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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

"Military Intelligence" --- Another Oxymoron?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Facebook is a military intelligence operation, developed as a surveillance and control program, by which people "voluntarily" disclose who they are, their political views, the locations of their homes and vacation spots, their friends and family members, personal interests, even pets are all on public view and published, therefore, no longer private. 

If you give away your privacy, it's your decision to do so--- and if you read the information provided by Facebook's User Agreement, you will note that it's a private contract by which you surrender all ownership of the information you post. So, anything you post on Facebook, is no longer yours.  It is Facebooks' property to use or destroy or suppress or do whatever else they like with it. 

They can freely sell your information, photos, and other postings to the U.S. Military or to a commercial corporation like Amazon, or, well, whoever else. 

And it's your fault. You can't complain. You entered into their User Agreement in order to use their services.  

Now nothing that you've ever posted on Facebook can be considered private or privileged information--- which is fine, if you knew that and acted accordingly, but not so cool if you didn't know and posted things on Facebook indiscriminately --- as many people do.  

Most of what passes for military intelligence amounts to the same kind of sneaky business--- getting you to disclose things about yourself that are helpful to them in their ever-expanding quest to know, command, and control you and your friends and your family and your environment, too.  

They will tell you that this is for your protection, just like they will tell you that the BBC is for your entertainment.  

But not really.  Always remember that the BBC's motto is: "Listen and obey."  

The BBC and Disney and so many other "programming channels" --- as in computer programming, entertain you but also contain vast amounts of subliminal messaging that enters your mind at a subconscious level, and which prompts you to believe certain things and not believe others, to do certain things and not do others, and so on.  

Whose interest do you think they are serving?  Yours or their advertisers? Yours or their own?  It really is a no-brainer once you sit down and think about it and observe these media organizations in action. 

As for the military, they wish to surveillance and control you to make their job easier, and their job isn't really to protect you; their job as they have defined it, is to control you and farm you like an animal --- a cow, or sheep, for example. 

That isn't to say that they wouldn't protect their "interest" in you from some other cattle rustler or renegade sheep herder, like Vladimir Putin, but their motivation for doing so is not what you think and have been led to believe. 

You are a valuable commodity, so long as you are a nice, compliant human drone who surrenders all to them and asks nothing in return. This form of surreptitious enslavement has been studied and refined, and now, Bill Gates proposes to use your own brain as a direct transponder for their messaging. 

In theory, you will do whatever they tell you to do,  because you will think that the voice in your head is coming from you, instead of coming from outside yourself.  

That's the theory, and sadly, it might work on a substantial percentage of our population, among people who never learned to separate their experience of "self" from the thoughts raging through their heads.

Still, this sneaky, subliminal, undisclosed, "voluntary", private contracting activity isn't all that intelligent.  

It's more like coercive racketeering carried out under color of law, by men and women who don't even know that they've been tricked into promoting crime and are acting as cheap commercial mercenaries for foreign powers.  

At the end of the day, it's not intelligent to undermine and steal from your employers.  What goes around, comes around. 

It's not intelligent to betray your own people.  Just sayin' 

Over 300 members of the Canadian military who were "compelled" to get the jab are now suing the Canadian military for $500 million in damages. 
We certainly don't blame them.  We'd sue for $500 million more. 

Just one more word about privacy and about public records, though we have bent over backward and sideways to make this clear ----when you declare, record, and publish your political status, it becomes a public record and enters into public knowledge, as it has to be to have any effect.  

Yes, even publishing the fact that you are part of the General Public, and not attached to the Territorial or Municipal Government, is a public act. 

This particular public act is intended to protect you and protect your right to privacy and Constitutional Guarantees overall, but it is still important for everyone to realize that when you create a public record, it's public, and the only one who can change a public record that you have created, is you.  

Please think about the importance of private information and about maintaining your privacy, about those things that must be public knowledge, and about those things that are your business alone.  


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