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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Role of Coordinators

 By Anna Von Reitz

When the Summoning Authority calls the States into Session, the States must answer back.  They do so in the form of individual people who act as Go-Betweens --- liaisons --- between their State Assembly and the Federation of States.  

In the old days these people acted as Circuit Riders who went door to door appointing a place and time for The State Assembly to meet.  Today, we call these people "Coordinators" and they are more likely to pick up a telephone or send an email.  

They are in the same position, doing the same things, only a bit updated. 

The Coordinators are trained by the Federation, vetted by the Federation, and are "hired and fired" by the Federation, not the individual State Assemblies.  They are all volunteers and they got their positions by being trained and vetted.  Anyone can be a Coordinator and each State can have more than one Coordinator; in fact, most States have Sign In America Coordinators and County Coordinators in addition to State Coordinators.  All Coordinators are Federation liaisons. 

State Assemblies can suggest those that they would like to be Coordinators, but have no direct power over Coordinators. 

The Coordinators facilitate meetings of the State Assemblies and may do this by setting up teleconferences or renting meeting halls or arranging a  picnic.  The Coordinator is there to bring people together in safe and equitable surroundings to conduct business for the State and in this case, to set up the "Four Pillars" of the Assembly itself.  

The Four Pillars are: (1) the General Assembly; (2) the International Business Assembly; (3) the State Courts; (4) the State Assembly Militia. 

The Pillars are four different functions that each State Assembly has to eventually provide for the people of their State. 

The Coordinator's role in this process is to make sure that the people understand what the Four Pillars are and get organized to provide these services for the people who live in their State of the Union. When questions arise as they often do, it is the Coordinator's role to seek answers to these questions from the Federation and then go back to The State Assembly with answers. 

This is what we mean about being "liaisons" or "go-betweens".  The Coordinators are State Nationals who live in their State like everyone else, but they have access to a network of other knowledgeable Coordinators and Federation professionals who are competent to answer questions about Law, offices, jurisdictions, processes, procedures, etc., and to provide assistance of various kinds to State Assemblies. 

Coordinators should be friendly, kind, and hopefully wise.  They should be loyal to their State of the Union and our country as a whole, devoted to the purpose of restoring our lawful Government at all levels, and acting as faithful guides overseeing the progress of the Assemblies as they "stand up" the Four Pillars and undertake their functions, one after another. 

All the State Assemblies are presently operating as General Assemblies, and can operate their International Business Assemblies; some are well-advanced toward organizing their State Assembly Militia, and others have their Courts stood up.  State by State, we are continuing to move forward to the day when all the State Assemblies are fully seated. 

One of the predictable growing pains that both Assemblies and Coordinators must face is the influx of people who are born in America and who think of themselves as Americans, but who have lived most of their lives as some form of Federal citizen, either by working for the Federal Government or by being voluntary dependents of the Federal Government. 

We have people who are British Territorial U.S. Citizens or who work for the U.S. military forces trying to join our State Assemblies, but depending on their own circumstance, they may belong in District Assemblies instead. 

Likewise, we have people who are naturally "citizens of the United States" --- meaning Municipal/Federal Civil Service personnel trying to join our State Assemblies, when they belong in their own Municipal District Assemblies instead. 

Everyone needs to be helping sort through who is acting in what capacity and therefore, which assembly do people belong to?  

Americans who were born in or naturalized in this country, and who owe no foreign allegiances to their employer, belong in State Assemblies. 

Americans who work for any branch of the U.S. Military or any Government Agency requiring them to be U.S. Citizens, and their dependents, belong in District Assemblies. 

Americans who work for any branch of the Federal Civil Service or any Agency that requires them to be "citizens of the United States" and their dependents, belong in Municipal District Assemblies. 

If your Coordinator is doing things that appear to be arbitrary, arguing with members of the Assembly, refusing to let some people speak, setting aside agendas, obstructing anyone's paperwork or otherwise appearing to be heavy-handed, take the time and make the effort to hear their side of the story before jumping to any conclusions. 

Coordinators need to also take the time and make the effort to explain their actions and concerns.  

95 times out of a 100, your Coordinator is acting to protect your Assembly from disruptions and distractions and is trying to keep things moving forward on the right track. 

Make space in your mind and heart for the true mission of your Assembly to sink in.  It's about getting your State Government running and restored.  It's about enforcing the Law of the Land and upholding your unalienable rights and interests. That mission is of far greater value and importance than any squabbles you may have. 

If you have any questions about the role of Coordinators at the State level after reading this, feel free to send your feedback to me directly with the subject line "Coordinator".  


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