't even aware of it. 

That's why they don't have any Constitutional Guarantees, either.  

What it amounts to is --- you have 320 million people who have been registered as foreigners in their own country, without their knowledge or consent.  

They believe that they are Americans and that they have the rights of Americans, but they don't.  

They've been cheated out of that via legalized fraud and unlawful conversion; it was done via registration of American babies as U.S. Citizens, and it's been ongoing since the 1920's.   

All these people born in America and raised as Americans believe that they have sovereignty, but they don't, because they have accepted enfranchisement and registered themselves as voters, because they haven't objected to being registered as U.S. Citizens, and later, being registered as Municipal citizens of the United States, too.  

In the immortal words of Pope Benedict XVI, paraphrased slightly, "Nobody told (them)!"

Now, all of this unlawful conversion is extremely illegal and unlawful and carries up to the death penalty under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, but the British Territorial Government and its Allies in this scheme did it anyway. 

And here we are. 

Fifty American State Assemblies and our Assembly Members and all the other people who have recorded their birthright political status, still standing on the land and soil of our country, still claiming and holding and exercising our sovereignty.  

Our sovereign States are still sovereign. We still enforce the Treaties and the Constitutions and the Contracts we are owed.   

If "law and order" means anything at all, we win.  The rats lose. 

The same is true for the living people of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Italy--- all seventeen of the still-occupied countries of Western Europe, the former British Commonwealth, Japan, and all other countries that have been surreptitiously occupied by British Territorial Mercenary Forces acting under color of law and the guise of Municipal Corporations. 

That's all she wrote, but it's more than enough for everyone at the Department of Justice and the DOJ to understand.  It's enough for all the High Courts to understand. It's enough for the British Crown to understand. It's enough for the Department of Defense and the DOD to understand.  

And it's enough for every American to understand. 


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